Dragon Ball Super Mugen Championship V2 Apk Download

Dragon Ball Super Mugen Championship V2 Apk Download

Hello friends, today I am bringing a new Dragon Ball Super Mugen Championship Apk with More than 150+ characters. I would like to introduce you all about Mugen, in case if you don’t know. So Mugen Apks are basically based on 2D Fighting and Pixelated Graphics in which the Texture looks unclear and Graphics are also unclear but the feature which made Mugen Games even much better than the Official DBZ games is that it’s Gameplay. The immense Fighting and so variety of Combos and special attacks makes it much superior to any Official Dragon ball Z game. The quantity of characters, sound effects various game modes and many Features are there to make you go crazy for DBZ Mugen Apk.

DBZ Mugen apk Download
DBZ Mugen Apk 2020 V2

Dragon Ball Super Mugen V2 apk

Dragon Ball super Mugen Apk Characters
  • Arcade mode – As usual there are certain number of stages and a boss at the end. You can select your favourite character to start battle.
  • Versus – You have access to choose not only your character but also your opponent, and simply begin the fight, there is only one round that you have made.
  • Team Co-op – this is a team battle mode of this game in which you can choose up to three your favourite Heroes/Villians and also up to three your favourite opponents.
  • Survival – as the name stats, it’s an endless Battle mode in which the opponents keeps coming one by one untill you die.
  • Survival Co-op – Survival mode with team battle, this is the combined mode option of Team and Survival mod. You can choose up to 3 characters and start an endless battle.
  • Training – learn all the skills, combos, and be acquainted with all the buttons with training mod.
  • Watch – choose your character and opponent and watch their fight, you don’t need to control any one, they will Fight on their own.


It contains more than 150 Dragon Ball super and Z Warriors and villains with all their unique anime attacks. Here is character List of main characters.

  • Goku and all his Transformations including MUI
  • Vegeta and all his Transformations including Omen Ultra Instinct
  • Broly canon and all forms
  • Gogeta Canon with Super Saiyan Blue
  • Jiren with Limit breaker form
  • Xicor
  • Zamasu
  • Black Goku All Transformations
  • Super Saiyan 5 Goku
  • Super Saiyan 3 Blue Goku
  • Kale
  • Caulifla
  • Android 17 & 18
  • Kid buu
  • Super Buu
  • Majin buu
  • Janemba
  • Grand priest
  • Belmod ( Vermouth )
  • Vegito with all Forms
  • Kanba
  • Cooler
  • Metal cooler
  • Beerus
  • Kabba

so Although there more characters within the game but i listed only the Strongest and main among all.

Dragon Ball Super Mugen gameplay
NameDragon Ball Super Championship Mugen V2 Apk
File typeAPK
PlatformAndroid 4.1 and up


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