Bus Simulator City Ride Mod Apk Download 1.0.2 Android Free

Bus Simulator City Ride Mod Apk Download 1.0.2 Android Free
NameBus Simulator City Ride Apk
DeveloperAstragon Entertainment

Now you can get the Bus Simulator City Ride Apk for Android. Play Bus Simulator City Ride Mod Apk Free on your Android device. Stay with us until the conclusion of the article as we go into detail about this game and how to get Bus Simulator City Ride Apk OBB for Android.

Bus Simulator City Ride free download Apk

Information Regarding Bus Simulator City Ride Apk

Bus Simulator City Ride Mod Apk latest version

The game was created by Stillalive Studios and published by Astragon Entertainment. New to the bus-simulation genre is Bus Simulator City Ride. The Bus Simulator series has some ties to this game, which is a spinoff. For October 13, 2022, the video game will be released for digital download on Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

Bus Simulator City Ride free game

As you make your way through a crowded city, you’ll get to pilot one of ten recognisably real buses that have all the necessary certifications. The bus you’ll be driving is one of the several that Alexander Dennis, Blue Bird, BYD, IVECO BUS, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Scania, Setra, Volvo, and Vicinity Motor Corp. have all lawfully produced.

You’ll be doing a lot of people transporting as you move throughout a busy city. By completing campaign missions and driving routes, you can unlock even more buses, districts, and routes. Improve the city’s public transportation system and boost your career prospects at the same time.

Bus Simulator City Ride Mod Screenshot


Your main goal in Bus Simulator City Ride will not be to simply get from one place to another by operating a fleet of buses, but rather to oversee the operations of Havensburg’s transit hub. You will be in charge of the city’s public transportation system, including route and bus management and ensuring that local inhabitants make the most of available services. You’ll need to plan individual routes, and then allocate individual buses to those routes.

Bus Simulator City Ride Mod Apk screenshot gameplay

As you work your way through the game’s plot, you’ll unlock new routes and buses. In addition, there is a monetary reward system in place in the game that kicks in everytime you reach a new level. However, it is not clear to us whether you will also be in charge of handling the tickets and keeping an eye out for passengers who are being disruptive or sleeping on the bus.

There is a great deal that the developers must make public. The game will have a sandbox mode when you can buy as many buses as you like with an unlimited budget.

Features of Bus Simulator City Ride Mod Apk Download

Bus Simulator City Ride Mod Apk

You’ll find many elements in Bus Simulator City Ride Mod Apk that make it a fun experience for Android gamers of all skill levels.

Specifically, your bus, It’s Your Town, In your sphere of influence

Bus Simulator City Ride screenshot 2

Mercedes-Benz, Setra, IVECO, BYD, Volvo, Scania, and MAN are among licenced bus manufacturers that you can get behind the wheel of. Your duty will be to ferry citizens around a busy metropolis.

By fulfilling campaign missions and driving routes, you’ll get access to more buses, districts, and routes. Climb the corporate ladder while helping your community by creating an efficient public transit network.

Ten Original Coaches from Well-Known Manufacturers

Producing Countries All Over The World
Genuine, legally operating buses will be waiting for you. Gain valuable experience behind the wheel of ten different buses from ten different top-tier bus manufacturers throughout the world.

Many various kinds of coaches from companies like Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, IVECO, and BYD are available to you. As you take the wheel of the bus in the simulator, you’ll feel like you’re doing it for real thanks to the meticulously crafted cockpits. However, running YOUR BUS entails more than just focusing solely on driving.

Transport People All Over a Hectic City

Check out the game’s colourful and realistic map! The city of “Havensburg,” which takes its inspiration from northern European villages, is home to a variety of architectural styles and scenic locations, including a waterfront warehouse district, a port, an old town, and the surrounding countryside.

People in a city with so much going on naturally gravitate toward its many public spaces, whether it’s to meet friends for coffee in the historic district or to take the kids to the harbour. It’s never boring to drive people about; if you’re lucky, they’ll tell you interesting stories about their lives. Your mission now is to facilitate social interaction between residents of YOUR CITY.

Run Your Own Transportation Company!

Prove your managerial and driving chops by working your way up the ranks of a successful bus company. Additional buses, districts, and routes become available as you work your way through the story. Create a more robust transportation system by completing routes, which will earn you more credits, and spending those credits on new buses. YOU are the one who will ultimately decide the course of the organisation.

Key Features of Bus Simulator City Ride Apk 1.0.2 Latest Version

  • Licensed production of 10 different world-famous bus models
  • Make a city that looks real and is inspired by locations in northern Europe.
  • Organizing Transportation Networks
  • Methods for Managing Bus Fleets According to the Voice-Over from Story-Driving Events
  • Awesome high-definition film of city buses
  • Wide-open cityscape with a municipal transportation system powered by artificial intelligence
  • Sounds and colours that shift and change
  • Intuitive gamepads
  • Incredibly accurate simulation of operating a city bus.

Bus Simulator City Ride APK Free Download

The game’s free-to-download nature and lack of in-app purchases mean that you may enjoy all of this fantastic fun without spending a thing. Bus Simulator City Journey Apk, the newest city bus driving game, challenges players to become the best city bus driver by giving passengers the best ride of their lives on the way to their destination.

In case you’re interested, we now sell Bus Simulator City Ride Apk v1.0.2. This is the newest and best option available from us. It works with many different kinds of electronics. The.apk file is available for free download from the Google Play Store as well as any other versions we host. Furthermore, registration is unnecessary, and a login is not required to download anything.

With over 2,000 supported gadgets, you can rest assured that you’ll have no trouble locating a game or software that runs smoothly on your gadget.

It can come in helpful if you encounter any geographical or device-specific restrictions in the Google Play Store.

Do Driving Work

Despite our inattention, buses are actually rather amazing. They’re long, but they go quickly on the highway or a winding route. They’re everywhere, and we ride them frequently. Have you ever, nevertheless, considered getting behind the wheel of one? You may be fascinated by buses, but you’ve never had the opportunity to actually operate one. Of course, what if you could do it in a game? Play as a bus driver in the city and pick up passengers in Bus Simulator Indonesia!

Get a job as a bus driver and make a living picking up commuters and delivering them to their destinations. The driving may be challenging, but the rewards are worth it. Various bus models and manufacturers available in Indonesia are represented in this game. The wipers, several camera angles, hazards, headlights, turn signals, brake, accelerator, steering wheel, doors, and more are all part of the straightforward interface. Playing this game will give you a good idea of what it’s like to operate a public transportation vehicle.

You may personalise your buses and even join a multiplayer convoy in this game. Get a group of buddies together and pretend to drive a bus across the towns and highlands of Indonesia. Throughout the game, you’ll be able to drive through a wide variety of well-known and genuine Indonesian landmarks. Transform it into a double-decker by swapping out the tyres and paint. The game gives you the freedom to do whatever you like on a bus.

Operate a wide variety of bus types

One of the most widespread forms of transportation is the bus. They can transport several passengers at once and travel fast between locations. Bus Simulator Indonesia allows you to put your dream behind the wheel. Playing this game will give you the chance to experience the thrill of driving a variety of Indonesian public transportation buses. A few examples are the Hino RK 8 R260, Scania K 360 IB, Scania K 410 IB, and two Scania K 410 IBs. They may look identical at first glance, but their engines and other specifications are quite different from one another. By progressing through the game’s Career Mode, you gain access to a large number of them. More passengers safely delivered to their destinations means more money for you here. Naturally, you can earn additional incentives simply by watching video advertisements.

Benefit from the exciting city

Both the buses and the city in Bus Simulator City Ride have become rather popular. They didn’t want to ape other cities, so they made Havensburg from scratch. Nonetheless, it includes all the well-known landmarks, buildings, and parks. There are many neighbourhoods in the city. You’ll be able to visit the city proper, the warehouse sector, the historic core, and the beautiful suburban area.

In this city, residents are always on the move, zipping from one neighbourhood to another for a variety of reasons, including business, personal, and recreational pursuits. Keep in mind that every ride will be one of a kind because you’ll be picking up brand new people with fresh perspectives. Ease the way for your customers to reach their destinations, whether it’s business or social gatherings.

Begin your own transportation business.

You can launch your own transportation business once you’ve mastered city driving and are comfortable with operating buses of all makes and models. Gameplay is broken up into missions, and when you complete them, new options become available. As a result, you can plan alternative routes, construct new roads, and stock up on more buses.

In Bus Simulator City Ride, you can build a thriving enterprise and expand it as your success increases. Do not sit idle; instead, go meet a new life full of adventure. Your ability to lead is the only thing that will limit your possibilities.

How To Download Bus Simulator City Ride Apk + OBB Download For Android/iOS

  • You may get the Android and iOS versions of Bus Simulator City Ride by clicking the download button below.
  • You’ll need to give the system 20 seconds to make the “Download Now” button.
  • When you click the Download Now button, the next page will load automatically, but you’ll have to wait 15 seconds before you can click the GET LINK button.
  • Just hit the DOWNLOAD button below to get the Bus Simulator City Ride Apk from the Mediafire download service.
  • Simply download the APK, click the “Done” button, then copy the game’s OBB file to your Android’s internal storage and launch the app.
  • After that, go into your Android’s security settings and enable installing apps from “Unknown Sources.”


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