Top 6 Dragon Ball Z Games for Android Apk Download

Top 6 Dragon Ball Z Games for Android Apk Download

Hello Dragon Ball Fans, today I am going to introduce you all some best dragon Ball Z Games which can be installed on any android devices and in any country. As you all may know that there are Dragon Ball z games such as Dragon Ball Awakening and Strongest warriors which requires you to have a VPN Network of China or Japan to play them. But here I have list of best Android DBZ Games which can run on any phone and in any place. So let’s start.

Best Dragon Ball Z Games on Android 2020

Few games in this list needs PPSSPP Emulator in order to run on Android mobiles, and PSP Emulator is free to download and also this is one of the most completed Gaming Emulator on Android that runs games very smoothly. Most the games are Apk so you can directly Install them, so here I am starting the list out.

1. Dragon Ball Legends Mugen Apk

Dragon Ball Legends Mugen apk

This game is Almost a imitation of original Dragon Ball Legends with 2D graphics and pixelated arts. The gameplay is very much familiar with Original Dragon Ball Legends, there are four cards on the screen. The three cards are to make attack, special moves and defence and the fourth card is for charging up the ki. Dragon Ball Legends Mugen game contains more than 20 Dragon Ball Z and super characters. It contains three game modes Story, 1 vs 1 and Training.

2. Dragon Ball Power warriors 11.5

Power warriors 11.5 apk mod

This is one of the most popular non official dragon Ball Z Game ever. Nowadays many people are enjoying this and getting addicted to it because of it’s gameplay. Power warriors 11.5 contains more than 200 dragon Ball Z, super and GT characters. The game covers almost all series of dragon Ball even the absolon too. The graphics are 2D Pixelated and there are many sorts of game modes such as free battle, Survival, Training, Team Battle, Challenge battle, Story mod and even more.

I personally found to be the most perfect dragon Ball game for Android even created yet. It is offline to play, easy to make special attacks, combos, controls are very easy to use and the characters are not too expensive to unlock. Everything is perfect about this game. Here i am providing the Mod version of Power Warriors 11.5 apk so you don’t need to collect the coins, coins are already there to be used.

Gameplay of Power Warriors

  • Instant Transmission
  • Ki charging
  • Punches
  • Special and ultimate attacks ( Kamehameha ha, spirit bomb )
  • 3 line health bars
  • Transformation
  • Detransformation
  • Opportunity to Choose maximum three characters
  • Guard
  • Firings

3. Z anime Girl Mugen Fighting

Dragon Ball Z Games for Android

This Mugen style apk is a modified version of Legendary Z warriors, and instead of all Dragon Ball character, it contains all anime girl warriors. Whether it is Naruto, King of fighters and dragon Ball, all girl Fighters are included in this game. It contains more than 25 pixelated arts characters with their unique real anime attacks. The controls are as easy as ABC to learn. All characters are already unlocked with their all Transformations and skills. Gameplay contains super and ultimate attacks, ki charging, punches, defense, aura, instant Transmission, Transformation, firings, beam Struggle and much more.

4. Bleach vs Naruto & DBZ 400+ Characters

This one is the most enormous Mugen android game ever. Bleach vs Naruto 400+ characters is the most recent version of this game till now which contains approximately 15 dragon Ball Z Main characters such as Goku base, super Saiyan, SsB, SSB Kaioken, Mastered Ultra Instinct, Vegeta base and SsbE, Zamasu Fusion, Black Goku base and Rose etc. When it comes to the gameplay and Graphics then even official db Games has no comparison with this game. The attacks are so realistic and dramatic as Original Anime. Gameplay contains, Super and ultimate attacks, Instant Transmission, running, Transformations, guard and much more. This game has Single vs CPU, team vs CPU battle mod, and training mode.

5. Legendary Mini Warriors Apk

this is another modified version of Legendary Z warriors which contains many new dragon Ball super characters such as kabba, kale, Caulifla, Vegito blue and many DBGT Characters such as Baby Vegeta, Vegeta Super Saiyan, DB heroes villain Demigra and many many more. The gameplay of this game is as same as No.3 Z anime Girl Mugen Fighting.

6. DBZ TTT Fusion mod

Dragon Ball Z Games PSP

To play this game, you need to download PPSSPP Emulator on your Android, you can also play this on your iPhone via PSP Emulator. Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag team is an official dragon Ball Z Game made by Namco Bandai, nowadays there are many modders who are modding DBZ TTT by including new characters and fusion into it. This DBZ TTT mod contains many new fusions such as Goku Omen UI and Jiren, Broly base DBS and Goku base, Black Goku and Vegeta Dance and Potara Fusion. This is one of the most completed DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team mod ever released with no Lag, Crash and black screen problems.

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