Hello friends, Here is another PS2 DBZ BT3 MOD for you today. This is a new DBZ BT3 MOD called Dragon Ball Fusion Budokai Tenkaichi 3 MOD, which was made by PIPE GAME. There are a lot of new updates in this mod, so let’s know about this game.

About DBZ BT3 PS2

DBZ bt3 mods character

A 3D fighting game for the PlayStation 2 is titled Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3. This game is available for PC and Android users on a PS2 emulator. This is developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment. This new mod for this game will feature an abundance of new Fusions, Battle Maps, and Menu options. DBZ BT3 is a well-known game of Dragon Ball Z, and it includes various modifications such as play mods. Let’s learn about it.

Game Modes

  • Notably, you can enjoy the Dragon Ball Z storyline with the characters from Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball GT.
  • Where you will see challenges and missions to complete.
  • Tournament in Dragon World: You can play as well as create tournaments.
  • Duel: In this selection, you can play in 1-on-1, 2-on-2, 3-on-3, and 4-on-4. The Multiplayer option enables you to play with your friends.
  • Upgrading the Power level of your characters in Evolution Z is possible.
  • Training Mode: Teach you fighting skills and familiarise you with the gameplay.

All New Fusions and Characters

Dragon ball z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Mod fusions
  • Left arrow + R3 = Goku Base + Vegeta Base (Vegetto Base) Right arrow together with R3 (Gogeta Base)
  • When Goku gets his Super Saiyan Third Grade powers, he is the new Left arrow on the R3 circuit (Vegetto SSJ) Move the cursor to the right, using the +R3 key (Gogeta SSJ)
  • This sums up how Goku and Vegeta combine into a L and an R, respectively: Left arrow and R3 (Vegetto SSJ Blue) Right arrow, then press R3 (Gogeta SSJ Blue)
  • In order to form the Up arrow, combine the Goku and Gohan bases (Gokhan Base)
  • Up arrow, and R3, equals Goku SSJ Blue and Gohan SSJ Blue together (Gokhan Blue)
  • “Goku SSJ + Broly SSJ Legendario” can be referred to as a “up arrow” and “R3” (Karoly SSJL)
  • When you have a Trunks Base and a Vegeta Base, you get the Up Arrow and the R3 button (vegetrunks Base)
  • Super Saiyan Trunks + Super Saiyan Vegeta = the Up Arrow + R3 (vegetrunks SSJ)
  • A scenario in which the form of Trunks SSJ Blue combines with the power of Vegeta SSJ Blue would be an upwards arrow with the R3 (vegetrunks SSJ Blue)
  • Trunks’ base plus Gohan from the future base results in the left arrow on the R3 (Gohanks Base) Turn left and hold down R3 (Trunhan Base)
  • R3 on the left is Gohan from the future’s SSJ Blue (Gohanks SSJ Blue) Right arrow, then press R3 (Trunhan SSJ Blue)
  • Left arrow and R3 = Trunks GT Base + Goten GT Base (Gotenks GT Base)
  • Trunks’ SSJ GT Trunks’ SSJ GT Goten’s SSJ = L1 + R3 (Gotenks GT SSJ)
  • This yields the following: Trunks SSJ4 + Gotenks SSJ4 = Left arrow + R3 (Gotenks SSJ4) (Gohabb)
  • Button Left arrow + R3 Caulifla Base + Kale Base = (Caule Base) Raise the R3 button (Kefla Base)
  • Left arrow and R3 Caulifla SSJ + Kale SSJL = (Caule SSJL) Bring up the R3 control panel (Kefla SSJL)
  • Left arrow + R3 = Caulifla SSJ Blue and Kale SSJ Blue, respectively (Caule SSJ Blue) Tap the “Up” arrow and then press the R3 button (Kefla SSJ Blue)

More Fusions

  • Yamcha plus Tenshinhan are the left arrow and R3 (Tiencha) An up arrow followed by R3 (Yamhan)
  • Left arrow + R3 when using the final version of the freezer forma, together with a cell (Cellzer)
  • Using Freezer Forma Final on top of a Cooler makes an Up Arrow appear (Coozer)
  • Freezer Forma Final + Kid Buu = Kid Buu (when unfrozen), with the ‘Freezer Forma Final’ move set (Kid Buuzer)
  • Frost-covered Golden Freezer The forma final is the left arrow with R3 on it (Golden Frozer)
  • Cell plus Super N17 = Up arrow on R3 (Hyper Cell)
  • Super Janemba is paired with Cooler to make the Left arrow (Coolemba)
  • The Bills and Kid Buu together form the Left Arrow and R3 (Kid Bills)
  • Turles and Slug equals the Left Arrow and R3 (Turlug)
  • When N16 is combined with Slug, we get an Up arrow (Slug 16)
  • When you plug in N17 DBS + N17 DBGT, you’ll get an L3 (Super N17)
  • The number ’17’ multiplied by ’18’ gives ‘up arrow’ (Super N35)
  • Right arrow and R3, both of which are supported by DBS (Bojack 17)
  • The following statement equates N18 DBS, N18 DBGT, and Left arrow: “N18 DBS, N18 DBGT, and Left arrow are the same” (Super N18)
  • Up arrow + R3 = Goku Black Base + Vegeta Black Base (Gogeta Black Base) Turn left and hold down R3 (Vegetto Black Base)
  • The “Up arrow” with the name “R3” makes a combination known as “Goku Black SSJ Rose and Vegeta Black SSJ Rose” (Gogeta Black SSJ Rose) Turn left and hold down R3 (Vegetto Black SSJ Rose)
  • Broly SSJL + Goku Black Base = Left arrow + R3 (karoly Black SSJL)
  • Left Arrow + Zamasu = Goku Black Rose + Zamasu = (Zamasu Fusion)
  • Left-arrow and R3 with Super Buu make a left arrow (Buu Jiren)
  • Wiss + Super Buu = The UP ARROW + R3 (Buu Wiss)
  • Super Buu plus Daishinkan = the right arrow combined with R3 (Buu Daishinkan)
  • The Bills and Champa are equivalent to the up arrow and R3 (Champrus)
  • if Bills and Broly go together, they could be SSJL (Right arrow, R3) (Broorus)
  • Cumber SSJ and Broly DBS SSJL, which makes it the left arrow and R3 (cumbroly)
  • “Up” Shenron + “R3” Si Xing Long = (Omsheron)

More Combination Characters

  • The result of adding Omega Shenron and Cell together is a “right arrow” along with R3 (Omega Cellron)
  • Left arrow + R3 base (Omega Shenron and Broly) (Omega Broly)
  • A combination of Goku GT Base and Piccolo yields the Left Arrow button (Pikoku)
  • The Up Arrow + R3 combination from Goku GT Base + MR Satan represents the up arrow on a computer keyboard (Gokule)
  • if you combine Goku GT Base and Si Xing Long, you get the right arrow (Xing Long Goku)
  • Gogeta GT SSJ4 and Bardock SSJ4 would equal a right arrow and an up arrow (Bardku SSJ4)
  • Left arrow + R3 = Goku Black SSJ + Baby Vegeta (Baby Gogeta Black) Tap the “Up” arrow and then press the R3 button (Baby Vegetto Black)
  • Combined, Turles and Baby Vegeta would make a ‘right arrow’ (an arrow pointing to the right) (Baby Turleta)
  • Left arrow and R3 are children of Goten and Trunks (Gotenks Base) Tap the “Up” arrow and then press the R3 button (Trunten Base)
  • Trunks and Goten’s son Left-arrow key + R3 (Gotenks SSJ3) Tap the “Up” arrow and then press the R3 button (Trunten SSJ3)
  • Up arrow + R3 = Broly Base Z + Broly Base DBS (Broly Fusion)
  • Right arrow + R3 = Tenshinhan + Piccolo (Tiencolo)
  • Up arrow + R3 = Gohan del Futuro SSJ + Piccolo (Picohan)
  • Left arrow + R3 = Piccolo Daimaku + Sper Garlic Jr (Garcolo)
  • Up arrow + R3 = Majuub + Kid Buu (Majin uub)

How to Download Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Mod PS2 ISO Android

  • First and foremost, obtain the game. The link to the download is provided below.
  • When you click the Download Button, you’ll see a video of the mod’s creator. Check the video’s description for Download Links in 6 Parts.
  • After you’ve downloaded all of the parts, you’ll need to extract them. You can use any Zip extractor programme to open it.
  • After you’ve extracted the game, you’ll need to download and instal the PS2 emulator. PS2 Emulator for Android and PS2 Emulator for PC
  • Then go to Google and type in “download bios” to get it.
  • Then open Emulator, go to Bios, and choose a game to play.

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