Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden Mugen

Hello Friends, nowadays I am bringing so many amazing Dragon Ball Z Fighting Games for Android. from the past week I have been giving you Many New DBZ Mugen games for Android, now today I am here again with another amazing Dragon Ball Z Mugen game for Android namely Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden. It’s an official Dragon Ball Z game released by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden Android Download

Game Modes

Guys this is a very amazing game with various game modes in it.

Z Story:

Z Story lets the player remember the significant skirmishes of the Dragon Ball Z establishment beginning from the Saiyan Saga right to the furthest limit of the Kid Buu Saga. There are additionally five unique situations that happens through the eyes of the Dragon Team (Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo and Vegeta) alongside an “imagine a scenario in which” situation where you play as different DBZ scalawags (Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu, Broly, and so forth

Adventure Mode:

Adventure Mode is the principle story mode in Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden that is opened subsequent to clearing all situations in Z Story. At the Supreme Kai’s solicitation, Goku goes on a journey to gather the seven Ultimate Dragon Balls to close the less energy delivered by Omega Shenron, whose utilizing its capacity to bring back all the scalawags Goku and his companions had looked previously; including significant adversaries like Frieza, Cell and Buu. In this mode, the player shapes a group of any character and goes through different universes to finish variable missions. While it’s not needed to satisfy the primary target, doing so will allow the player to accomplish a S rank, which will open more Z Assist characters and some fight things.

Outrageous World Tournament:

The player makes a group of any characters based on their personal preference and goes head to head against an assortment of other CPU-controlled groups. All through the competition, quite possibly a character will interfere with the battle and should be crushed so as to advance. Opened by clearing Adventure Mode.

Outrageous Survival2:

The player picks a character and battles unlimited influxes of CPU-controlled rivals. A limited quantity of wellbeing is recuperated subsequent to winning each adjust.

Fight Mode

Free: The player makes a group for themself and the CPU and fight it out for entertainment only. Training12: The player can rehearse their moves and combos against a CPU rival.

Versus Mode

  • Neighborhood: Players can fight against close by players utilizing remote association.
  • Online2: Players can fight against different players online over the Internet.
  • Mission Mode: Players can utilize their StreetPass to gather the seven Dragon Balls and bring Shenron to concede a wish. Opened by clearing the “Dragon Ball Super Team” situation in Z Story mode


Citra Emulator DBZ extreme Butoden 3Ds rom

DBZ Extreme Butōden is a 2D battling game where players can make a group of comprising of both fight and backing characters to battle against a foe group in a 1-on-1 match. The primary goal in the fight is to take out all contenders of the rival group either by lessening their wellbeing to zero or by having more residual wellbeing altogether than the rival when time runs out.

Every contender has two distinctive Special Attacks known as a Blitz Attack and a Burst Strike, which are one of a kind assaults for each character. A Blitz Attack is an assault that expends 25% of the Spirit Gauge and permits a contender to play out a remarkable extraordinary assault (for example Goku Kaio-ken Finish) and a Burst Attack expends half of the Spirit Gauge to cause a warrior to play out an all the more crushing exceptional assault (for example Krillin Destructo Disk). Furthermore, every warrior has two Super Special Moves that can be performed subsequent to playing out a Ultimate Combo, which differs dependent on what stage the contenders are at present on. Nonetheless, Ultimate Combos can likewise be countered by a Ultimate Counter, which at that point advances to a bar battle fight.

Each warrior can perform either a frail, solid, or uncommon assault, which can be joined together to play out numerous combos, that is additionally perceptible in controls screen in the interruption menu. Most combos can be offset by a Hyper Dash, which can permit a warrior to perform more combos. The game likewise includes a Spirit Gauge, which can at first energized to 150% and be utilized to perform Special Attacks.

How to Download & play Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden on Android

  • Firstly Download Citra Emulator ( Nintendo 3Ds ) for Android ( Link is Given Below )
  • Now Download DBZ Extreme Butoden ISO file.
  • Extract it if the file Format is Rar or Zip.
  • Now open Citra Emulator, Select ISO Game and Start Play. 🙂

Download Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden ISO

Download Citra Emulator for Android

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