Bully Anniversary Edition Apk download | Bully APK Obb

Bully Anniversary Edition Apk download | Bully APK Obb

Hello friends, are you looking for bully anniversary edition apk download for android, this bully apk mega game is a 3D open world game best graphics games on android now available with full bully apk+obb. Bully anniversary edition apk with Obb mega game with Direct download link is available at highly possible compressed version for free, so you can download it easily.

App NameBully Anniversary Edition APK + OBB
File Size11MB
Latest Versionv1.0.0.18
Android VersionAndroid 8.0 and Above
DeveloperRockstar Games
How to DownloadRead here

In the video game business, Rockstar Games is a living legend. Rockstar Games, like GTA 5 APK is responsible for the most well-known Grand Theft Auto series. Rockstar has created other games in addition to the GTA series. One of them is the Bully Anniversary Edition APK. Bully Anniversary Edition APK is the best of all the games that Rockstar has made for Android. It’s one of the most unique games you’ll come across on your Android device. If you enjoy playing PC games, the Bully anniversary edition will be a lot of fun for you.

Bully APK

Bully: APK Obb- Bully Anniversary Edition includes it all from the widely acclaimed Bully: Scholarship Edition, with high-resolution support, better performance, HD textures, upgraded graphics, and controls optimised for touch gameplay, as well as multiplayer with additional Friend Challenges.

Bully Anniversary Edition also includes a slew of extra features for you to enjoy. mentioning the fact that Bully fans will be able to play multiplayer for the first time. Join your buddies as you perform tasks or compete in epic challenges together.

These mini-games are played against a friend in a classroom or arcade setting. For example, see who can dissect the frog the fastest in Biology, solve word problems in English, or assist a flying squirrel destroy his opponents with acorns in Nut Shots, among many other activities.

Bully Anniversary Edition Android Game Features

Below is the detailed explanation of bully apk features.

The APK for Complete Bully Package – Bully Anniversary Edition isn’t the only game in the series. There are also other variations of this game. Characters, missions, events, and unlockable objects from previous Rockstar games have been introduced to the new games. In a nutshell, it’s the full Bully experience on Android. Characters, missions, unlockable items, activities, classroom mini-games, and other features from the Bully: Scholarship Edition will be familiar to those who have played the other versions of the game. It’s fantastic to be able to enjoy game components from previous editions in this game. This improves the gameplay tenfold.

Bully anniversary edition apk highly compressed

Play Multiplayer

Single-player missions are interactive but not more than Multiplayer. They are, however, tedious when you are addicted to online multiplayer. Fortunately, the multiplayer challenges are supported with the Bully Anniversary edition mod APK. The full game can be played with your internet pals. You can even challenge your pals to a fight of online classroom mini-games. All you have to do now is challenge your pals and wait for them to be ready to play. The multiplayer mode of the game is turn-based. As a result, you’ll have to wait till it’s your turn. After that, you should be able to play the game without any problems. You should persist with the game because it is mostly a single-player experience. The multiplayer mode is a bonus feature that improves the game.

HD Graphics

Bully apk Obb Download

High-Quality Graphics — When it comes to Android games, it’s all about the graphics. Low-cost smartphones are no longer available. Nowadays, everyone has a high-end smartphone capable of running high-end games. The Bully anniversary edition for Android app features high-resolution graphics. Any smartphone with more than 4GB of RAM will benefit from the completely optimised graphics. You can play the game even if you have a low-end smartphone. However, you will have to forego the graphics, which will destroy the entire game. In short, Bully APK for Android’s superb graphics will enhance the gameplay.

Cloud Save Games

Rockstar Games first implemented the cloud game saves functionality in their games. Cloud support has been added to the company’s offerings. Locally saved game progress is automatically synced to the cloud. As a result, you’ll be able to track your progress across all of your devices. If you’re using numerous devices, you’ll be able to view your saved progress on all of them. With access to a cloud account, you can begin playing the game on another device. To use this feature, you’ll need a Rockstar account. This feature ensures that your gaming progress is saved safely.

Why Bully APK Obb is an Amazing Game to Play

Bully apk gameplay

You’ll enjoy playing this game because of the strong gameplay, characters, actions, activities, and much more. If you’re tired of battle royale games, you’ll enjoy this one a lot more. Inside the Bully Anniversary Edition APK newest version, you can compete in head-to-head challenges or play arcade-style mini-games. You’ve come to the right site if you want to get Bully APK mod. We’ll provide direct download links below. During the lockdown, you can enjoy the modified game and play it to pass the time.


The main character will take part in school fights, attend classes, and be held accountable for pranks and absenteeism (teachers assign penalties). You may solve issues, put chemistry experiments, and sports achievements in this game. The task’s outcome is determined by how quickly it is completed; a clock may be seen in the corner. After the lights go down, it’s extremely crucial to keep track of time.

Bully Anniversary Apk Obb Key Features

  • Contains the whole Bully plot, as well as additional missions, characters, classroom mini-games, and unlockable objects from Bully: Scholarship Edition.
  • Stunning visuals, including high-resolution textures, dynamic lighting, shadows, and particle effects; native support for high-resolution displays; and much more.
  • Immersion TouchSense Tactile Effects have been added to the game.
  • Friend Challenges are turn-based multiplayer games that you can play with your friends anywhere.
  • Simple touch controls with buttons on the screen and easy to use one tap function.
  • Open world game with access to every thing around.

A Cast of Varied Characters

In the bully anniversary edition apk game, the players will compete against a large cast of adversaries. The following is a list of major characters that you will come into contact with.

  • Dr. Crabblesnitch, Jimmy Hopkins, Pete Kowalski, Russell Northrop, Gary Smith, and Zoe Taylor are the primary characters in this story.
  • Characters like Seth Kolbe, Miss Kopke, Pete Kowalski, Krakauer, Leon, and Mrs. Lisburn are just begging to be kissed.
  • Mom, officer Monson, Trevor Moore, Moratti, Chad Morris, Officer Morrison, Bryce Montrose, and many others are included in this category of miscellaneous people.
  • Nerds, Bullies, Preppies, Greasers, Jocks, and Townies are some of the key cliques that may be found in the game. There are also Jocks and Townies.
  • Karl Branting, Burton, Carvin, Dr. Crabblesnitch, and Edna are members of the Authority Group.
  • Members of the teaching staff include Mr. Galloway, Mr. Hattrick, Officer Ivanovich, Mr. Seth Kolbe, Mr. Max MacTavish, Mr. Matthews, and Mr. McRae, amongst others.
  • Other Characters Include Angie Negi, Russell Northrop, Kirby Olsen, Zack Owens, Bucky Pasteur, Miss Peters, Ricky Pucino, and Ramirez, as well as a great many others.

New Updates

  • They have improved the visuals and included some new animation effects, both of which contribute to the overall impression of higher production value.
  • Additionally, controls have been modified, making them less choppy and more responsive.
  • In order to make the game more engaging for players, the developer has included ten more new missions.
  • In addition, they have taken out the mice from the game because it was the animal that posed the most threat to players.
  • They have included all of the available extra features in this game, which enables players to accumulate more of the in-game cash.
  • New characters and new classes, such as Biology, Music, Math, and Geography, are introduced in this game, which makes it a more engaging game to play.
  • Includes a new backup and recovery function that enables the user to save their game at any point in time regardless of where they are in the game.
  • The most significant thing to note is that the developer has rectified all the flaws, mistakes, and issues that were present in the update.

Bully APK Highly Compressed 200MB?

On the Google Play Store, Rockstar has released this game for Android users. You must first open Google Play Store in order to download this game. This game, however, is not free. You must pay money to purchase this game. However, if you want to download Bully Anniversary Edition APK for free then it’s the perfect website android 1 game. And many people are looking highly compressed versions of 200MB, we have tried to compress it to 100mb or 200mb but seems not possible to do so. Although bully lite apk Obb are available in 800Mb compressed size. We will provide direct download links for the same in this area. You can download the game, try it out on your smartphone, and then buy the full version later. To avoid the issue during installation and gameplay, follow the exact installation instructions outlined below.

Overall Summary

In the bully anniversary edition iOS game, you will have the opportunity to play more than a hundred missions that you will need to complete. Some of these missions include Welcome to Bullworth, This Is Your School, The Setup, Slingshot, Save Algie, A Little Help, Defend Bucky, and The Candidate. Other missions include Welcome to Bullworth, This Is Your School, The Setup, Slingshot, and Defend Bucky. In addition, every mission has its own particular backstory, taking place in a different location, and focusing on a separate set of objectives. During the course of performing the assignment, the players will encounter a great deal of difficulty. Nevertheless, in order for them to advance in the bully anniversary edition mod apk game, it is necessary for them to finish the assignment.

Most significantly, the players are awarded with cash, new equipment, and a variety of other things upon the successful completion of each Mission. If the Team insults Jimmy, they will beat him without any hesitation, but if the Party respects Jimmy, they will act in accordance with that regard. If you don’t have the machines, you’re free to go around the open environment of the game, destroy stuff, and engage in random, exciting combat with other players.

How to Download Bully Anniversary Edition APK+Obb for Android

  • Download the Bully APK OBB highly compressed file for android from the download Button below
  • Extract the game using es file explorer or any other similiar apps.
  • Then now you have 2 apps, 1. Bully anniversary edition apk and 2. Obb file
  • Just move the bully Obb file in Android/Obb folder
  • Now install the bully apk
  • And now you can play bully anniversary edition apk offline on your android mobile.


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