Dragon Ball Z Fighter Mugen Apk For Android & iOS

Dragon Ball Z Fighter Mugen Apk For Android & iOS

Hi Guys, today I have brought another Mugen apk for Android and iOS portable, it’s called Dragon Ball Z Fighter Mugen apk. It’s a unique Mugen game for versatile, it needs no Emulator, simply select your Device and Download and afterward introduce and start play.

DBZ Fighter Apk

This Dragon Ball Z Mugen game is an astounding and addictive DBZ game with in excess of 30 Characters and their all Transformations and special assaults. Companions you should play this game on the off chance that you have never played any Mugen game untill now. To the extent I know it’s the best Mugen ever accessible on Mobile telephone.

Game Features

Preparing mode – You should play the preparation mode prior to playing some other mode on the grounds that the game has actually countless combos and super assaults to perform. So I don’t need you to pass up a great opportunity the genuine extraordinary battling experience of the game.

Computer Cpu versus Cpu – It’s for you to watch the battling between to CPU, it’s only for amusement and to perceive the number of combos and New assaults a Character can do in this game.

Versus – Just select your warrior and your adversary likewise and start a solitary round battle, that is all I need to state about versus mode.

Endurance – as the name details, remain on the fight ground untill you are taken over by the rivals.

Arcade mode – It contains certain measure of rounds in it and you need to finish them all I request to effectively finish the arcade mode.

Ongoing interaction Features

  • Unique and extreme assaults
  • Combos
  • Moment Transmission
  • Protection
  • Beam Struggle
  • Transformation
  • Terminating Blasts
  • Ki charging


It contains in excess of 30 fundamental characters from Dragon Ball super, the game interface and ongoing interaction style is propelled from Dragon Ball FighterZ. This game has Goku with super Saiyan blue Transformation, Vegeta with his Super saiyan blue Evolution, Beerus, Frieza, Gohan, Jiren, Majin Buu, Cell wonderful structure, Zamasu Fusion, Android 18 and more primary characters of Dragon Ball Super.

NameDragon Ball Z Fighter
Graphics2D Mugen


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