Among Us Airship Map Download Apk Android/iOS

Among Us Airship Map Download Apk Android/iOS

Hey Among us Fans, now Get New Among us Airship Map free download for android apk and ios iphone via Mediafire link.

About Among Us Airship Map APK

If you’re a mobile gamer, you’ve probably played the popular game Known as Among US at least once. Let me tell you something shocking. However, there are more than 500 million active players for the game. Do you find Among us Vame’s interface too dull as well? If this is true, then your current game will now have a completely new user interface, character, lobby, and various other features. If you are eager for the new, revised version of the game, you are a lover among us. This post is especially for you.

 Among Us Airship Map APK
About Among Us Airship Map APK

Among Us Airship Map Mod APK App, which was developed by Inersloth, has recently been released for Inersloth’s players. Other exciting features, such as the lobby, are now available to you. One of the best things about among us Airship Map mod apk is that it is completely free. a new map was included in this iteration (you no longer have to play with that boring interface). Some features are provided in a one-sided manner, so when you use this app, you will get a completely different experience with a new app. For as long as you have been with us, you know the drill. After you have learned about the Paul card, you can view it (it was considered one of the best cards).

This Among Us Airship Map Apk and iOS offers several interesting features that are unavailable via official channels. Be sure to download our Airship Map apk Android & ios APP from below to enjoy all of the fun features it has to offer.

Among Us Airship Map APK Features

Lots of in-game items have been added, and you don’t have to pay for them. The game will also feature a completely new map that you can use to play with your friends. Although the design of the Airship is very distinct, the gameplay is exactly the same, and therefore you can expect the same fun experience on your phone.

Among us considers it to be one of the most intriguing and world-shaking maps of all time. In the past, the POLUS was thought to be the largest. Its strength has been brought into question by the new Airship. If you are interested in playing an updated version of the game, go to the link at the end.

Before you go, look over the features that are assured to be available when you are using the shuttle on your trip. Complete each task to build your space shuttle to achieve victory in the game. You can either get out of the game, or you can sort all the theatres and get on with your life. Your plans can be sabotaged at any time by a traitor. Because of this, all players should start moving forward immediately and respond rapidly. Administrative cards and cameras should be installed on every crew member. Look out for signs of parenting.

The appearance of the corpses. Speak to your teammates immediately. Explain the evidence and look for theatres that may work. A meeting is often held to discuss other players exhibiting suspicious activity or behaviour. After the verdict has been rendered, you may dismiss the suspects as a way of protesting the verdict. Selecting who to stay with and who to go to is important.

Additionally, there are some new items such as hats, skins, and pets added to the list of inventory items. Moreover, in addition, you will have the opportunity to form a new task named a Vault Room. On the other hand, once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, you will learn all the features and options.


The graphics of Among Us are breathtaking and created with the purpose of beautiful games. After all, this is a game that’s intended to be enjoyable for people of all ages and in different settings. All models have unique and different character models. Depending on the characters’ composition and character profile, you can easily refer to other games as “Among Us.”

As well, the animations are made to make them easier to show. Finishing touches on the game can be performed at 60 frames per second. Visit the map to do interesting and visually pleasing flying tasks while you play.

Key Features

  • New items like hats, pets, skins, and so on are offered here.
  • Even on cheap smartphones and tablets, it works without hiccups.
  • Tasks like those in the Vault Room have been added to the game.
  • It will reveal even more disturbing electricity.
  • You can have multiple storey levels in here.
  • Kill animations can also be unlocked.
  • You can download and play this game on your Android smartphones free of charge.
  • Ladders have been added to the game.
  • It has brought several gameplay improvements.

That concludes everything from the features. If you do, you may receive additional, superior features in the future. If you’ve got the latest version of the app installed on your phone, just download it on your phone. Thus, if you’re just downloading the file, use the direct download link found on this page’s final page.

I’m excited for more new incoming features of this new Among us Airship Map mod apk. Downloading the game is required in order to locate yourself within the game. With your friends, you can play the game Among Us either locally or in a private room and/or online. Anyone can create a private space. There are no difficult steps to perform. You need to share the game code with your friends to build a team of your friends. Players from all over the world are then grouped together, and you are able to go online and play the game with others who live anywhere in the world. Three map spots all feature a space ship, the main building, and Paul (planet base). There are no rules as to what card you are allowed to select. You can also pick from many types of skins, pets, and hats. You can also customise your character by choosing from 12 different colours.

How to Download Among Us Airship Map Apk

  • Click on the Download button below to begin the Download directly for Among us Airship Map apk
  • Now let the Download finish in a few minutes depending on your network connection, the size is 70mb only.
  • After downloading, install and set and start using the app.

Last Words

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