DBZ TTT Mod Download Original BT3 PSP ISO V20

DBZ TTT Mod Download Original BT3 PSP ISO V20

Dragon Ball Z Budokai TENKAICHI 3 is a PS2 ISO game, although the DBZ BT-3 can be played on Android but a little slow but if you want to play at full speed then today I have bought a new DBZ TTT BT3 ISO for you all. This DBZ TTT budokai tenkaichi 3 mod contains many Next Generation Transformations along with all DBS characters. If you are wondering about what is next generation Transformation then keep reading the post below.

Dragon ball Z: TTT BT3 MOD

The Modders Named it as Next Generation because it contains God Of Destruction Going and Vegeta, super Saiyan. 5 Transformations, Ozaru with super Saiyan blue, Broly Legendary Ozaru and Much more Powerful Warriors with new aura, Textures and BT3 looks. This is very recent release Among all BT-3 Mod For PSP, hence it contains all previous game features. Backgrounds/Maps are full HD and taken from the BT3. It’s an English version of DBZ TTT BT3 ISO so you don’t have to bother about navigation and menus.

New Characters

Goku God of Destruction
Broly Ozaru dbz TTT mods
  • Goku and Vegeta G.O.D – As the name is next generation, so Modders made a G.O.D version of Goku and Vegeta. In this form they can Transform into their all forms such as Mastered Ultra Instinct and Super saiyan blue evolution. Vegeta can also go into Omen UI and mastered. Auras are all sparking and all outfits are BT-3 based.
  • Ozaru Blue – usually dragon Ball Z TENKAICHI Tag team mods doesn’t contains Ozaru with super Saiyan blue but as it’s a next generation mod. Hence it contains all ahead Transformation for every characters. Attacks are blue beams and energy balls and aura is sky blue.
  • Goku Grand Angel Ultra Instinct – It’s a voluntary name for this characters given by me. Because this characters wears Angel outfits with Mastered UI Hairs and a sword that usually angels holds on their hand. This is one of the most powerful Custom Transformation of Goku in DBZ TTT Mods.
  • Trunks New model – this mod Trunks anime war form with new BT3 attacks.
  • Black Goku – This mod has complete model of Black Goku All forms. Black Goku Transform into ssj1, 2,3, Ssj Rose, Omen UI and Mastered Ultra Instinct. Attacks are all based on Budokai TENKAICHI 3.
DBZ TTT Goku Grand Ultra Instinct, angel goku

How to Install DBZ TTT Mods

Please carefully read the instructions if you are new on PPSSPP games. Thanks clear the basics, I want you to know that PSP Supports ISO and CSO File Formats, just as Android Supports APK File Format. Now do the following to install this DBZ TTT on Android.

  • The First step is to download a PPSSPP Emulator from playstore ( link is Given below )
  • Now Download the MOD ISO File.
  • Remember to check the file format. If the format is in RAR or Zip then Download any Extractor such as RAR or Zarchiever apps.
  • Now Extract the ISO file out
  • Then Download save data ( link is given below )
  • Put the Save data in ( PSP> SAVEDATA folder )
  • Now open PSP Emulator, choose the game, and start play.
File Size 493MB
File Type( RAR ) ISO
platformPPSSPP ( ANDROID )

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