Dragon Ball Z: TTT Ultimate MOD For PSP Android

Dragon Ball Z: TTT Ultimate MOD For PSP Android

DBZ TTT Mod Download

Hello Friends, Today I am bringing a new Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod which contains dozens of new characters, God of Destruction and more Godly characters with Mastered Ultra Instinct Transformation. This is the most amazing Dragon Ball Z game ever released for PSP and you can play it on android via PSP Emulator apk. It’s a 3D based DBZ Fighting game for Android with all dragon Ball super characters included having their unique and real anime port attacks. DBZ TTT has many other Mod versions and each one contains something especial, each mod is unique.

This mod is Created by Apk2me.com & PLAYER GUIDE YouTube channel, they have created 5 versions of this ISO before and this iso contains all Features of previous isos and contains even more new features as well.


Game Features

UI Goku – this mod V9 DBZ TTT has the perfect model of New Ultra Instinct omen Goku with new Sparking aura and new Anime attacks made by the Thai Fighters.

DBZ TTT mod Texture Originals

Hit – As you can see the above screenshot, this model of hit is beyond my imagination, the look is beyond psp DBZ TTT graphics as well. When I first saw this, I was like “Wow”, is that really DBZ TTT Mod. The Texture is so accurate and the best thing is that it is not a copy of any other Dragon Ball games like Xenoverse, BT3 etc. This is a completely new graphics coming out of nowhere. Thanks credits goes to Minami On YouTube who made it. The attacks are all new which was create by the Juliodroids.

DBZ TTT Ultimate mod

Super Saiyan 3 Goku – Firstly I want to clear it that this mod contains all Transformations of Goku. So it contains a new model of Goku whose model is inspired by the Ultimate Tenkaichi Dragon Ball z game. This super Saiyan 3 Goku performs new attacks which is created by the hunter himself. All of those old attacks are now replaced by new ones.

Goku Black – This mod contains an entire new model Black Goku in which he has Kaioken and Mastered ultra instinct Transformation too. The Textures are 3D and aura is very sparking for each forms. All attacks are new especially for the Kaioken Super saiyan rose Goku.

Zamasu – Fused Zamasu has all his Transformations including non canon as well. Totally he has 4 Transformation, 1st is base Zamasu, second Merged, third is extra Merged and last is Damaged Zamasu of dragon Ball Heroes series. He has new attacks on all his Transformations.

Vegeta – the mod contains Vegeta’s new model that is based on HD Textures graphics, all the Texture are created very accurately and looks 3D amazing.

Mod Credits YouTube channel names:—

  • ✓EnzoBlack
  • ✓Younite 507 TTT
  • ✓Thai Fighters Single Fighters
  • ✓Link Dark
  • ✓Alexis El Rojo
  • ✓J.J Gamers Panama
  • ✓Johnny Z Modder
  • ✓Tex Mod
  • ✓TD Channel VN
  • ✓Denku
  • ✓Black Modder Android
  • ✓Skull Modder
  • ✓Zero devs
  • ✓Elkevin0924 texs
  • ✓Red Gamer
  • ✓Fremio Bello
  • ✓Super Kasuke
  • ✓Blade Modder
  • ✓Broly Mods
  • ✓Dbz TTT GameOverZ
  • ✓Dark Alex 2099
  • ✓SKR_Z Developer (Sakura Zarco)
  • ✓Emir ttt mods
  • ✓Daniflow TTT Mods
  • ✓HeroEDpro
  • ✓Thejuliodroids
  • ✓Minami
  • ✓Metal God
  • ✓Ezequiel
  • ✓Droid Games
  • ✓Luisgoku10
  • ✓Modder Alberto
  • ✓Isaki PVZ
  • ✓Julio Modder Z
  • ✓ZetroNix1997
  • ✓Leyder Mods
  • ✓Modder Antonio
  • ✓Diego Modder
  • ✓Alex Vicente
  • ✓The Ghost LP
  • ✓Santy ttt mods
  • ✓GearVnzla
  • ✓Frost96
  • ✓ModderZ Mods
  • ✓Trou Gaming
  • ✓Neoarcher
  • ✓Hunter
  • ✓xFred – 695
  • ✓LemonMcartney 97
  • ✓Sans C Mods
  • ✓Jorge Modder
  • ✓OarzerDBZ Mods
  • ✓Vegetto Modder
  • ✓Gohan ZS
  • ✓Goku Modder
  • ✓BatuTH
  • ✓Klever Blue Z
  • ✓DBZ TTT Full Dragons X
  • ✓Luis04
  • ✓Cristian Risco Sosa
  • ✓Alex Ortega Razo
  • ✓AI ALV
  • ✓GT Ken
  • ✓ZUNO LZ
  • ✓Kevin Senpai
  • ✓ARX Mods
  • ✓Minato gamer
  • ✓MXD Mods
  • ✓Evil Pro Mods TTT/BT3
  • ✓Evil Pro
  • ✓Jayzz Modder
  • ✓Remind King
  • ✓The Last Full DBS X
  • ✓Shadow Modder
  • ✓Tutos Tag Team
  • ✓Nerd Games Z
  • ✓Magical Mods
  • ✓Modder Pacman :v
  • ✓Staryfix – Ken
  • ✓The Dark Modder
  • ✓THE DBS Bøïs. bd
  • ✓Kasto Modder

New Characters list

All the new Characters in the DBZ TTT Mod V6 ISO PSP

  • Goku C1 – Goku DBS All Forms
  • Gotenks C1 – Kefla
  • Gohan C3 – Future Gohan
  • Goku Ssj2 C3 – Ultimate Tenkaichi Goku
  • Trunks C1 – DBS Trunks
  • Gogeta C3 – Gogeta Blue
  • Vegito C2 – Vegito Blue
  • Majin Buy color 2 – Black Goku All Forms
  • Dabura C1 – Damaged Black Goku
  • Goku C2 – New Goku Black saga
  • Vegeta C2 – Vegeta all Forms
  • Cell C1 – Fused Zamasu All Forms
  • Super Buu Color 3 – jiren base
  • Perfect Cell color 3 – Jiren power up
  • Goku color 1 = Goku all new forms
  • Ultimate Gohan color 3 = Biju Goku
  • Vegito color 3 = Vegito UI Blue
  • Dr. zero color 1 = Goku ssj god
  • Broly Color 3 👉 Moro Final Form
  • Perfect Cell Color 1 👉 Golden Cell
  • Gohan Color 2 👉 SDBH Trunks God
  • Dr. Gero Color 2👉 Black Goku MUI
  • Dr. Gero color 3 = Hit
  • Dr. color 4 = Goku Black Ui
  • Gogeta Color 1 & 2👉 DBS Gogeta Blue
  • Vegito Color 1 & 2👉 Vegito Blue
  • Teen Gohan SSJ Color 1 👉 Goku UI
  • Teen Gohan SSJ2 Color 2 👉 Goku MUI
  • Vegeta Color 1 👉 Vegeta All Forms
  • Broly Color 1 👉 DBS Broly
  • Goku SSJ2 Color 2 👉 Black Goku

How to Download DBZ TTT mod on Android

  • Download PSP Emulator from Google Playstore
  • Now Download this ISO File
  • After download, Extract the Zip file via any Extractor app
  • Download Save Data File
  • Move Save Data in [ PSP – SAVE DATA ] Folder
  • Now open PSP Emulator choose The ISO and start play.
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