DBZ Shin budokai 2 mod ISO Beta Version PSP Download

DBZ Shin budokai 2 mod ISO Beta Version PSP Download

Dragon Ball Z Shinbudokai 2 is an official 2D fighting DBZ Game on PPSSPP Android. The gameplay and graphics are very colorful and amazing that’s why the game is very Popular among PSP gamers. There are many mods for DBZ Shin budokai 2 so today I am introducing you all one of them. It’s a beta version mod with Dragon Ball super characters. Modders have enhanced the Graphics looks and gameplay features. So now you will enjoy this awesome game with new Graphics and Character.

Dragon Ball Z Shinbudokai 2 MOD PSP Android

Dragon Ball Z Shin budokai 2 MOD Android PPSSPP

This mod contains new Transformation for every characters. As you all know that the original game doesn’t contains Super Saiyan blue Transformations because the original one is an old game so this new awesome mods contains everything from the new anime. Textures are more accurate and look more HD than before. Colors are more sharp and intense. Aura is more soaking and shining around the characters making them look more powerful. Attacks are new for all new villains and heroes characters. The interface, homepage, menu background and characters selection menu has been changed completely. Everything is new and up to date.

New Super Characters

DBZ Sb2 mod
  • Gogeta – This DBZ Sb2 mod contains Gogeta of Dragon ball super that looks so realistic with his amazing fascinating auras. You can see the above screenshot to take a look at Gogeta’s full model. Gogeta can transform from base to super Saiyan blue.
  • Goku Models – Goku has Super Saiyan, super Saiyan God and blue. Goku blue performs final Kamehameha ha. All Transformations contains unique auras.
  • Vegeta – Now Vegeta can go to his new Super Saiyan God form with extremely beautiful red aura that surrounds him and make him look awesome. Just like Goku, vegeta also has Super Saiyan blue Transformations with final flash attack.
  • Golden Frieza – Frieza’s Ultimate from till now and with golden aura. Now added in the Shin budokai 2 mod with Death beam and enormous energy Ball attack.

How to Install

  • Download PPSSPP EMULATOR from play store
  • Download RAR File
  • Extract it by using any Extractor
  • Download save data 100% completed and place it on ( PSP> SAVEDATA ) folder
  • Now open PSP Emulator turn on the fast Memory unstable in system settings.
  • Change language to America Latina
  • after that select the ISO and start play.
Name Dragon ball Z Shinbudokai 2 mod
File TypeISO
File Size343MB
Save Data

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