Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast For Android PPSSPP

Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast For Android PPSSPP

Hello Everyone, today I have brought a new Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast 2 for PPSSPP iSO Android game. This is a new mod ISO Of dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team and it’s named as Raging Blast because of it’s new graphics and auras. The way models are Designed looks as same as Raging Blast graphics. So that’s why this DBZ Game is called as Raging Blast for PSP.

Dragon Ball Z Ragging Blast
DBZ Ragging Blast 2 PSP

Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast: PSP

So firstly I want you all to be aware of the fact that The original and official DBZ Raging Blast is not available for mobile or for Android. Neither Raging Blast nor Ragging Blast 2 and nor Ragging Blast 3 is available to download on Android. So what we are providing here? The answer is DBZ TTT Mod. You may know it very well that whenever there is a high graphic game is available for PS4 and PC but not for mobile. Then people release the mods for that game, the mods are not the 100% original but they seems almost similiar to the original game. So modders definitely have did their best in this game to make it look like the original DBZ RB game. You can find popular high graphics games like Jump Force for PSP, Xenoverse 2 Android, FighterZ PSP and many others, but again all those are mods rather than Originals. There are only a few games available officially on mobile, and generally mobiles doesn’t possesses that power to run PS4 and PC games smoothly. However, there are some Emulators like Gloud games also called as PS4 Emulator is available, through which you may play high end games in Mobile but those games needs a high speed data connection.


  • Mod menu – this DBZ TTT mod ISO has a Moded menu too, menu looks way different than the original. Homepage and Characters selection menu has a new design and looks amazing than ever before.
  • All Characters – it’s one of the newest mod of DBZ TTT hence it contains all the new Characters and their original super and ultimate attacks. Characters like Jiren, Goku God, Vegeta Super Saiyan blue Evolution, Ultra Instinct form and many other are available as playable characters.
  • Graphics – As I already said above, the shadings and effects on the Textures are as accurate to DBZ Raging blast as Possible, so it looks astounding.
  • All Characters Unlocked – Here I am providing a save data file too, just set it and have all the Characters Unlocked for you. Story mod and all the missions are already completed.

How to Download

  • Download PPSSPP Emulator on your android.
  • Then Download the ISO file and extract it via any Decompressor app such as 7zipper and Rar app.
  • Now Download The Save data and Extract it too and then paste it in PSP>SAVE DATA FOLDER.
  • Ok, so everything is done now, just open the PSP Emulator and start the gameplay. You might need to set the mod menu manually if it’s already not set permanently.

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