5 Best Racing Games for Android 2022 Offline/Online

Best car racing games Android 2021

Hey everyone, there are various racing games available for Android & iOS but when seeing the bunch of racing games so it’s obvious to be confused for which one to download. Here we are providing the 5 best racing games ranked for Android offline and online both. The sizes are vary, some racing games are under 100mb and easy to download and few are above 200mb and even 500mb but with extraordinarily amazing graphics.

List of Best Car Racing Games for Android/iOS 2021

So here is our list of top 5 best car racing games for Android/iOS smartphone mobiles in 2021.

1. Assuloto Racing: Real Grip Racing and Drifting

Best Racing Games for Android

Assoluto Racing is available to download for Android as well as iOS. Though the size of Assoluto Racing for android phones is about 0.91 GB, it still might be considered a substantial game for an Android phone. While the game’s graphics are impressive, it still lacks many different maps.

Assoluto Racing is a physics engine plus diverse real-time multiplayer matches that are made up of the platform. The gameplay also enables the player to make adjustments to and upgrade their vehicles, such as adjusting Gear Ratios, reducing weight, and changing the chamber.

Although there are numerous gameplay options and an unbeatable physics engine on top, buying, tuning, and upgrading the dream car you always wanted is absolutely possible with Assoluto Racing.

Download: Google Play Store | App Store

2. Top Speed: Drag and Fast Racing 3D (Under 100Mb)

Best Racing Games for Android offline

This car racing game is available to download under 100mb for Android/iOS and it’s offline too. When creating this game, the developer, T-Bull, had over 69 different car models to choose from. You will face different bosses throughout the game’s objective, and you will be tasked with becoming the game’s ruler. There are various districts, and each district has its own gang crew. There is an endless supply of excitement when you get rid of all of the bosses.

A new standard in the drag racing genre has been set by Top Speed. In the game, you are able to race in five scenic locations: peaceful suburbs, congested high-traffic areas, and lavish downtown areas. This game will help you feel like you’re an illegal street racer and that you’re taking in the sights.

You must exert complete control over your opponents. It means you can join with gangster crews and mafia even if it means burning the rubber of your driving wheels. The game also has an age rating of 12+, meaning only people 12 years of age or older should play it. It’s also possible to play the game offline, and you can start the campaign as a nobody in the mafia world as you rise through the ranks.

Download: Google Play Store | App Store

3. Real Drift Car Racing Lite (Under 200mb)

Best Racing Games for Android under 200mb

When you can’t afford a more expensive high end phone to play high graphics games, Then Real Drift Car Racing Lite helps you get out of the world of boredom. Although the game only requires a lightweight processor, a small amount of RAM, and tiny amounts of storage, the installation size is only 146 MB. We know that this game has a 4.4-star rating on average and that it has over 10 million downloads, meaning that it truly does connect with more people. However, gameplay is improved when there are small customizations and maps, as the graphics aren’t very good.

The game’s only function is to provide entertainment to the player in the same way as other racing games. To guarantee that you’ll love it, we’re certain that you’ll appreciate the simplicity and excellent performance!

Download: Google Play Store | App Store

4. Need For Speed: No Limits

Best Racing Games for Android under 100mb

Many gamers credit the original “Need for Speed” game as the beginning of the racing game trend, because it started the craze that all gamers follow. This game can now keep alive the memories of our childhood. In total, there are 30 different vehicles available in this game, each of which can be upgraded and customised. In order to control the game, you just have to tap the screen. It is the oldest racing game in the history of racing games, but it has managed to stay relevant for the time being while sticking to its history.

Each type of race is in the game, which adds to the challenge. Even so, the races are short and will take only a few minutes to finish. To receive rewards for completing the races, use them to upgrade and customise your character as you see fit.

Download: Google Play Store | App Store

5. Mario Kart Tour

Mariyo cart tour android

With better controls and traditional gameplay, Nintendo brought back Mario Kart for smartphones. In Mario Kart, getting top prize in each race is the aim. This has been done to make it easier to play with the classic songs. In order to keep session times as short as possible, races are only of two laps, resulting in two-lap, mobile-friendly races.

One-touch input works beautifully, and the controls are quite straightforward. It feels natural to swipe weapons up to launch them, just as swiping them down to deploy them is. Although a little wind can be frustrating when playing with touch controls, launching turtle shells on your opponents definitely makes it feel like you’re playing the original Mario Kart.

Download: Google Play Store | App Store

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