( Download ) DBZ TTT Mod PSP ISO 2020 with New Attacks

( Download ) DBZ TTT Mod PSP ISO 2020 with New Attacks

Hello Friends, the ISO which I am going to show you all is an extremely addictive Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag team Mod ever i have played yet. There are many reason for it to being an excellent DBZ TTT Mod for PSP. You will be astonished to know about all new features of this game so let’s begin.

Download DBZ TTT Mod 2020

DBZ Tenkaichi Tag team mod New attacks

So during the battle between Goku Omen Mastered Ultra Instinct and kefla, you may have see that a moment comes when Goku jumps behind kefla without letting her move backwards and then just hit the bunch of punches at her stomach. A modder have created that whole moment as an attack in Dragon Ball Z TTT mod. And it is accomplished so perfectly that no errors are there in the whole attack, even the camera angle remains centered on the scene. You can look at the above screenshot to have a look on Originality of the attack.

Goku’s Omen Mastered Ultra instinct is built with Xenoverse Texture, the hairs, clothes, body and aura are all from taken from the Xenoverse.


Beerus – I haven’t seen any better Beerus than this until now on DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team mod. This one is simply the masterpiece. Look at the above screenshot, his entire model is based on Xenoverse 2 graphics and his face looks like that it is not a mod but the Original Xenoverse itself. Beerus uses energy ball attack and hakai destruction as his Super and Ultimates moves.

This DBZ PSP game also has Goku Super saiyan blue with New Xenoverse Texture and attacks. The mouth opening effect makes attacks look more Dramatic and powerful. New SSB Goku has new Kamehameha ha attack as his special attacks.

Kefla’s Texture is also based on Xenoverse and she performs his Original anime attack as his Ultimate move, you can look at the above screenshot to have a look on Kefla’s model. Everything about it is perfect, accurate and completed.

PlatformPSP ( Android )


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