3 PDF File Maker or Reader App For iPhone/Android Mobile Free

3 PDF File Maker or Reader App For iPhone/Android Mobile Free

Looking for iphone iOS or Android’s best free PDF apps apk/ipa? Our 3 favourite free PDF maker apps have been put together. All of them are special in their own way, so be sure that you choose the perfect one for you.

In the past, PDF creator apps have been a major pain in the neck. In general, there are two primary uses for PDF files. The first is intended for business use, and it helps in creating forms in PDF format and have others fill them out. The other one is for e-book viewing. A PDF file is an easily accessible format that is ideal for reading. Typically, PDF maker apps cater to only one of these two scenarios, but we’ve compiled a list of the best PDF reader apps for Android that cover both.

So let’s begin the list of best 3 pdf maker apps for iPhone and Android devices.

#1 Xodo PDF Reader

Xodo is such a good market PDF mobile app that helps you to “get the stuff done.” It has a number of clever features like form fill-in, document sync and eSign plus allows you, by sharing it with colleagues or friends, to turn any document into a “virtual meeting room.”

You can also merge documents multiple documents all in one. The interface was, let’s say, awful (to be polite). But they have completely refurbished it and it looks great, honestly. The app is quite complete with multiple zooms, annotations and view modes. You can even print from your browser. In our opinion, definitely worth a look.

You are looking for the best FREE PDF iOS and Android applications? Don’t waste your time searching the glut of available applications. These 5 are the best free PDF apps. All of them serve a different purpose and attract different tastes, so choose the best one for yourself.

If you’re looking for the absolute best workplace app in our list of the best free PDF apps, then our completely 100% unbiased opinion is Soda PDF, downloadable here for iOS and here for Android.

Download: Android | iOS

#2 Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is credited with virtually inventing the PDF reader. And we really mean they invented the PDF reader. Your iPhone and Android PDF app is nearly as good as Soda PDF Merge and has some superb premium features (pay).

One feature of their app that we particularly like is that it detects your phone and makes all of your Pdf format usable under the LOCAL tab. For those of you who work from your mobile device all day and frequently use PDFs, this is a huge convenience.

You can make cool PDF markings – note, highlight, comment, link – and even use eSign for important documents. You can do a good PDF marking.

The best aspect of the app in general is the name and support behind it. Adobe has all started and uses their app to provide you with support and Adobe Document Cloud. Overall, this is a great PDF application.

Download: Android | iOS

#3 Soda PDF Merge

Soda PDF Merge allows you to combine multiple files into a single PDF document, all from the convenience of your iPhone or Android smartphone. You can use this free app to marking up or safely store anything like Photos, contracts, financial statements, etc.

It’s advantageous for business because it enables you to create a single PDF mega-package to share with coworkers, workmates, or potential members.

Soda PDF Merge is really awesome (and why so many of our customers love it) because it is supported in over 100 different file formats so that you’re never stuck with a file that you can’t convert on fly PDF.

If you don’t have it in the file, simply snap a picture of which document you want to convert and WHAM you have a PDF.

There is one place over competitors that Soda PDF Merge shines: the Office. In your e-mail, text or social media account, you can share a link with your colleagues to make working PDFs insanely easy.

Download: Android | iOS


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