Amanda The Adventurer APK Download 2022 for Android/PC/iOS Mobile

Amanda The Adventurer APK Download 2022 for Android/PC/iOS Mobile

Now Download Amanda the Adventurer apk for android & ios mobile devices for free full game 2022 latest version.

Amanda the Adventurer apk
Amanda the Adventurer Mobile
Amanda the Adventurer game pc

Amanda The Adventurer APK 2022 Description

An ancient children’s cartoon about a brave girl and her cowardly sheep buddy, Amanda the Adventurer apk, is brought to life in this creepy mobile horror game.

Playing through VHS recordings of an old children’s TV show you found in your attic serves as the basis for this short horror game created for the DreadXP Find Footage Jam. A charming and silly children’s show from the 1990s, “The game” is a throwback to those educational kids’ shows. However, you may begin to notice something odd about Amanda, who frequently asks you to locate items on the screen or spell out lines.

Amanda the Adventurer Mobile is a fantastic little horror game that manages to combine its beautiful-looking TV show with a hefty dose of creepy fright in a short amount of time. When you deliberately get questions wrong and watch Amana become increasingly agitated, it may be rather hilarious. Because of this, the television show was cancelled!

More About Amanda The Adventurer Mobile

Even folks who have no recollection of Amanda the Adventurer Mobile’s episodes or characters found it nostalgic and eerily familiar. In this vivacious environment, sunny days were the rule. An apple pie shop and a house were situated in the middle of some trees on a hillside with a lot of greenery. Sidewalk businesses included an ice cream parlour and a butcher shop. On the other side of the street, there may be another home and playground.

Gameplay of Amanda The Adventurer on the Go
It’s possible that Amanda The Adventurer Mobile, despite her innocent appearance, is actually a wicked monster.

Things like Something New and Tell Us Where and Let Me In are some of her personal bonuses that allow her to use objects against survivors, notice other survivors after she’s observed a survivor, and enter specific places more readily.

Amanda’s travelling companion, Wooly, appeared in Amanda the Adventurer Mobile. Even though he had specifically stated that he was allergic to apples, when Amanda brought them home to create an apple pie, he noticed that something was wrong with her friend. Then came the moment when he learned of her secret.

As soon as he saw that a cassette for Episode 2 had been put into their television, he tried to warn them. Instructed them not to place their trust in Amandaabilities. .’s It seemed as though the screen had gone completely crazy, and he found himself face-to-face with Amanda, who had appeared out of nowhere. He made an effort to comply, but it was in vain. He turned to face Amanda as they entered the butcher shop.

Amanda The Adventurer Mod APK Features:

  • A more unusual experience is provided by the simplistic manner of painting, which also serves to stimulate the mind.
  • Players will have a variety of puzzle-solving experiences as they progress through the game’s various levels.
  • The plot can take many different turns based on the choices you make, which is an endless source of entertainment.
  • To see what mysteries lie in store for us, let’s set out for the new island.
  • There are a variety of characters to choose from, as well as a variety of weapons for each character.
  • If you do this, you’ll become an endearing employee with a lot of enemies to fight.

Amanda apk Gameplay

Amanda In the disguise of a cute cartoon character, the Adventurer Mobile is a sly thief. If Amanda is sufficiently disturbed, she may reveal her true self.

Something New and Let Me In are her personal perks that allow her to use things instead of survivors or alert others when she spots a survivor. She can also access specific zones more quickly thanks to these personal perks.

Throughout Amanda the Adventurer Mobile Android, Wooly was an integral part of the cast, accompanying Amanda on all of her outings. The fact that she bought apples from the grocery store to prepare apple pie made him suspicious, even though he had earlier claimed that he detested them. After that, he discovered her secret.

Someone had mistakenly inserted an episode 2 tape into their television, and he tried to alert them. In his words, they should not place their trust in Amanda. As for him, his screen went crazy, leading him to Amanda, who had appeared out of nowhere. Although he tried, he could not save himself. The moment they stepped foot inside the butcher shop, he asked for help from Amanda.

How to Play

  • Take time to bake a cake.
  • Go to a shop now.
  • Make new friends

For use with DreadXP Filmed in the Wild With Amanda The Adventurer, you can view ancient VHS tapes from children’s TV series you’ve seen on Atticus in a brief horror game.

Despite current episodes of “Amanda the Adventure” being a little disjointed, the show is still an enjoyable educational children’s television show from the era of the 1990s. In spite of the fact that Amanda is a lot of fun, you may begin to sense a strangeness in her demeanour.

Short yet effective, The Adventure is a short but effective horror game that combines a strong dose of otherworldly horror with Amanda’s fashionable television show. The fact that the queries are intentionally misdiagnosed and that we feel increasingly furious is really promising. No surprise it was scrapped!


Is there a free Amanda the Adventurer APK for Android?

Ans. Yes! Android users can download it for free. Using Apkangry, you can download any app for free, and the process is simple.

Is the Amanda the Adventurer APK file safe to download and install on my device?

Ans. We’ve taken care of every possible security issue. Additionally, there are no flaws or glitches in this game. Here, you’ll find a completely risk-free app that won’t harm your smartphone and runs without a hitch.

Is the game contains ads?

The most recent version of the game is completely free of obtrusive advertising.

Is Amanda Mod APK safe?

Amanda Because our Anti-Malware programme checked the Adventurer Mobile and detected no infections, it is 100% safe. More than a dozen anti-virus programmes are available on AOL, including Avast!, AVG, and Clam AntiVirus. Programs are filtered and classified by our anti-malware engine based on our criteria. Amanda Mod APK downloads from our site are absolutely risk-free, as a consequence.

Player Reviews

  • In terms of graphics and music, and user interface, it’s a fantastic experience. It’s easy to utilise because of its pleasant atmosphere.
  • The game’s graphics are excellent, its soundtrack is excellent, its user interface is fluid, its gameplay is varied, and it works well with any theme we give it. There are a lot of skins and accessories for each character that draw attention to this game.
  • Some costumes are included in the games for free, but most costumes are extremely expensive. Despite this, the game’s character design and gameplay are excellent.

How to Download Amanda The Adventurer APK For Android & IOS 2022

  • Use the link provided below to get the Amanda the Adventurer apk file for Android & ios.
  • To install the downloaded file, click the Install button on your computer’s toolbar.
  • Unknown sources can now be allowed to install applications on your device. Check the box to allow apps from untrusted sources to be installed in the Apps and Security section of your phone’s settings.
  • In a matter of seconds, the software is installed on your computer.
  • Simply press the Open button to begin watching your favourite episodes, documentaries and movies for free.
  • For fans, this was the sole guide to installing Mod Apks. If you’ve already installed this on your mobile device, we hope you enjoy it. However, we did not cover all of the features in this article. You can download this Apk without any worries. You can only download the apk file and complete the steps outlined above.
App NameAmanda The Adventurer apk + obb Android + IOS
File Size 44 MB
Latest Version1.0
Operation SystemAndroid 4.0 and Above, IOS 10 and above
Last Updated may 4, 2022
Cost100% Free
FeaturesAndroid and IOS game

How to Download Amanda the Adventurer for PC

An emulator for Windows and Mac computers, BlueStacks is quite well-known and commonly used. There are no compatibility issues with Android apps. It is possible to download and install Amanda the Adventurer apk on a computer running Windows 10/8/7 by following these instructions.

  • Please download Bluestacks from Google if you haven’t already.
  • The method of installing the software is simple. As soon as the Bluestacks emulator has been successfully installed, you can start using it.
  • Bluestacks may take a few seconds to load for first-time users. As soon as you launch the app, you should see the Bluestacks Home screen.
  • The Google Play Store will be available to you as soon as Bluestacks is installed. Do a double-click on the Playstore icon that appears on your home screen.
  • A simple search on the internet is all it takes to find and install a programme on your computer today. Ensure that you have the most recent version of Amanda the Adventurer installed on your computer.
  • Install Amanda the Adventurer Apk Latest Version in Bluestacks by pressing the Install button. Installed apps on Bluestacks include the app.
  • To us and to others on our team, this software programme is the ideal online solution to your problems right now.

Last Words

Please download Amanda The Adventurer Apk for Android and PC and enjoy it now that you have read our review. Almost every software in every genre and category can be found on, making it a reliable place to get your APK files.

The official email address provided in the “contact us” section can be used to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

SooVoo Pro Games’s Amanda The Adventurer APK is a free download from the Adventure genre. Our website has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5. However, other review sites give this app a star rating of 3 stars. On our website, you can also leave a review of Amanda The Adventurer APK so that our visitors can have a better sense of the app. You can learn more about Amanda The Adventurer APK by visiting the official developer website. Users have given the average rating 4193 stars. There were 31 one-star reviews and 2954 five-star reviews for this app. Though it’s been downloaded at least, there’s a chance that it might go up to. APK Amanda The Adventurer Download In order to use this app on your Action device, you’ll need to have a version of the operating system that is at least 5.0 or higher.


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