Feeling bored? Have nothing to do? Here is our list of interesting games to play on your mobile when you are free of work. The games can be offline/online and all are very entertaining to play, I have played them all myself that’s why this list has been created.

5 Best Time Killing Games for Android Offline

So here our list begins of top time killing/ time pass games to play on your spare time. These time pass games are very easy to download under 100mb.

1) Light it up

Light it up

Light it up apk is an arcade game with more than 250 phases and challenges. The task is simple and easy for anyone to complete; simply highlight every item on the screen by jumping on it.

Why is this game so addicting?

  • There are over 200 rounds in the game, so you can play it for a long time without becoming bored.
  • There are difficult forks on some objects that you must not jump over, but you must still colour them. Now it’s up to you to figure out how you’re going to do it.
  • There are many moving objects in later stages that disappear when you jump on them, making it difficult to jump on rest objects to colour them and complete the rounds.
  • Offline to play – Yes no need to connect data connection or being online to play this game. Play anytime and anywhere without having network issues.
  • There are many skins / characters in the game that look like Superman, Super Saiyan, One Punch Man, and other characters.

Download Size: 54MB – Click here

2) Tank Stars

Tank stars apk
Tank Stars Game

Tanks Starts is an Arcade Tank battle game with three different options. This game has an unlimited number of tank vs tank battle rounds, and you can unlock more powerful tanks and bombs to easily win the battle.

Why is This so Appealing to Play?

  • The multiplayer mode is the most addictive feature. This game includes a two-player mode that does not require Bluetooth or a WiFi Hotspot connection. Simply launch the two-player mod and begin playing. There are two tanks and two handles for controlling both.
  • There are many stronger tanks bound by coins, making the game more enjoyable to complete.
  • This game has a tournament mod in which there are many tanks at once and you must survive to the end.
  • This game has a lot of guns. Some are destructive, while others are filled with creative bursts.

Download Size: 90MB – Tank Stars

3) Stick Man Hook

It is also an arcade game and the best time killing game for everyone. This game includes many rounds that even in one year you cannot complete. I’ve been playing it for over a month and I’ve been at level 300. And there’s still no end to this game.


There’s a stick man character who can be a stick in this game and the job is to go the way the computer gives to the stick man/bouncing ball. There are many skins and many different bouncing balls in this game. After a while, however, about a month, this game may be boring because it’s easy. There are no more difficult rounds until the 300 stages. That’s why I don’t think hard rounds will come in the next phases. But I can tell you in my experience that it will be so addictive to you in the beginning, so try it. This is also an offline and best time passing game to play.

Download Size: 50Mb – Get the Game

4) Colour Bump 3D

Color bumb 3D apk

Color Bump 3D is a game of arcade and a game of the mind. In the picture above, as you can see, is a white ball and the 3D walls are two colours, the first white and the second orange. Your task is to go with the colour of the ball, if you wrongly touch your white ball with orange colour, the ball breaks down and the game ends.


There are also unlimited stages and they are all difficult to complete. It was also a mind game, I said, because the ball’s colour. It often changes without your consciousness in the game, so that you can confuse with the colours of the walls that walls touch. As a result, you must awaken your mind until you win the round. The tougher stages of this game will begin with round 6.

Download Size: 38MB – Color Bump 3D

5) Bricks Breaker Quest

This is by far the most enjoyable game I’ve ever played. When it comes to the game, it’s just too addicting to play. When you hurl a ball against the square walls, it will transform into sixty balls. You also have to hit the square wall 50 times and break all of the walls before they reach you.

Game Features

The game’s unique feature is that there are hundreds of stages to play through. There are various tools in the game to help you make your ball stronger so that it can break through all of the barriers, as well as several free tools that will be given to you throughout gaming to assist you in conquering the difficult stages and progressing further. Within the game, there is also an in-app purchase feature that allows you to cheat on the difficult stages and complete them instantly.

Download Size: 37MB – Google Play Store

So those are my five most addictive games, and I hope you will find this game to be equally addictive. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for more entertaining games like this.


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