DBZ Fighters Warrior Apk

Hello guys today again i am back with a new Amazing dragon Ball Game called DBZ Fighters Warrior Apk. It contains so many game modes so you can play this game in many different ways and can enjoy each mode.

DBZ Fighters Warrior Apk

Game Modes

  • One Player – It’s an arcade battle mod where you can select your 1 Favorite fighter and start the battle. There are fixed number of rounds you have to win.
  • Two Player – it’s same as one player but now you can choose 2 Fighters and here too you have to win fixed number of fights. By the way it’s not necessary to win all the fights as there is no Reward for winning the battle, it’s just for your own entertainment.
  • Survival – this one is really too entertaining option to play, the opponents will keep coming one by one untill they kill you completely, and you only aim is to beat as many as you can.
  • Practice – there are many key combination attacks, combos and special attacks which you must learn in the practice mod. The gameplay us really hard, so intense fighting, if you haven’t learned all key combination you will lose for sure, so make sure to play practice mode.
  • Watch – this is for those who wants to see how the most intense fights looks like in this game, just select those Characters between whom you want to see a fight. And then the Characters would fight on their own and you just sit back and watch.

Characters list

this game contains total 85 and more characters. Actually the Characters are only around 30 but when we includes there all Transformations then it’s around 85. So you can read the list of Characters below.

  • Goku – all Canon Transformations including MUI
  • Vegeta – All canon Transformations including ssb Evolution
  • Kid buu
  • Super buu
  • Majin Buu
  • Broly Legendary saiyan DBS
  • Gogeta Blue
  • Zamasu Fusion
  • Goku black rose
  • Frieza
  • Frost
  • Android 18 DBS outfit
  • Android 17 DBS
  • Vegeta Super saiyan 4
  • Goku Ssj4
  • Jiren
  • Belmod
  • Gohan Mystic
  • Gohan Ssj2
  • Teen Gohan
  • Toppo
  • Dispo
  • Ozaru
  • Gotenks
  • Caulifla
  • Trunks Ssj
  • Vegito all Forms ( Canon )
  • Bardock
  • Piccolo

Gameplay Features

During a Battle you can do Combo attacks, special attacks, Ultimate Attacks, Regular firing Blasts, instant Transmission, beam Struggle, Transformations and ki charging.

NameDragon Ball Fighters Warrior
File typeAPK
Graphics2D Mugen


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