Dragon Ball Super Heroes Mugen Apk Download with 300+ Characters, new Mugen game for Android/iOS without Emulator, just install apk and start play.

Hi Friends in this post I am bringing the new Dragon Ball Super Heroes Mugen apk with 300+ character. Guys, as you most likely are aware, the mugen battle of dragon ball z is exceptionally astonishing and each dragon ball fan needs to play new mugen games of new Dragon ball super in their mobild, so companions, today I have another Dragon ball z for you. I have carried a mugen game which accompanies in excess of 300 characters. This is generally excellent. Mugen game since you will see a great deal of dragon ball characters in it.

Dragon Ball Super Heroes Mugen

Dragon Ball Heroes Mugen Apk

Be that as it may, in this game you will see many characters of dragon ball. This is a 2D Pixel battling game Based on Dragon ball. This game runs without an emulator. You needn’t bother with an emulator to run this game. This implies that with no emulator, you will play this game in your mobile ios/Android.

About Game

DBZ Mugen apk

Guys, as should be obvious in the picture above, it is a Mugen game of dragon ball and As you can see, this DBZ mugen game accompanies 400 character and this game runs without an emulator. This dbz game is a mugen apk game. This is an excellent android game.

Game modes

Arcade :- Friends, you will see the alternative of arcade name in this game, this is an excellent choice, in this game this choice is a fight battling mode for every based, it is an awesome dbz mugen game.

Traning :- Friends, this choice depends on Traning mode, it is a generally excellent alternative in this game.

Blood bars And Ki bars :- Friends, you will see new life war and ki battle in this game and this present game’s controls are generally excellent. You can play this game in a 2GB ram Android, you don’t perceive any slack in this game.

Dragon Ball Super Mugen Game Features

Total Characters Of This Game :- In this game you will see the around 300+ character of mythical serpent ball z and monster ball super, mythical serpent ball gt character.

Goku And Vegeta :- Friends in this game you will see Goku and Vegeta character With all Transformations and the character have all anime assault so it an astonishing DBZ Mugen game.

Vegito SSJ3 :- In this game you will see the vegito super Saiyan character and the character have official assault. Like kamehameha and other vegito attac. Companions this Mugen game likewise have the gogeta super Saiyan blue character.

Gogeta Ui :- This dbz Mugen game has accompanied 400+ character are you definitely know. So this game additionally accompany gogeta Ui character so it an astonishing game.


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