DBZ TTT Mod Download Link PPSSPP

DBZ TTT Mod Download Link PPSSPP

Hello Friends, Today I have brought a new Dragon ball heroes Tenkaichi tag team mod for you all. This is by far one of the completed mod ever released yet. I know you all are excited to know all features of this iso so just keep reading this page to know all about this iso.

DBZ TTT Mod download

DBZ TTT Heroes PSP Mod

The name of this mod is DBZ TTT Heroes Tenkaichi, So as the name already states that the mod is all about dragon ball heroes characters like GP Goku, DB heroes Villains etc. However, the Villains like Oren fusion and that boss villain who is the master of all and also that girl villain who had defeated Goku UI are not in the mod. you might think that so why this is the best mod while it doesn’t contain the Powerful villains of the db Heroes. Yes, it’s a not a good thing in this game . Because these villains are not made by any modder yet, so we can’t see these villains in any mod of TTT. Now there are few points that why this is the best mod ever released yet.


Game Features

  • Without Crash – one of the most mejor features is that this mod is crash free. There are many peoples who are totally tired by Downloading an iso with a lot of crash in it. For those peoples I want to say that your problem is now solved with this iso.
  • All perfect models – for this iso, I can say that all of the characters are perfect with their attacks and auras. Unlike most of the other mods, it doesn’t contains incomplete attacks and badly featured attacks.
  • New Jiren Texture – this mod has a new Jiren Texture that you have never seen before. However the attacks of the Jiren are the same as mostly mod Nowadays has.
  • HD Texture Vegeta – just like Jiren Vegeta also has a new texture but in case of Vegeta, the texture is perfectly made and looks almost 3D and realistic.
  • New Goku Grand priest Model – this mod has the newest model of grand priest Goku and remember when i say model then it means the attacks, auras and faces and overall everything is new.

New Characters

Firstly, the main things is that all of the Characters are changed to looked like dragon Ball Legends. Even the dragon of super saiyan three Goku has changed to looked like dragon Ball legends. So it’s clear the graphics are deemed to looked like dragon ball Legends. Now let me explore you about all new Characters.

There is also a new Gogeta fin form. Actually it’s not a form of Gogeta, it’s a new dragon ball heroes villains that looks similarly kid buu and have control over Gogeta. So it’s seems like a new form of evil Gogeta. This Gogeta has same attack as normal Gogeta has.

It has all new Characters like Gogeta, broly, Beerus, Goku mastered ultra instinct, Vegeta super saiyan blue evolution etc

Install DBZ TTT Mods on Android

  • First of all Download the DBZ TTT mod ( link is given below )
  • Then download PSP latest version from Google PlayStore.
  • Now check the file format of your Downloaded DBZ TTT File. If it’s RAR or zip format the just simply extract it by using any app that extract out the zip files e.g. Zarchiver, RAR app, 7zipper app.
  • Now if you have .ISO file then just open the file in PSP emulator and start play.
  • You must have a 2GB plus, 5.0 & above versions android smartphone to run this game smoothly.
DBZ TTT Mods Download Link

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