Blade Idle Mod APK 1.12.0 (1-Hit Kill & Unlimited Money)

Blade Idle Mod APK 1.12.0 (1-Hit Kill & Unlimited Money)
NameBlade Idle
MOD Info1-Hit Kill/ Unlimited Money
Requires Android5.0+
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Blade Idle Mod APK

Now Download Blade Idle Mod APK 1.12.0 1-Hit Kill & Unlimited Money latest version for Android for free.

Blade Idle Description

Blade Idle Mod APK One Shot kill

Destroy creatures in the dungeons and steadily advance in level as you play Blade Idle, an incremental role-playing game. You must venture forth alone, armed with a legendary sword, to face swarms of foes. Change your character’s appearance, equip him or her with new items, and learn and perfect new abilities.

Your hero is a humble herbalist from the nearby town who ventured into the woods to replenish his supply of therapeutic herbs and plants and was ambushed by actual goblins. While running away from them, he hit his foot on a stone and fell to the ground, where he discovered a sword. He grabbed it and used it to instantly wipe out the goblins. The herbalist set off on his way to meet the famed combatant.

Blade Idle Mod APK Features

Blade Idle Mod APK latest version

You can make the game much easy by installing the Blade Idle mod APK, which grants you god mode (unlimited money) and one shot kill. You can benefit from the quick demise of your foes. In order to disable these features at any moment, you must activate them from a settings menu.

Collect loot, defeat monsters, and level up your hero as you venture through dungeons. You can only get this chance because to Blade Idle.

Engaging storyline

Blade Idle Mod APK Unlimited Money

The game follows the story of a peaceful herbalist in a fantastical realm. While foraging for medicinal plants one day, he unexpectedly came across a fabled sword that transformed him into a true hero. Now you and he must embark on a thrilling adventure together, during which you will fight and defeat many different types of dangerous monsters.

Right at the start, you’ll be standing smack dab in the middle of the clearing. Over the course of many levels, your hero will fight off the foes on her own. For each enemy you destroy, you will gain experience and a small amount of gold, much like in previous games like this.

Power up your hero

As the experience metre fills, your hero will gain a level. You can use the reward money on enhancing your hero’s abilities. Blade Idle’s progression system allows players to do a wide variety of things, such as acquire pets, mine for materials, learn new skills, and more.

You can level up, learn new abilities, obtain cool cosmetic items for your hero, tame pets, and collect interesting relics. Improve your character’s stats by giving him better gear.

Spend your money wisely on tools.

In Blade Idle, the main character is portrayed as a dashing knight who must aid humanity in its struggle against evil. Only he can hold back the growing army of Darkness, and he’s the only one who can. A lot of ancient artefacts are in the hands of bad guys who are using them for their own malicious schemes.

The current challenging times have the potential to shift the power balance, making it all the more critical to secure victory. In order to effectively eliminate foes, you must equip yourself with the finest armour available. Increase the strength of the armour, making the hero nearly impervious to harm.

Various Outfits

Many different outfits, each with their own unique effects, are available for purchase in Blade Idle and can be used to completely transform a player’s character. Any of the outfits can be altered to serve your needs. It’s possible to improve your hero’s appearance in-game by purchasing new outfits. Then, to alter the heroes’ appearance, players can equip these garments over their existing skins.

Your character’s performance in the game can be boosted by dressing up in a fancy outfit. They can also be used in tandem with weapons to produce novel outcomes. You should experiment with your character’s stats while wearing different costumes over multiple games. Some outfits can even boost your attack power.

A wide variety of garb can be found and worn by exploring the game’s many locales. The Shop is the primary distribution point for these items. To view the various costumes that may be purchased, use the “Costumes” menu item. The Mythical costume tier requires a combination of numerous different costumes, each of which provides a small increase to your Core ATK. Use this to defeat very challenging bosses and dungeons.

Acquire Ability And Compete

There are numerous strategies for acquiring and employing abilities and stuff in Blade Idle Game. As you progress through the game, you’ll have the option to improve your attack power. If you have any serious skill, it won’t be hard to deal some serious damage to your adversaries. Raising your character’s level requires you to focus on strengthening their most valuable abilities.

With double crafting, you can gather more materials, level up more quickly while at rest, and launch more attacks while at rest. The odds of finding ores will also be increased by 100%. Doing so will expedite the process of acquiring new levels of expertise. Adding this to your routine is a great method to bulk up quickly. Hovering the mouse over the bar will show you how much of your limit is still available. The percentage bar will turn green once you’ve decreased your cap by 10%.

In Blade idle Game, you can level up and use abilities by completing missions and other challenges. Bronze coins can be earned for a job well done. You can spend these coins to buy useful tools. You can also spend them on helpful combat equipment. They are so useful that you can use them to make gear fit for a warlord. Completing weekly tasks and login bonuses is another great way to rack up a large quantity of bronze coins. Similarly, you can earn bronze coins through matched bouts. Having a Premium Account allows you to earn 30% more bronze from matched matches.

How to Download Blade Idle Mod APK Latest Version

Here is how to download and install Blade Idle mod APK on your Android device without any problems. To use this Simulation APK to its maximum potential, please follow the instructions below.

  • If you’ve already have this APK on your device, remove it. Because upgrading from an older version can cause incompatibilities with other apps, it is recommended to remove the old APK before installing the new one.
  • To get Blade Idle, click on the download link. Simply hit the “Download APK” button and wait for the download to begin after the timer has finished.
  • Launch the Blade Idle 1.12.0 APK file normally after downloading it. The APK file can be opened and installed by simply clicking on its name in the browser.
  • Authorize Software Installation from Unknown Sources. You must provide permission to install apps and games from third-party sources before you can install them for the first time. Don’t bother until specifically requested to. All smartphones behave in this way.
  • If asked, grant Only What’s Absolutely Necessary. Different permissions may be required to use an APK based on its classification. To use the APK, all permissions must be enabled.
  • If you haven’t already, start using APK for your needs. Typically, apps and games will provide some sort of tutorial for getting started with the controls. Just do as it says and use your preferred APK.


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