100 Mystery Buttons Mod APK 1.95 (Unlimited money) Download

100 Mystery Buttons Mod APK 1.95 (Unlimited money) Download
Name100 Mystery Buttons
Last version 1.95
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Size 95Mb
Developer Panteon
Category Simulation
ModUnlimited money

Now is the time to get your hands on the 100 Mystery Buttons Mod APK game and experience the exciting gameplay it has to offer. Each button will perform a specific action, but you must locate the one that will let you escape.

100 Mystery Buttons Mod APK

About 100 Mystery Buttons Game

100 mystery buttons mod apk download

The 100 Mystery Buttons Box Game is a lot of fun to play in real life and may be a great way to unwind with loved ones. The game consists of a large, square box with a variety of buttons along its sides. The person trapped inside the box must, of course, locate the release mechanism. Other presses, however, will release obstacles or penalties. You may, for instance, be asked to don a ridiculous costume or subjected to the pouring of a variety of noxious substances.

100 mystery buttons mod apk latest version

Panteon’s 100 Mystery Buttons features the same thrilling gameplay. In this game, the protagonist must enter a box containing one hundred mysterious buttons, of which only one will lead to the protagonist’s successful escape. The beautiful 3D visuals in this simulation game really make the setting come to life. You can grab it from the Google Play Store, and it works with both Android and iOS. Try it out now for free and open a realistic box full of secrets!

100 mystery buttons mod apk unlimited money

The Mystery of the Hundred-Piece Box

You’ll be a part of a huge online gaming community consisting of thousands of players from all over the world when you start playing this game. The thrilling gameplay has the world by storm, no doubt. Here, you’ll insert male and female characters of varying sexes into a box containing one hundred unlabeled buttons. You’ll need to use the persona to explore the confines of the container in search of the button that will release you. Remember that all it takes to get out of here is the push of a single button.

The best part is that each of the buttons can be used to reveal either a new challenge or one of your deepest, darkest fears. You’ll be pelted with pop, tar, pain spray, and other assorted projectiles. So, it’s crucial to press the correct button. It won’t be simple, but that just adds to the challenge and fun of the game. Get the game now and use your fingers to activate positive or negative outcomes!

100 mystery buttons mod apk unlimited gems

100 Mystery Buttons Mod APK Latest Version Features

You can get out of here by pressing just one button. In addition to the fantastic gameplay, the game also boasts a number of outstanding features that set it apart from the competition. A summary is provided below.

The 100 Mysteries Must Be Escaped

The goal of this game is still the same: locate the button that will release you from confinement. Each of the one hundred buttons lining the box’s exterior serves a unique purpose. You’re about to take on the most exciting endeavours imaginable. There is only one button that can release you from the mystery box, therefore you will need to find it if you ever want to get out. For a quicker getaway, make sure to read the hidden in-game hints. Download the 100 Mystery Buttons game immediately if you think you can find the proper button and escape without having to face all of the obstacles and penalties.

Super Simple Controls & Game Play

The game’s controls are some of the simplest ones out there to learn. The first thing that happens when you start the game is that you are placed within a mystery box from which you need to escape. Finding the “Esc” button is all that is required of you in order to exit the room. The player has to randomly press buttons until the character finds the “Escape” button and then they can proceed. Because pressing a button will make something happen, you should put your faith in your intuition. You have the option to inflict harm on the character by, for example, giving them soda or tar to drink.


There are a number of minigames in the game that can be completed for various rewards. You can, for instance, take part in a runway event in which you must dodge bad objects while simultaneously collecting positive ones, such as helmets or a towel with which to clean the character’s face.

No Cost Required

The 100 Mystery Button Game is a wonderful way to pass the time, and it’s completely free. Additionally, you won’t have to pay any money in order to play with a diverse selection of toys. The video game may be quickly and easily downloaded at no cost from the Google Play Store.

Play with other players

Using your mobile device, you may play the popular mystery box with 100 buttons simulation game whenever and whenever you choose. In this game, you will complete several tasks by playing a variety of minigames as the primary objective. The best thing is that game has a multiplayer option, so you and your friends can compete against each other to see who can get the highest score.

Infinite Wealth/Resources

Earning virtual currency and spending it on in-game goodies is a breeze. Moreover, the collected coins and gems can be used to get other things.

Download 100 Mystery Buttons Mod APK – Unlimited Money & Gems

You may experience the enjoyable gameplay that allows you to earn an infinite amount of money and gems by downloading the 100 Mystery Buttons Mod APK. The game is compatible with mobile platforms such as Android and iOS in addition to personal computers.

  • To begin, please click on the link that is provided below.
  • The second step is to get the app by downloading it from either the Google Play store or the link provided below.
  • Thirdly, once the programme has been downloaded, you will need to install it on your smartphone.
  • Allow authorization for apps from unknown sources as the fourth step.
  • Install everything, and then have fun playing!


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