Es File Explorer Mod APK for Android 11 Download 2022

Es File Explorer Mod APK for Android 11 Download 2022

Now Download ES File Explorer Mod apk for Android 11 latest version pro apk for free with all premium features.

Es file explorer pro apk
Es file explorer mod apk
Es file explorer mod apk android 11
File manager
Storege analysis

File managers don’t come any better than ES File Explorer MOD APK! A new degree of file management is possible thanks to this programme. Es File Manager Pro APK may be used to conceal any software or encrypt any file. A file manager is included by default when you purchase a new smartphone. Manage your phone’s files with File Manager, but be aware of the app’s limitations.

As a result, you’re only able to do so much. You’ll need an app that gives you a variety of options for managing your files if you find yourself in this predicament. What if you could have a single app that did everything you could possibly want it to do, plus more? An app that allows you to see and hide your phone’s system files, as well as your personal files.

Many additional functions are available to you in addition to evaluating your phone’s information. As a result, you’ll find ES File Explorer to be really helpful. Read this entire article to learn more about this app.

For Android phones, Es File Explorer is a freemium app. This app can be used for free or for a fee. The free edition comes with a slew of limitations and is missing out on a slew of premium features. The Paid edition of this programme, on the other hand, includes a number of additional functions, but you must pay for them.

Our cracked version of this programme will save you money. In which you will be able to access premium features for no charge. ES File Explorer Pro APK is the name of this app. Keep reading to find out how to get this app.

ES File Explorer Mod apk 2022: A Brief Overview

Es file explorer mod apk is the modified version of the normal es file explorer and it’s a pro apk with all premium features unlocked for free for all Android device and versions including Android 11, 12 and Android 10.

We’ll have to deal with a lot of files if we’re utilising an Android device. Extracting a ZIP file may be as simple as cutting, pasting, and relocating it to a new location in the computer’s memory. Advanced functionality such as compressing photos and hiding personal information can be found in ES File Explorer. Learn about the application’s advantages in this post.

an evaluation of a device’s memory analytics

Because the storage space on the smartphone is rapidly reducing, this is the first feature that I stated and it is likely something that you are interested in the top of the list ES File Explorer performs a thorough examination of all files and directories before displaying information about how much space each one takes up. In addition to photos and sound files, you may also work with documents (such as Microsoft Word and Excel) as well as programmes (such as PowerPoint). The analyses and predictions regarding the files and garbage you’ll find in the following paragraphs (recently created, duplicated or redundant). Freeing up RAM is a simple process from there.

You can zip and unzip files.

In most cases, Android smartphones ship with a built-in file manager, however these are typically underpowered, underperforming, and lacking in capabilities. Images and other media files can be smoothed, matched to screen resolution, and reduced in storage capacity by compressing them, for example. With just a few simple clicks, you can accomplish all of the above with ES File Explorer. Depending on your choices, the compressed file will either be saved as a new file or overwrite the old. In addition, the programme can decompress files at a much faster rate. You can observe the difference by compressing large files.

Make use of shortcuts to save time.

For those who frequently download and then uninstall APK files from the internet, you’ll have to visit the Download folder a lot. To go to specific directories, you’ll need a sequence of actions that will take a long time. Using ES File Explorer, build shortcuts and add them to the home screen. When you don’t need the information anymore, you can simply remove it. A Shortcut on a PC can be created in a similar way.


ES File Explorer is not just a file manager, but it also provides themes to give your device a new look. Using a developer-built theme will allow you to alter the system’s default colours and app icons to your liking. If you’re looking for something that’s more complex and distinctive, you may have to pay for it.


Protecting files is a feature of ES File Explorer. Select the programme, then choose and establish a password for any folder or file. Even yet, if you’re concerned about your memory, you can opt to cover it up.

Use FTP to transfer files from a mobile device to a PC computer

Yes, file transfer is required, and ES File Explorer can help you with that. To connect, all you have to do is log in to your pre-registered FTP account and then pick the appropriate locations and files. When the device is linked to a Wi-Fi network, this procedure will be carried out.

ES File Explorer MOD APK Pro features

The many features of ES File Explorer Pro set it apart from competing file managers. Installing ES File Explorer on your phone gives you access to a slew of useful tools. These are the details:

  • For File Manager, an ES File Explorer was developed .’s However, there are many alternatives to copy, paste, or delete your files with this software. Because of this, you’re a big fan of the ES File Explorer.
  • Recycle Bin – A recycle bin is included in this app. So, if you accidentally delete a file while removing others, you’ll be able to get all of your previously destroyed files back. To get your files back, use ES File Explorer’s recycle bin and find the file you want to restore. Then, click restore to get them back on your phone.
  • Installing ES File Explorer on your phone gives you access to the file manager as well as the ability to clear the cache memory on your phone. Alternatively, you can utilise ES File Explorer to purge your phone of unused files.
  • There are a number of features in this ES File Explorer that make this programme stand out from the rest of the pack. The memory and speed of your phone are greatly improved when using ES File Explorer to organise and analyse all of the files on your phone.
  • This ES File Explorer also includes a feature that allows you to download files from the internet directly to your smartphone. You may quickly and conveniently download your files with this tool.
  • If you have Es File Explorer Pro APK installed on your phone, you don’t need to install any other app to transfer or receive files. Because ES File Manager MOD APK has the ability to transfer files between phones.
  • Your files can be compressed using this ES File Explorer without having to download any additional app for this.
  • When you download a lot of apps on your phone, you’ll notice that a lot of files are automatically stored in your phone. Some of these files can be useful, but they might also slow down your phone. ES File Explorer makes it possible to see all of your phone’s secret files, so you can either download them by looking at them, or you can delete them by looking at them.
  • This ES File Explorer Pro APK can be used to extract a compressed file from your phone without the need to download any other app.
  • It is possible to edit or browse an HTML file on your phone using ES File Explorer, which is a file manager for Android devices.

No ads

Premium No Ads: First and foremost, all advertising have been deleted to ensure that the user experience remains uninterrupted. In addition, the sidebar can be changed, premium theme packs can be unlocked, the function boxes on the homepage can be customised, a powerful text editor can be added, and all of the system’s secret files can be viewed.

Library and Other — Quickly locate any and every file

  • All of your apps may be organised and backed up in the App Manager.
  • SD card status and fresh files are shown in real-time on the screen while charging.
  • Real-time Observer:helps the library load newly added files up to eighty percent faster than without it.

Increase your Ram and Storage

  • The SD Card Analyst can help you save space by checking for app-associated folders and large files, as well as recently created files, redundant files, and duplicate files. App Cache & Memory Usage can help you learn more about your apps.
  • Increase your device’s RAM and performance with a simple click: Allows you to see how much RAM you have left and automatically kill tasks, with the option to exclude applications that you want to remain running… This feature necessitates the use of the Task Manager module.
  • Auto-starting Manager and Cache Cleaner Remove unnecessary files from your computer’s hard drive. This feature necessitates the use of the Task Manager module.

Es file explorer User Reviews

The people often says that the older versions of es file explorer were better than the newer versions, here are some of the user reviews.

It used to be an excellent tool for organising files a few years back, but that’s no longer the case! This developer appears to have succumbed to the temptations of money. So far, CX File Explorer has brought back the UI elements that were missing from this app’s interface. I will never use this service again and will never suggest it to anyone.

Overall, this was just what I was looking for. Complaints are, in my opinion, of a trivial kind. In order to stop the app from crashing, use the settings button. Complaint number one. You can’t go back a directory by swiping right. It happens from time to time, but not always. A directory should be accessible by swiping to the right. Navigating through a directory maze is one of my favourite parts of using the Internet. It’s possible that this might be improved upon, especially when looking backwards. You have to tap on the top of the screen to bring back the path. I prefer the colour orange to blue. That’s all there is to it.

The Amaze File Manager is a nice file manager after all. Amaze being open source, there is no problem with that. Amaze is a great file manager, so why would you use random graphics from other file managers and a description that doesn’t reflect the app’s properties, instead of the original ones?

How to Download Es File Explorer Mod apk Android 11 Pro 2022

Installing this software on an Android phone is quite simple. ES File Explorer Pro APK may be installed on your phone in just a few minutes if you follow the instructions below. It’s an old version of es file explorer mod apk, the older the better, someone rightly said that the Old is gold.

  • For starters, go into your phone’s settings and allow apps from unknown sources. The next step is to click on the download link that we’ve provided for you further down on this page.
  • You will be redirected to the download page after you click on that button. To download the file, simply click on the direct download link that appears. Your download will begin after you click.
  • Your apk should be on your phone within a few minutes, depending on your internet speed. Because it is a short file, it should only take a few seconds to download.
  • Once the APK file has been downloaded, open the file manager and press on the APK file. When prompted to do so, simply click the “Install” button.


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