Dragon Ball Z Fusion TTT MOD PSP ISO Download

Dragon Ball Z Fusion TTT MOD PSP ISO Download

Hello Gamers, Today I have brought a new Fusion Mod ISO of Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team. This is the best Mod ever in terms of Fusion, although there more DBZ TTT Fusion mods which contains other new Fusions but this one contains new broly DBS Fusions and Jiren Goku fusion which you have never seen before. Also it contains many new fan made and ultimately and extremely power full characters, although those are non canon characters but still it is a fun to play with them.

DBZ TTT Fusion Mod: PSP

DBZ TTT Broly & Goku Fusion Mod

as i said above it has many new features which you have never seen before, so this is a new Broly and Goku fusion with Budokai Tenkaichi 3 based Models. Goku and Broly has their all transformations and all new BT3 attacks.

Fusion character looks more of a Broly than Goku and his hairs and half Green and half Blue which is mixture of Super Saiyan blue and Legendary transformation. His outfit is as same as Gogeta’s as this is a fusion dance.

Goku Jiren Fusion mod

Another impressive fusion of this Mod and again a features which you have seen before. Their models are based on Anime Graphics and the fusion character’s texture is also built with Anime Graphics. Goku and Jiren has all their real anime special and ultimate attacks.

The fusion character has jiren’s face, Goku’s hair, outfit is not like Gogeta Even though it is a fusion dance. The outfit and clothes are different because of the fact that Jiren is not a Saiyan warrior. The name of the fusion character is not specified.

Although you may have seen this fusion before on many mods but this one is unique because of the fact that the fusion character can transform up to Super Saiyan 5. Black Gogeta and Black Vegito both has Super Saiyan 5 Rose transformation and also a mixture transformation of SSB and Rose as their the ultimate form.

Permanent menu – the mod comes with an attached menu which is permanent hence you don’t need to download any other extra file. The new Mod menu includes new homepage, new look of menu selection and new character selection. It saves your time by helping you to find the right characters at his right place. Look is so professional that sometimes I feel it that it’s an original release Rather than a mod. But yes even though it’s not by Namco Bandai but it has all the qualities of being an official game.

How to do Fusion

  • Make sure you have 4 blue bar ki.
  • The blue bar ki is placed just below the health bar, so it must be 4.
  • Choose fusionable characters e.g. Goku-Vegeta, Jiren-Goku, Broly-Goku.
  • Slide Handle up + L + Select to do Potara Fusion
  • L + Select to do Dance Fusion

How to Install DBZ TTT Mods

  • Download PPSSPP Emulator for Play store
  • Download ISO ( link is given below )
  • Extract the ISO, if the file format is in Zip or Rar
  • Now download Save data 100% and set it in [ PSP > Save Data Folder ]
  • Open PSP Emulator and choose ISO and Start Play

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