Anime Mugen Apk 100+ Characters Download for Android

Anime Mugen Apk 100+ Characters Download for Android

Hello Friends, Download New anime Mugen apk with 100+ character for Android. This is the latest anime Mugen apk free to download for Android via MediaFire link and it is released in April 2020. So it’s the most recent version of BVN Mugen ever.

New Anime Mugen Apk

Anime mugen apk free download MediaFire

This is a completely changed New Mugen with New Interface, character selection menu. Although the game modes menu looks similar that of a BVN game and the gameplay is ofcourse the same. Because they are all the same anime Mugen games with different names, character, attacks and some control features. This game contains various new Anime Characters among many popular Animes. Most of the characters are mainly from the Naruto and Boruto Animes and some of the warriors are from one piece, One punch Man, and Fairy tale Mugen characters. It’s also contains dragon ball Character, one of the most epic anime widely seen all over the globe.

Anime Mugen apk

The dragon Ball Z Games are all very addictive to play for those who loves fighting games. If you want naruto and dragon ball Z games for Android then checkout this website, in this category you will find dozens of amazing Mugen games for Android free to download with mediafire links. You can easily find Mugens of all sizes like Anime Mugen apk in 100MB and in 300Mb or whatever you want, all type of games are available here in this site.

Gameplay Features

  • Easy Controls
  • Super and ultimate attacks
  • Normal combos
  • Firing blasts
  • Running
  • Defense
  • Ki bar
  • Health bar
  • Instant Transmission/fast movements

How To Download

  • Download apk from the link below
  • Install it and make sure you have more than 2GB free space
  • After installing, open the game and play.

Android Devices Requirements

  • 4 GB ram
  • Octa core processor
  • Snapdragon 620
  • Battery life should be decent 4000 Mah
  • 64Gb Rom


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