Dekaron G APK 1.1.79 Download Mod Latest Version

Dekaron G APK 1.1.79 Download Mod Latest Version
NameDekaron G
 UpdatedOct 19, 2022
 Compatible withAndroid 6.0+
 Last version1.1.79
 Size325.9 MB
 CategoryRole Playing
 DeveloperThumbAge Co., Ltd.
dekaron g

Download the most recent version of the Dekaron G APK, then join forces with the other Dekarons to vanquish the enemies. It features enormous siege warfare and player vs player combat for high-octane action.

About Dekaron G APK

dekaron g game

The massively multiplayer online role-playing game Dekaron now has an official mobile app: Dekaron G APK. Features include siege warfare and team-based gameplay, as well as fast-paced combat and furious PvP conflicts on a vast scale.

A variety of playable classes, each with their own set of skills and tools for taking on tough bosses and storming fortified enemy strongholds, are at players’ disposal. The game’s beautiful visuals and easy-to-use controls provide for an impressive mobile gaming experience.

Dekaron G APK for Android is, all things considered, an absolute must-play for those who enjoy massively multiplayer online role-playing games as well as action games. It has massive worlds to explore and dramatic conflicts to take part in. To take part, get the most recent release and install it.

Dekaron G Premium Mod Apk Features

dekaron g apk mod

Dekaron G Premium can be purchased for gamers who want even more content, but the base game has a lot to offer for free. As a result, you can have access to even more features and materials, such as:

  • Accesses All Maps. All of the game’s maps will be at your disposal, opening you countless new avenues for discovery and adventures. Premium grants access to every zone, from the icy Haihaff Snow Fields to the ominous Tower of Ascension.
  • Frameworks for Unrestricted Trade. Members who pay for the highest tier of service gain access to unrestricted marketplaces. This can result in improved bargaining positions and more potent fighting tools.
  • There are now more ways to personalise your character. You’ll be able to give your heroes even more individuality by giving them access to a wider variety of skins and costumes. Make your heroes stand out from the crowd and wow the other gamers.
  • Put your skills to use and join a Guild. Joining a guild allows Premium members to band together with other players to take on more formidable enemies. This enhances the cooperative nature of the game by allowing you to plot and fight alongside your guildmates.
  • Fights between players and monsters. You can engage in fierce combat with other players in PvP, or you can explore dungeons and fight against AI-controlled opponents in PvE. In both cases, Premium subscribers will find an exciting new challenge.
  • It’s time for the latest issue of the Dekaron Newsletter. Members who pay for the highest tier will get a monthly email with all the newest news and information.
  • Enhance your time spent in Dekaron by upgrading to Premium. In exchange, you get access to a wealth of new material and features that will make your time spent in this enormous game that much more rewarding.

A Quick Summary of Dekaron (Two Moons)

dekaron g apk latest version

The dreary and gloomy fantasy realm of Hi’s Dekaron is the setting for the massively multiplayer online game known as Hi’s Dekaron. It has amassed a devoted following and sparked the creation of subsequent works such as the smartphone game Dekaron G APK.

The fictitious world of Trieste serves as the stage for the events of the game. Trieste is the location of both Miseria (Moon of Misery) and Ricchez (World of the Two Moons) (Moon of Abundance). Its two moons orbit it at differing speeds due to the disparity in their sizes and orbital distances from the planet.

The Solstice of Evil happens when the Miseria aligns with Ricchez, and it lasts for a total of twelve days throughout that time. While this is going on, the enemies of the game, the Alokens, are getting stronger and wreaking havoc on Trieste, which forces the players to engage in combat with them.

They are preoccupied with dealing with the Aloken, but at the same time, an even more terrible enemy known as the Karon is launching an invasion. He orders a variety of monsters and opponents to attack and seize control of Trieste under his command. The planet was obliterated as a result of the conflict known as the Grand Fall.

The only way that a small group of people were able to survive the invasion was by building an ark that they called Arcana. The evil of the Karon has been vanquished, and the survivors have rebuilt their planet. This has brought the game to its current stage, in which players defend Trieste from threats both within and without the city.

You will need to cooperate with one another in order to prevent another Grand Fall from occurring on the world of Dekaron. Will you rise to the occasion and become a saviour in this dark fantasy massively multiplayer online game? The Android application package (APK) for the Dekaron G Mobile is currently available for download.

Economics Based On A Free Market

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Trading is purely voluntary in this game, despite the fact that it is an option for those who wish to buy or sell items with other players. Since a result of this, communicating with other players is an essential component of the game, as players can barter with one another and join alliances in order to acquire stronger weapons and armour.

By thoroughly analysing the prices of items and engaging in effective negotiating, you can secure the best offers money can buy. This could be the deciding factor in the intense fights that take place in Dekaron.

A Wide Array of Possible Weapons

As was noted before, the open commerce system in this game enables you to purchase weapons and outfit your heroes with various items. There are a wide variety of weapons that can be unlocked, including but not limited to swords, spears, arrows, and even guns.

Due to the fact that each weapon possesses a unique set of statistics and characteristics, you will need to devise a strategy to determine which weapons will be of the greatest assistance to your heroes throughout each and every battle. Some of the more well-known ones include the Harpe, Ascalon, Flamberge, and the Nagelring Sword.

Utilizing the various upgrade choices that are at your disposal will allow you to further improve the capabilities and potency of these weapons. Be certain that each of them brings something unique to the table that can assist you in your fight against the evil doers in Trieste.

Extremely Intensive Combat Environment

Extremely stressful combat is just one part of this game’s rollercoaster trip. The battle is rapid and dynamic, which increases the thrill of facing off against dangerous foes.

The game’s theme is selflessness and cooperation in the face of adversity as players work together to protect the city of Trieste from the forces of evil. Along with taking on formidable bosses and attacking enemy strongholds, you’ll be venturing into the world’s depths and discovering its mysteries.

Your foes, though, are no pushovers. You may expect difficult combat and strategic gameplay due to their resistance. If you want to succeed in battle, you need to arm yourself with powerful skills and equipment.

Wide Open Places to Discover

In Dekaron, players have access to a massive globe with a wide variety of environments and a wealth of hidden content. You’ll be venturing through creepy woods, abandoned manors, and underground tunnels.

With regular updates and additions to the game’s content, players can expect a never-ending journey as they explore the globe and solve its many difficulties. The Tower of Ascension, Ardeca, and the Haihaff Snow Fields are three of the more well-known destinations.

Exciting events and tasks can be found all throughout the world as well. Before setting out into the uncharted regions of Dekaron, make sure you’ve done your homework and gathered a formidable set of skills and gear.


It has already been revealed that the game features a great tale that will keep players on their toes throughout their time spent with it. The outcomes of each assignment will keep you guessing. As the player, your goal should be to strengthen your character to the point where you can easily defeat the game’s major antagonist, Karon, and restore peace to the world.

This game is a role-playing experience, so you get to play as anybody you like and modify them to your specifications. The first step in Suriname is to create a character, and there are four different classes to pick from, each with their own set of special powers and weaponry. You’ll be playing the game as the character you select, so it’s important to make a choice that you enjoy and that fits your play style.

This game’s open world design means that there are a variety of environments for players to investigate and master. The player’s experience and access to new tools and objects improves as they explore the game’s several zones, each of which is designed differently. As you explore, you’ll find a variety of quests to complete. Your character will develop more effectively if you finish them. Moreover, as you explore the world, you’ll come across other people with whom you can chat and engage in a variety of activities, such as swapping stuff.

Join forces with other players who share your interests and embark on exciting journeys together. This improves the overall gaming experience and increases the player’s odds of success in the game’s more challenging fights. You can engage in combat against both computer-controlled enemies and other players. The victor of each fight receives a bonus, usually in the form of cash, which can be spent on enhancing their character.

Graphics are the game’s main selling point. This game’s visual system is top notch, from the detailed character designs to the eye-popping environments. The game boasts fitting visuals, as well as impressive sound effects that include realistic noises for things like being hurt and using weapons.

Download Dekaron G APK Latest Version

The Dekaron G APK MOD can be downloaded if you wish to gain even more advantages in the game. You’ll have an advantage over the competition because to our tweaked version’s faster pace and limitless supplies.


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