Days Gone Mobile APK Obb Data For Android/iOS

Days Gone Mobile APK Obb Data For Android/iOS

Hey everyone, Now download Days Gone apk Obb data for android and iOS mobile. You can easily download Days gone mobile apk and iOS without verification, no verification is required to get the game today.

Days Gone APK
Days Gone Mobile

About Days Gone Mobile

Days Gone Mobile is a global action adventure horror video game. SIE Bend Studio developed and published the game for Sony Interactive Entertainment. UE4 was used to make this game (Unreal Engine 4). It’s one of the best survival horror games of the year. Only the developers’ determination and commitment can be felt.


Deacon St. John, a former fake driver, finds himself in a post-apocalyptic Oregon just two years after the global epidemic. The protagonist discovers that his wife Sarah is still alive and well, despite his expectations. This will lead you to the protagonist. Android 1 Game is where you can get the Mobile Days Gone Gone apk.

The Player begins in a post-apocalyptic Oregon with only one tracker, Deacon St. John (Sam Witwer). Along with Boozer, his dependable mate, he looks for ways to survive with the shelter and upkeep demands.

In this game, you must deal with a variety of problems posed by zombie-like freaks. Freakers are simply tainted and infected people that attempt to harm you. You can usually handle a couple of them, but when they come in hordes, it’s a different storey.

Gameplay of Days Gone APK

In the third person view of the game, the player can roam through an open world scenario. Players can use a wide range of pistols, equipment, and homemade weapons in this game. It also uses stealth to protect itself from other hostile individuals and cannibalistic monsters known as freakers. Deacon’s drifter bike is the game’s primary mode of mobility.

The player can accomplish his or her objectives in a variety of methods, including by employing powerful or long-range weapons. A complex day/night weather pattern and time also exists, which weakens and slows “Freakers” during the day but is quick and heavy at night. Deacon’s major form of transportation is a motorcycle, which may be customised to increase speed, reliability, or manoeuvrability, among other features.

The ratings of “mixed or average” were received. Days Gone Mobile was the most popular physical game in the UK in the week after its release, despite receiving mixed reviews. It was on the top-selling apps in every format distribution list for three weeks in a row.

In Days Gone APK, what does a player need to do?

As in any survival game, you must protect yourself against various threats. Oregon, which is infected with many people, is a player in Days Gone Android. You’d use a motorcycle to get around the major chunk of the game.

The player is the only one who can ride the Deacon motorcycle. Take good care of your bike and get it serviced as soon as feasible. When attempting to build your encampment, you should clear out bandit camps and freak dens. Be advised that in Days Gone, workmanship plays a significant role.

Features of Days Gone Mobile

  • A striking setting: The Pacific Northwest is both beautiful and deadly, with woods and meadows, frozen plains, and desert lava fields. Explore mountains, tunnels, mines, and small rural villages that have been damaged by millions of years of volcanic activity.
  • An ever-changing environment: Climb aboard Deacon’s trusty motorcycle and ride across a dynamic world shaped by the weather, a dramatic day/night cycle, and the evolving Freakers, who adapt to their surroundings – and the people in them.
  • A gripping tale: Deacon St. John searches for hope after experiencing a severe personal loss in this gripping storey of desperation, treachery, and regret. When faced with the daily struggle for survival, what makes us human?
  • Brutal encounters: With deadly gangs and swarms of Freakers wandering the earth, you’ll have to rely on a range of creative traps, weapons, and upgradable skills to stay alive. Remember to bring your Drifter bike, which is a wonderful tool in such a big region.

Days Gone Mobile sounds like a film that should have or might have been an hour longer. It’s muddy and chaotic, but there are some very thrilling battles with swarms of rampaging zombies and firefighters sprinkled throughout. There’s something nice in this game somewhere, but it’s buried beneath a rambling plot, tedious objectives, and all the obligatory tasks that could have given it a lot more personality. Days Gone may have taken the toe and praised the game’s odd and fascinating feature with some fine tweaking and editing, but it simply proceeds down the muddy highway and finds no rhythm at all.

The Main Protagonist

You are Deacon St John, a member of an enraged, grumpy, and enraged biker gang in a zombie-infested Oregon. Deacon (or Deek) had divorced his wife two years prior, and he claims she was now dead before the Apocalypse. Deacon’s life as a bounty hunter is beginning to shift northward with the help of his motorcycle brother Boozer. Of course, things don’t always go smoothly in Survival games.

Days Gone Mobile gets off to a good start in terms of plot. Deacon is a fascinating protagonist—after all, the post-apocalyptic legal atmosphere appears to be ideal for him.

Early on, Boozer is injured, and Deacon’s motorcycle is disassembled. When Deacon has no choice but to cooperate with a group of survivors, he must suppress his lonely wolf tendencies in order to obtain supplies. Iron Mike, the chief of another camp seeking reconciliation, questions Deacon’s morality even more.

This leads to some exciting developments, at least on Deacon’s part. Deacon isn’t as ruthless as the landsque undead, and he’s loyal to his wife and companion right from the start. Unfortunately, Deacon is unable to detect these opposing viewpoints – and, by extension, the player.

Rinse and repeat as needed

It’s not about the formula here; it’s about the execution. For starters, freaker nest downgrades are tedious, and medical control points for crucial status improvements are addressed (Deacon even comments about how repetitive it is, which begs the question of why the developers never bothered to diversify it a bit). Apart from giving you the sense that you’ve played an open world game, Days Gone Mobile has come a long way.

Furthermore, both games include a gameplay loop, which makes most games uninteresting in and of themselves. The task is to complete the prize – Days Gone apk is a negative factor. There is no plot need to do side tasks, yet boosting your ability tree can sometimes result in bonus experience. It’s because the game understands the necessity to survive, but it’s stumped as to why.

Be Wild

Days Gone Mobile drops you into Deacon St. John’s filthy old bike boots, a former outlaw who is doing everything he can to save rural Oregon from being overrun by zombies. These cannibalistic creatures are driven by the most basic and primal instincts: to eat everything alive. They aren’t zombies, but they don’t appear to be capable of causing much harm in the traditional sense.

Due to a crippling disease two years ago, the remainder of humanity was reduced to freaks. It’s not pretty, and as a result, humanity’s last bastion was dragged into the remaining camps strewn across the landscape.

Days Gone Mobile might have easily been another colourful zombie adventure within the limits. While the playbook generally follows the same set of mechanics and design choices as the rest of the game, it does it incredibly effectively.

Her storey will compel you to complete all of the searches in order to find out which secrets will be disclosed next; the diacon transition can wait, and the freaks will follow you about.

While it isn’t the most unique concept, it is a storey in which the crew just places its hearts and souls. Days Gone Mobile is a terrific location to go if you want a significantly more personalised view of a zombie apocalypse.

Download Days Gone APK No Verification

Our website is well-known for providing exclusive games without the need for authentication, without doing verification, human and bot and of any kind. We’re back with another great post with a direct download link. Yes, you can now download Days Gone apk without verification, No verification; there is no need to complete any task to instal this game days gone mobile android and iOS on your phone. It’s incredibly simple to get this game; simply follow the methods outlined below and you’ll be able to play Days gone game apk on your Android device without having to go through any human verification.

How to Download Days Gone Mobile APK OBB

  • Go through the site and click on download button below to download Days Gone Mobile apk Obb data for android/ios via Mediafire link.
  • Proceed through the site and download the full game.
  • After you’re done downloading, install the game.
  • Now open the Game and Download the Obb file.
  • When done, then you can play days gone apk android.


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