List of Best PPSSPP Games Download For Android 2022

List of Best PPSSPP Games Download For Android 2022

PPSSPP has thousands of games available to download for free and play on console and android. The game sizes varies from under 50mb/100mb to 3GB highest. There are so many highly compressed games and high graphics 3D HD games are available to play of all genres (Racing, Action, Fighting, Survival, Arcade, Adventure PPSSPP games). So this is really hard thing to decide what games to play and more hard is to find the best one among the thousands free games. So here is our list of top 15 PPSSPP games to play in 2021. All of the games are offline and runs smoothly on any android device. So let’s begin the list with the direct download links of the game.

Best PPSSPP games highly compressed download
best PPSSPP games under 100mb – 500mb

15 Best PPSSPP Games Download for Android Under 100MB – 500mb

Below is the list of PPSSPP games download zip file for Android 2022 best games.

1) Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max

You will also like Street Fighter Alpha 3 if you have ever played Tekken games and the King of Fighters series. One of the greatest fighting games is here.

You have to bring down the opposing team in order to win this game, and there is a time limit, which means if your life is still on the timer end when the opposing team is then you are going to win. This game features a total of 38 different characters, each of which has a unique set of powers. The popular character, Ryu, is the character most frequently used by the player in the game.

Dowload Size – 100mb – Click here

2) Hot Wheels Ultimate Racing

Many Hot Wheels vehicles have a wide assortment of cars, so expect a wide variety of cars to race with. Each car has its own capabilities that you can put to use while racing, just like with the Hot Wheels cars. Also, unlocking new vehicles is integrated with game play, so you can unlock new vehicles and continue playing new missions at the same time. But if you want to unlock everything at the beginning, just use the cheat options.

Download Size 99mb – ISO

3) Sonic Rivals

The Sonic Rivals, as you might know already, sonic games are related to running and Racing games. if Sonic does not get caught, it is because he is too fast to be caught. Running in this game involves competing with other’s to win the game. You have to collect coins while racing and the more coins you have, the more things you can unlock in the game.

Download Size 114 MB – Sonic Rivals

4) God of war: Chains of Olympus

God of war chains of olympus is one of the most popular god war games on ppsspp gold-psp because of its ability to run on many platforms, it is based on Greek mythology, and it offers multiple storey lines that can be seen on the screen as a player. the God of War, using the chains of Olympus on his PSP

To fight your enemies, you will use a double-edged chain sword in the Chained-To-Olympus franchise. Pass through the dark, haunted buildings filled with horror, and cross the rivers to fight more opponents. The game also gives you on-screen instructions to assist you in the missions.

Download Size 88mb – click here

5) Assassin Creed: Bloodlines

In order to stop the Templars’ scheming, the player has to travel through Cyprus. Blood lines is the first game in the Persona series which tells the storey of the game’s protagonist, Altair, travelling to find the last templars who fled to the Holy Land.

Download Size – 540Mb – Assassin Creed – Blood Lines

6) X-Men Origin

This is a game inspired by the wolverine movie. The name is the same, and the plot of the game revolves around the wolverine’s characteristics. it is an action-packed game that includes numerous fighting moves; as you play, you will find yourself addicted.

Download Size – 404mb – Get the ISO

7) Ghost Rider

You enjoy the movie “Ghost Rider” with a plot line that is almost identical to the game in which the protagonist starts out as a skeletal rider in the night and later possesses and controls human humans in turn. Ghost rider is one among all the marvel superheroes with super natural powers and godly ability.

Download Size – 652mb – Get it

8) Soul Calibur – Broken Destiny

This game includes all of the exciting battles and striking visuals, but in addition, the series is renowned for creating the most comprehensive fighting game experience ever on the psp with android phone. Broken Destiny, the very first Soulcalibur, runs in PPSSPP on the PSP.

The new single-player game mode is designed specifically for the PSP and will push players to their limits, as well as helping them improve their fighting skills. In order to live up to the expectations set by Soulcalibur IV, Critical Finishing Moves has returned, which allows players to deal devastating damage with a single powerful attack.

Download Size – 375Mb – ISO Link

9) Naruto Shippuden –  Ultimate Ninja Heroes

You can now connect with Naruto characters and form a dream team of powerful ninjas who will battle friends and other players to trade player profiles ad-hoc. Use your favourite characters to design your own ninja character that’s totally unique. Choose a group of ninjas from the show, or create an all-star team to face your rivals! You have 15 playable characters to choose from, and there are 8 stages to move through. To become the Hokage, run through the ranks of the ninjas.

Download Size – 205MB – Naruto Shippuden

10) Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions

This game centres around the storey of a young hero, Ramza Beoulve, who strives to protect the ones he loves from an evil order of demons, the Lucavi, which triggers a war that goes on for ten years, called the War of the Lions.

Download Size 215Mb – Link

11) Spider Man 3 PPSSPP

Explore and fight against the city’s most formidable foes as Spider-Man, like Sandman and Venom. a completely new combat system. Provide suit-specific abilities and superpowers to both Spider-Men. The game includes Both Classic and Black-Suited Spider-Man characters have brand-new attacks and finishers for both modes.

Download Size 200mb – Spider Man 3

12) Moto GP PPSSPP

The moto bike racing experience from the classic series is brought to your PSP with Moto GP. Not only do you get to use licenced motorbikes, racing tracks, and racers, but also you’ll be able to utilise all elements of the racing game itself, including licenced tracks, racers, and modes. It has all the high-speed excitement you could want with its excellent performance-oriented bikes, bike physics, weather conditions, and a new system upgrade.

Download Size – 340Mb – Moto GP ISO

13) Call of Duty Roads to Victory PPSSPP

This game has so many features, which means it’s very entertaining, A new type of game play that has been built from the ground up. Contains 14 brutal battles, players will face the full brunt of the German war machine. Four precise control schemes that give players the flexibility to use the scheme that allows them to achieve the perfect handheld experience.

The characters will be able to effortlessly transition from the standing position to the prone position, and throw grenades while also targeting and eliminating enemies to survive the ultimate World War II combat experience. Play styles like deathmatch, capture the flag, and king of the hill allow for fast-paced action for up to two to six players.

Download Size – 465mb – Link ISO

14) Avatar: The Last AirBender

Let a storey of intrigue, deceit, and revelation come to life in the television series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Play as Aang, Katara, Haru, and Sokka, growing your team into an unstoppable force as you use both magic and martial arts combat to find new discoveries in a thrilling blend of genres. The Last Airbender on PSP: Avatar PPSSPP. Use your bending powers to fully customise your bending abilities, then use them to discover the wonders of the Avatar nations.

Download Size 124MB – Direct Link

15) World Soccer Winning Eleven 9

This is fast-paced soccer simulation played at an intense level. Effortlessly bring the true feel of international soccer to your PSP with a full-bodied virtual soccer experience. Compete against the world’s best players and teams, and allow your players to showcase their talents. Use these attributes to create Winning Eleven.

In terms of graphics and game play, it is almost as if you’re actually on the pitch! Referee AI is advanced; he runs up and down the field to assess fouls, penalise for smaller offences, and intervene in physical confrontations. Beginning players can use an enhanced training mode to learn the basics of soccer.

Download Size – 580MB – Winning eleven

So this is our list of top 15 best highly compressed under 100mb and 500mb PPSSPP iso games to download and play on android. Looking for more? Check our PPSSPP Mod ISO Zip File games category.


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