All Dragon Ball Z Games for PSP Emulator

All Dragon Ball Z Games for PSP Emulator

Dragon ball Z games for PSP

Hello everyone, do you wondering that how many games of Dragon Ball Z are there for PPSSPP Emulator, then today you will know all of them. This post is going to show you all DBZ games that is made for PSP including Great Mods too. So just keep reading…

1. DragonBall Evolution : PSP

This is the first game ever released on PSP for Dragon ball Franchise. Dragon ball evolution story line is based on the movie of Dragon Ball evolution. The Characters models and Textures are based on the real life Dragon ball Characters instead of anime Characters. It has Total 11 Dragon ball Characters and this is very unique DBZ Game because this is the only game which offers Chichi, master roshi and Bulma as a playable Characters. Ozaru is also available as a playable fighter. It contains Story mod, Arcade battle, Network battle for online multiplayer, mission mode, survival and training mod.

DB Evolution Gameplay Features

  • Regular Firing blasts
  • Special attacks such as Kamehameha ha
  • Ultimate attacks such as Super Kamehameha ha
  • Combos
  • Instant transmission
  • Ki charging
  • 6 ki levels
  • Up to The health bar levels

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2. Dragon ball Z Shin Budokai

DB Shin budokai PSP

Dragon Ball Z Shin budokai is the second game of Dragon Ball released for PlayStation Portable PSP. DBZ Shinbudokai is a 2D Fighting game but it has 3D graphics, Textures, models, attacks and everything is 3D. It contains almost all Dragon ball Z canon and Non canon Transformation of Goku except Dragon ball super. There are total 30 Characters in this game with their unique forms and moves. This game’s story line is based on events, the story is according to Custom events instead of Real anime. You can unlock all Characters by completing all events and total 5 Stages of Story mod. DBZ SB contains all the game modes that you see in DB evolution + it contains challenge mode too.

DBZ Shinbudokai Gameplay Features

  • Transformation – You can pick your desired Transformation and then go directly at that form by Pressing Down arrow + Traingle button. There is no way to Transform by form wise and one by one, you have to choose the Transformation In which you want to go during gameplay.
  • Special and Ultimate attacks such as Kamehameha ha, Galick Gun and Spirit bomb, final flash.
  • Firing blasts
  • Ki charging
  • Guard
  • Charged punches
  • Combos
  • Guard breaker punches
  • Throw
  • Instant Transmission for Dodge
  • Instant transmission for combos

3. Dragon Ball Z: Shin budokai 2

Dragon ball Z Shinbudokai 2 psp

This was the third game released for PSP, this game is also called as Dragon Ball Z Shinbudokai Another road, these both games are same. The another road is US version and Shin Budokai 2 is Japan version and both games contributes different Save game files. The gameplay of Dragon ball Z Shinbudokai 2 is same as Shinbudokai 1, the graphics and Textures, look of Attacks and models are all same. But Shinbudokai 2 contains 7 stages on story mod and have much more Characters than Shinbudokai.

4. Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team


The last game of Dragon Ball Z on PSP, Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag team was released in 2010. This is the most Amazing game of DB ever you can experience on PSP. Dragon ball Z TTT contains 3D graphics, models, attacks, Textures, special and Ultimate Moves. The story line is based on entire dragon Ball Z and there is no non canon Transformation in DBZ TTT. It contains dragon walker, offline Multiplayer mode, survival mode, 100 battle mode, free battle, Training and customization mode. This game contains approximately 45 dragon Ball Z heroes and villains with their all canon Transformations.

PSP Dragon Ball z Games

DBZ TTT Gameplay Features

  • Form Wise Transformation
  • Back to base form
  • Super and Ultimate attacks
  • Instant transmission to dodge special attacks
  • Instant transmission to complete the combos
  • Firing blasts
  • Charged firings
  • Charged punches
  • Burst mod ( when ki is full )
  • Ki charging
  • Auras
  • Tag team
  • Combination combos
  • Throws
  • Shot Exchange beam Struggle
  • Blow exchange

So you may have seen these four games everywhere on the internet and now you want to see something new for PSP, isn’t it? Don’t be sad, my list doesn’t ends here, there are many other PSP DBZ Games Which are listed below

5. Dragon Ball Z Mods for PSP

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