Dragon Ball Z Shin budokai 6 MOD PSP 2020 Download

Dragon Ball Z Shin budokai 6 MOD PSP 2020 Download

Hello everyone, Today I am introducing a new latest Dragon Ball Shin budokai 2 mod namely DBZ Shin budokai 6 with many new features, Characters. DBZ Shin budokai is a 2D fighting and best Graphic Dragon Ball Z Game on PSP and Android. Nowadays there are many mods releasing every month for the game but I am showing you only the best mods out of crowd. You don’t have to search anywhere and just he here for the best mods. So let’s begin.

DBZ Shin budokai 6 : PPSSPP ANDROID

Dragon Ball Z Shinbudokai 6 is just a name of the mod and actually it is Shin budokai 2. If you don’t know about DBZ Shin budokai then for a quick introduction I would like say that it is an official Dragon ball Z Series based game developed by Namco Bandai. It has various game modes and as you know it is a mod so it has many new Characters too. So let’s explain all features and Characters.

Dragon ball Z Shinbudokai 6 PSP mod

Shin budokai 6 New Features

,Interface – first thing first, this mod has a new attractive and eye catching homepage. That old logo of Shinbudokai 2 is now replaced with Dragon Ball Z Shin budokai 6 ISO and instead of Trunks, now Goku is Standing there in his Mastered Ultra Instinct form. This reflects that the game is fully up to date according to new Dragon Ball super series. The background is dark and sparking too that also is very awesome looking. The original Shinbudokai 2 is fully Based on DBZ series but now it is completely based Dragon ball super series. it’s a Dragon ball Super Shinbudokai 2 mod for PSP.

New Character selection menu – the background of Character selection menu looks as same as before the Characters are not same as before. You can see the screenshots to below to see the new Characters appearing on the menu with new images.

New Characters

Shin budokai 6 PSP
  • Goku GT MUI – You have seen Goku MUI DBS in many mods but this mod has Goku Ultra Instinct with GT clothes and new light blue shining aura. The texture is full 3D and accurate. Goku MUI uses Dragon fist attack as his Ultimate move and normal Kamehameha ha as his Special attack.
  • Vegeta G.O.D MUI – it is not about Vegeta’s Super Saiyan God Transformation. Vegeta G.O.D means God of Destruction just like beerus sama but Vegeta also has Mastered Ultra Instinct form with Godly clothes and power.
  • Goku G.O.D – Just like Vegeta Goku also has God of Destruction Transformation with Mastered Ultra Instinct form. The aura is very beautiful looking and Attacks are all dramatic and powerful. The attacks does Max damage to the opponent.

More New Characters

  • Paragus – this mod has new Phone Character from Dragon ball super movie broly. If you don’t who paragus is so he is broly’s Father who controls broly’s power with a gadget. Paragus has Bardock’s dramatic finish attacks.
  • Combined Transformation – A Characters with Half Blue and Half God Transformation is designed by the modders having Vegito’s attack with new aura and new Textures. This Character is totally imaginary and “what if” type Transformation.
  • Black Goku Ssj3 – Now it’s a very new Transformation and Characters to see on DBZ Shinbudokai 2 mods, you may have seen black rose but this time it’s super Saiyan 3 with rose Transformation. This Character performs ultimate Kamehameha rose attack as his final move.
  • New Broly – The mod has new Broly with his base and Legendary super Saiyan Transformation. Although the Attacks are all taken from the old broly of dbz because those attacks suits well on broly than any other attack but the outfit and Texture is completely new.
  • Gogetto – The dance fusion between Gogeta and Vegito called as Gogetto. This is a very powerful fusion of dragon Ball but not the canon. Gogetto’s ultimate attack is soul punisher of Gogeta and special attack is Kamehameha ha of Vegito. He has half of Vegito and half face of Gogeta and same applies on clothes too.
Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct Game
Vegeta God of Destruction PSP
Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai 6 PPSSPP

Gameplay Features

  • Special attacks
  • Ultimate attacks
  • Regular firing blasts
  • Transformation
  • Back to base form ( if all ki is exhausted )
  • Instant transmission dodge
  • Instant Transmission combos
  • Guard
  • Guard Breaker charged punches
  • Power Guard ( unbreakable but needs ki )
  • Ki charging
  • Aura

The graphics of Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai 6 PPSSPP are substantially better than they appear in these screenshots above. This game has been greatly enhanced and improved visually thanks to the work of the Dragon Ball shin budokai 6 modder. In addition, additional characters like as Goku dbs all forms and Gogeta dbs all forms have been provided and added.

Dragon ball super and dragon ball z maps are also included in this game. The modder has included new music to this game’s intro as well. The coolest part is that each character now has a new weapon to unleash. The latest three attacks are available to each participant, and the game’s graphics are first-rate.

The dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 4 game includes some of the features of the beta 4 mods included in it. Just in case you forgot, DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is out. If you’d like to try out the beta 4 version of the game on your smartphone, you may do so by visiting this page. In the post I wrote, I explained how you can play Dragon Ball Z: Budokan Tenkaichi 3 in your smartphone with just one GB of RAM.

How to Download Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai 6 PPSSPP ISO

  • First of all Download PSP Emulator APK from the Google play store ( link is given below click on the link and Download )
  • Now Download the mod RAR
  • Then install any Extractor and Extract the RAR file
  • Now you have The Mod ISO
  • Simply open PSP Emulator, navigate to the mod ISO
  • Click on the ISO and start play
  • If you face black screenshot then turn on the fast Memory unstable in the system settings of PSP.
  • If still facing issues then change the language to America Latina

You can comment Down your problem if you face trouble to install the mod successfully.

NameDBZ Shinbudokai 6 PSP
File TypeRAR ( ISO )
Size 317MB
PlatformAndroid ( PSP )
Emulator[su_button url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.ppsspp.ppsspp” style=”3d” background=”#519eee” wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”round”]Download Emulator[/su_button]
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      If you are facing black screen then turn on the fast Memory unstable in the system settings of PSP. If fast Memory is already on then off that. Just do the opposite of whatever is already.

      If still not working then change the language to America Latina

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