Cricket 19 APK+Obb 400MB Game Download for Android/iOS Mobile

Cricket 19 APK+Obb 400MB Game Download for Android/iOS Mobile

Hello everyone, now download cricket 19 apk+obb for Android and iOS mobile, you can also play this game on a PC using the BlueStacks emulator Android. Read the full post to know all about cricket 19 game and download the game via mediafire on your mobile now.

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Cricket 19 APK Description

Do you want to indulge in your passion for cricket while watching it from the comfort of your own home? Initially, this may appear unreasonable, but the programme we’re about to show you will surely do the purpose.. Fans of cricket who find it difficult to walk outside and enjoy the game will love Cricket 19 APK + OBB.

The idea of enjoying an outdoor sport in the comfort of your own home was completely out of the question! Produced and launched by Bug Art Studios, this cricket video game is hyper-realistic and follows the rules of the original game to the letter, making the player immerse themselves in the experience. It debuted on July 30th, 2019, and since then, it’s wowed audiences around the world with its jaw-dropping special effects and mind-blowing plot twists.

Take into account that you are playing as a professional cricket player in numerous international events thanks to the excellent graphics and sound given by the game.

Cricket 19 Android Gameplay

Cricket 19’s gameplay can be described as both simple and difficult. If you are a cricket player and have a good deal of computer gaming experience, you can easily play it. However, the keypads are difficult to use in stressful situations. A variety of additions in Cricket 19 increase the game’s realism and gameplay, making it a must-have for every cricket fan.

In order to compete in a championship match, you will need a squad of players. So, how do you go about putting together a group? You’ll need a cricket team of your own if you want to participate in the game’s Career Mode, which requires players with previous cricket expertise.

It is just as important in Cricket 19 as in actual cricket for the player’s stamina and precision of the shot to be taken into consideration. When you win a match, you’ll receive a variety of gifts that will help you improve your players’ stamina and hitting abilities.

As a second step, environmental aspects are incorporated into the game to make it more lifelike. During the rainy season, the match is postponed, while hot weather causes players to overheat, making them exhausted rapidly.

Cricket 19 Game Features

Cricket 19’s features can be compared to those of the original game because they are identical. Consider checking out the following sections to obtain a better understanding of the game:

Cricket 19 Mod apk Graphics

  • In Cricket 19, you’ll receive a realistic experience that takes into account even the smallest of aspects. As with a real-world cricket match, a game of Cricket 19 may be postponed due to inclement weather. Match victory relies heavily on a player’s stamina and accuracy while striking targets, and this is no different in the online game. All of these aspects contribute to the game’s popularity among cricket fans.
  • You can take part in a variety of Tests, ODIs, and T20s. There is no fun or excitement to be had in the majority of cricket gaming applications. Players can play Test matches, ODIs, and T20 format games in Cricket 19 because it includes all of the cricket games available.

Career Mode

  • There’s also a career mode in the game, which provides a lot of fun and unique options. To compete in an international event, you will assemble your own specialised squad based on the players’ individual skills. Getting these players onto the national team will be a challenge. You can create your own character and launch it into the career mode in order to make the game more exciting and enjoyable.
  • In order to give the game a more realistic feel and better graphics, this game uses upgraded artificial intelligence from the actual world.
  • Popular teams and players: This game features all of the most well-known teams and players in order to increase the level of indulgence.

Scenario mode

  • There is a Scenario mode that allows you to prepare your players for international events compared to the career mode.
  • Be a world-renowned cricketer: With this game, you can finally realise your goal of being an international cricketer!

Innovative gameplay

Because of the game’s advanced technology, bowling in genuine cricket 19 isn’t as tedious as it is in other mobile cricket games. It works well with a variety of bowlers, and it’s easy to use for all types of bowlers. There are a number of different ways to play this game. Strollers, realistic animations for each wing, and examples of Schneider’s work are included. To pique my curiosity, I’d prefer the bowling version of this.

As a result, you were the only one who could bowl. It’s difficult to get wickets, but errors can be reduced and batsmen’s power flows can be demonstrated.

  • Batting Types – Defensive, Balanced, Radical, and Brute, each with their own cricket strokes and aggression levels, make it an intuitive Cricket Game, allowing you to feel the differences between various batsmen and their styles of play.
  • Select the time of day that is most convenient for you.
  • Our Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Dusk, and Night schedules allow you to watch the game at various times of day.

Original stadiums

  • From Mumbai, Pune, Cape Town to Melbourne and London to Dubai to Wellington and Kolkata you’ll be able to see the best live stadiums in the world. Each stadium has a distinct atmosphere and is certain to give a unique experience.
  • Play from the batsman’s point of view and experience the exhilaration of a 90 MPH ball rushing towards you. Put in the work and show nerves when it counts!


  • Among the many tournaments available in Real CricketTM 20 are the 2019 World Cup, the World Test Championship, the Asia Cup, the Champions Cup, the Master Cup, and the Under 19 World Cup, as well as many different Premier Leagues from across the world.
  • RCPL Auction is the only way for players to form their own side and compete for the most coveted trophy in Premier League history in a mobile cricket game.

Test Matches

  • Test cricket with the Pink Ball is now accessible in Real CricketTM 20 for the first time, bringing you the most authentic experience of playing under the lights with the Pink Ball in the longest and purest version of the game.
  • The Ultimate In Cricket Simulations
  • Get stuck in and persevere through the difficult times. It’s no longer a piece of cake to hit sixes.

Cricket 19 400MB Download Size Game

Cricket 19 is 400 MB in size and requires a huge amount of storage space on Android devices. Low storage phones or phones that can’t meet the game’s demands can’t download this. We don’t want you to be sad, because has a number of games that don’t take up a lot of space but are still enjoyable to play.

Overall Summary

In order to get the most out of Cricket 19, you’ll want to download it to your Android device. Cricket game press has emerged as the greatest and most complete cricket game on Android. The fact that there are now nearly half a million more critics of the game 4.5 demonstrates how popular the game reviews have become.

Improved gameplay and new features are continually being added to the nautilus mobile game through regular upgrades. When Nautilus watches the live TV broadcast of 19 Cricket Cricket, he is exactly how he appears and feels. Every game service opened with an aerial image of the stadium as if it were being shot by a drone. When it comes to TV shows, game shows, and even their perspectives on the Middle East from the so-called experts, there seems to be too much action repetition.

However, it has better graphics than cricket, but still falls short. Some components, like a cardboard cutout of the stadium, feel like they’re part of the scene. When the hosts go on to make more general comments, why can’t developers watch before a match? Even mentioning the 19 experts’ observations does little to prove that you’re a real team player.

Game Requirements

Your android must meet the following requirements if you want to play cricket 19 high quality Graphics game on your android device.

  • Snapdragon 850+/ Dimensity 1100+
  • Octa core 2.1 ghz and above
  • Battery should be 4000 mah+
  • 4GB+ Ram
  • 2Gb free space is necessary

these are the minimum requirements if your Android doesn’t meets this, then I recommend you to upgrade your mobile otherwise you may have lagging Problems and sometimes black screens too. The smoother gamepla will be available only for the specified specifications.

How to Download Cricket 19 APK+Obb 400MB for Android

  • Click on the download button below to download both of the files that is apk and obb file size is 400mb for Android
  • Now install the apk
  • Download the obb file and extract it using Zarchvier app.
  • Now open the apk and After opening the apk, scan for the obb file
  • Once Obb is scanned, click on the game and Begin playing.

How to Download cricket 19 400mb for PC

  • Click on the download button below to download the PC apk for cricket 19 game
  • And then download the same Obb file provided below
  • Then install the apk
  • Scan for the obb
  • Click on the game
  • Begin playing
  • It’s all the same process as for the Android


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