American Truck Simulator APK Download for Android

American Truck Simulator APK Download for Android

Hey everyone, Now American Truck simulator download for android full apk+Obb data for mobile. This is an American Truck driving simulator game built for android mobile specially to help you feel the gameplay of original ATS gameplay on android mobile.

About American Truck Simulator APK

American Truck Simulator APK

ATS APK also known as American Truck Simulator is a 64-bit operating system application for Apple Mac, Windows PC, and now available for android.

The software places the player in the driver’s seat of a freight truck and transports objects across the United States, including California, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and other states. Any location can only be accessed as part of the DLC.

Aside from the commercial aspect of the game, there have been various reports that the title is relaxing. Because of its lifelong scenery, this truck simulator allows you to see American roadways. ATS assists people in developing their trucking and corporate abilities while also providing unique travel opportunities. Know how to buy large quantities of commodities, hire staff, and pay back loans.

Since the game’s release, SCS Software has fueled the game’s success with fresh upgrades. During the launches, new places and vehicles are shown.

ATS APK Game Features

In ATS, there are an unprecedented number of mods to choose from. Mods will add new features to the game, such as expanding the map and changing the weather. The truck models are approved by the companies that produce them.

American Truck Simulator Android Gameplay

ATS gameplay

Experience iconic American trucks as they transport various cargoes across sunny California, sand-covered Nevada, and Arizona’s Grand Canyon State. American Truck Simulator takes you on a tour through the United States’ stunning landscapes and well-known sites.

The game mechanics are built on the hugely successful concept from Euro Truck Simulator 2 and have been enhanced with new features, resulting in SCS Software’s most engaging game experience yet.


Gamers begin as employees, but if they want to advance professionally, they can become owners. Users can seek out opportunities to gain experience and resources on their own.

Browse the free business lists on the home screen to examine the recruitment firms’ vehicles, distances, approximate time, wages, object details, and so on. By clicking on a proposal on the left, the direction would be marked on a map. Look at the car you’ll be driving in the line.

To level up, people must gain experience. Unlock driver skills such as moving vulnerable, dangerous, and precious things, driving great distances, delivering just-in-time, and more. Gamers utilise the built-in GPS satellite to design the desired routes after analysing the offers and deciding on a place. Discover new towns, car rental providers, and vehicle suppliers.

People are compensated if they arrive at their locations in perfect condition, on time, with their car and products. Players that arrive late will face legal action and be penalised with broken items.

Game Rules

The driver is frequently need to visit a garage in order to complete his duties; this is inconvenient because the spaces are often cramped in comparison to the cars. When simulating, stay within the speed limit and keep an eye out for road signs, truck hitch trailers, and other obstacles.


Any condition in the game is based on real-life situations. Take a look at the gas stations. Meetings with police officers are required when safety laws are broken, such as wrecks, refusal to stop, red lights, pace, and so on. As long as the law allows it, ATS supports the ability to change red to right.

The financial arrangement is thought to be real. Users purchase garages and trucks in order to expand their businesses. The players must either save enough money or take out a bank loan from their shows, which must be repaid. Enjoy customising the engines of the trucks, as well as the appearance, capacity, and other features.

Customers will hire drivers to expand the LLC, just as players are recruited for truck operations. Examine the titles, photographs, incomes, scores, qualifications, and other information provided by potential employers.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is similar to the American Simulator Game in terms of gameplay. ATS and ETS2 are essentially the same as SCS Software’s previous release, with the same graphic engine and most mechanics. Mods can be readily transferred from one source to another.

There are minor gameplay variations between the European-based ETS2 and the American-based ATS: the US episodes have weighing stations, whilst the European version does not.

How to Download America Truck Simulator APK

  • The apk can be downloaded from the link below.
  • To open the downloaded file, click the Install option.
  • Unknown sources must now be granted permission to instal software. To instal apps from unknown sources, go to Settings >> Apps/Security and select Enable Apps from Unknown Sources.
  • In a matter of seconds, the software is mounted on your computer by clicking again.
  • Press the Open button to start watching your favourite Web series, TV episodes, documentaries, and movies for free.
  • For lovers, this was the only Mod Apk installation guide. We hope you enjoyed this programme after downloading it to your mobile device. There are a few extra elements that we didn’t mention in this article. This Apk is completely safe to use and download. You can only instal it by downloading the apk file and following the steps outlined above.


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