Hello friends, today I am back with another amazing Dragon Ball Z game for Android. It’s a Mugen Style Dragon Ball Z Game named Galaxy heroes with many powerful Dragon Ball Characters in it.

DBZ Galaxy Heroes APK

DBZ Galaxy Heroes is more like an upgraded version of Z champions that has much more characters, Transformations and new attacks. As you may know that Z champions apk contain only 5 characters, although the game is very addictive but due to lack of Characters, it looses the opportunity to get popular like Power Warriors and Bleach vs Naruto and many other non Official games of Dragon Ball.

Game Modes

Solo Mode – You Fight with CPU by selecting your 1 favourite character, you can also select your enemy to fight with. It’s single round fight battle mode or we can say it’s a free battle mode.

Duo Mode – It’s online multiplayer mode, you can Play with your friends online by connecting your wifi hotspot connection, only 3G data connection is needed to play it.

Training Mode – by the way the controls are too simple, there are no key combination moves, you just need to tap on a particular Button to perform a move, it’s not so hard but still considering checking out the training mode Before you go for a real match.

Tournament – There are 8 Characters In the tournament mode, you will Fight with the Top 4 fighters and after winning the tournament you get coins through which you can unlock the Characters.

Gameplay Features

  • Ki charging
  • Auras
  • Punches and kicks
  • Special attacks
  • Ultimate attacks
  • Transformation
  • Regular Firing Blasts


  • Xicore
  • Ssj 5 Goku
  • Ssj 5 Vegeta
  • Caulifla
  • Xeno Broly
  • Erbito
  • Gohan base
  • Frieza
DBZ Galaxy Mugen

The gameplay is very addictive because of the graphics and the way how the sound effects are added in the game, the special’ and ultimate attacks scenes are so dramatic which made this game even more addictive to Play.

NameDBZ Galaxy Heroes Mugen
Size5.7 MB
File typeapk
Graphics2D Mugen


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