Dragon Ball FighterZ APK DBZ Tap Battle Mod Download

Dragon Ball FighterZ APK DBZ Tap Battle Mod Download

Hello Friends, Today I am going to introduce a fighting game which is very similar to Dragon Ball FighterZ. Although the original Dragon Ball Z Can’t be run on Android but via this game you can experience Fighter Z Graphics and gameplay on Android. This is a Dragon ball Tap battle game that model by the Modders to look almost like an original Fighter Z Game. This game has many features which made this game extremely addictive for the new players. Many people wants to play Dragon ball FighterZ on Android so now here you have it. So let’s know all about this game.

DBZ Tap Battle Fighter Z Mod

Dragon Ball FighterZ APK Download

DBZ Tap Battle is an official Dragon Ball Z Game with only 13 Characters in its original version but since I am providing mod Apk this game has more than 13 Characters and even more new Characters of Dragon ball super. This game was first released in March 2013 and is still on of the most popular game among other Dragon Ball Android games. This game has many similarities with Fighterz That is listed below.

DBZ Tap Battle and FighterZ: Similarities

Dragon Ball FighterZ APK Characters
  • 2D graphics – Both game has 2D gameplay
  • Intense fighting – The gameplay of both game is very intense and full of combos, Instant attacks and Firings.
  • Models – The way Textures looks in both games are almost same with slight difference as DBZ fighter Z is for PS4 and Tap battle is for Android.
  • Menu – Now one more bonus Fact is that by downloading this mod you get a new Character selection menu under the game. This new menu looks almost 100% same as FighterZ.
  • Same Homepage – Along with the Characters selection menu this game also has same interface as Fighter Z.
  • All Characters Unlocked – this is one of the amazing features of this mod. You don’t have to unlock any Characters as they all are already Unlocked.

With this mod similarities are even more accurate now.

DBZ FighterZ APK New Characters

This mod contains total 28 FighterZ Characters and here I am explaining about the most amazing Characters out of 28. Although all Characters are unique and awesome but I am listing only the new ones.

Dragon ball Fighter Z Android gameplay
DBZ Tap Battle mod Apk Download
  • Goku Blue – Goku has his Base, Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan Blue form in this mod. The texture is full original fighterZ, literally you can not find even slight difference between Textures of this game and fighter Z. And the way he performs Regular firing blasts and Kamehameha are full fighterZ port.
  • Jiren – The jiren’s whole model Is based on the Original Fighter Z Texture. Actually the screenshots you see above and the Characters you see in them are all real FighterZ Characters. DBZ Tap Battle has this feature to just set any Textures in it easily. Modder don’t have to make Textures separately, they download them from the internet. Jiren has dramatic finish attack as his ultimate move.
  • Gohan – Although Gohan was already in this game but with his Super Saiyan Form only. Now Gohan has Super Saiyan 2 form with the perfect Father son Kamehame ha attack. You can see the above screenshots to see a glimpse of his Attack.
  • Beerus – this mod had Beerus with his original Fighter Z Texture and new hakai Ball attack.
  • Android 21 – Android 21 is also there in this mod with all Frieza’s attack. Her Texture is extremely perfect.
Game NameDBZ Fighter Z Tap battle
Size222 MB
File nameFighterZ.apk


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