Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 ISO PPSSPP Android Download

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 ISO PPSSPP Android Download

Hello Everyone, Today I have brought a Dragon ball Xenoverse 2 for PSP mod ISO. Firstly here I want you to be clear with the fact that Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is an Xbox and PS4 game which can’t be run on PSP. And the game which I am going to Introduce is a Mod game which is almost 80% similar to Dragon Ball Xenoverse in terms of Looks, Characters and Gameplay too. Yes, the gameplay is also as same as Dragon Ball Xenoverse with just a Slight Difference. And by playing this game you can Experience Dragon Ball Xenoverse on Android without internet of Xbox Emulator. You can also Play multiplayer with your friends.

Dragon ball Xenoverse 2 For Android PSP

Db Xenoverse 2 Android psp

The original name of the game is Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team and this is a DBZ TTT Xenoverse 2 mod for PSP which I am going to share with you. DBZ TTT is the most high Graphics of Dragon ball Z on PSP ever that’s why it has the potential to match DB Xenoverse qualities and features. So let’s know all about it. This is really the most completed of Xenoverse till now among all other.

DBZ TTT Xenoverse Mod Features

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 ppsspp iso
Db Xenoverse 2 PSP apk
  • Changed Interface – If you are an old player of Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag team then by looking at the above Screenshot you will know that it’s a new homepage. This new menu interface indicates that it’s a dragon Ball Xenoverse mod that contains all new Characters.
  • Character Selection menu – you navigate to the right by Character selection menu, now you don’t spend time on searching & Finding Characters. It’s easy now.
  • Black Broly – this mod contains Broly from Dragon Ball Super and also Black Broly as an extra power full Character that has same powers as DBS broly. His clothes are full black and aura is Green.
  • Omni Gods – There are Goku and Vegeta Omni Gods within the mod with white energy beams and Kamehameha ha attacks.
  • Hit and Jiren – The model of Jiren and hit is so stunning beautiful and full of perfection. Their auras and attacks are all new and Xenoverse port.
  • Goku – Goku has his all transformations including mastered Ultra Instinct with all Xenoverse graphics and new auras. All forms of Goku performs new final Attacks.

Gameplay Features

  • Full Xenoverse 2 Graphics
  • All Xenoverse Textures
  • Xenoverse 2 Port attacks
  • New combos
  • Flying
  • Firing blasts
  • Special and Ultimate powers
  • Ki charging
  • Beam Struggle and blow exchange
  • Transformation including new Dragon ball Super forms
  • Fusions
  • Guard
  • Instant Transmission for Dodging attacks
  • Instant Transmission for Combos

How to Install DB Xenoverse 2 on PSP Android

  • First thing first, download PPSSPP Emulator from Google Play store
  • Now Download ISO Zip File, download link below
  • After downloading Zip, Extract it via RAR App or any other extractor. Extract Password = DBX2TTT
  • After extracting Open, Download the 100% save data by clicking here
  • Now Put the Save Data Folder in [ PSP> SAVE DATA ]
  • Done, just open your PSP, select Xenoverse ISO from PSP file viewer and start play.


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