Farming Simulator 19 APK Free Download for Android

Farming Simulator 19 APK Free Download for Android

Hello everyone, are you looking for Farming Simulator 19 apk download for your android device for free? If yes then today this page contains the direct download link to farming simulator 19 apk without Verification, no verification is needed to get the game. And also you will full Farming Simulator APK Obb file for your device. It can be run on any Android device above 6.0 and would run smoothly with full features unlocked in farming simulator mod apk for free.

Farming Simulator 19 APK Description

Farming Simulator 19 apk also known as FS 19 apk is developed by Giants software and published by Focus Home Entertainment. The game was officially released for PC, Xbox One, PS4, Mac OS X, Google Stadia, Xbox series X, Xbox series S, PS5 and now available for Android & iOS with farming simulator mod apk features.

Farming Simulator 19 apk download

If you’ve ever wanted to be a farmer but haven’t had the opportunity to do it in real life, Farming Simulator 19 Android is here to offer. This is the day you can download Farming Simulator 19 from our website, which enables you to play your favourite Android and iOS game, for free. The game was converted directly from the PC version and has all of the game’s outstanding features.

This includes both the fantastic graphics on your PC and the game’s soundtrack. It also includes every option, mission, side mission, vehicle, and pretty much everything else accessible for either PCs or consoles. So, if you’ve been wondering, yeah sure, Farming Simulator 19 is now available on Android!

Farming Simulator APK+ Obb Download Free

This game uses the best graphics engine to compress the game size without loss and ensure the best output – so you won’t see any difference between having it on your Android and on your computer. Because of the OBB data download, Farming Simulator 19 APK takes up very little space on your internal storage. That implies you’ll only require as much room for the next assignment as you need. If the game needs to load more data, it will automatically free up space. Farming Simulator 19 Mobile gives you the opportunity to start your career as a farmer right now.

Fs 19 apk download Game Features

Fs 19 apk download game features various amazing astounding gameplay features which you are going to love while playing the game.

More machines: The number of automobiles in the base game meets or exceeds that of the previous iteration and its DLCs, as well as products from John Deere, AGCO, Case IH, KUHN, Stara, Ropa, and others. Tractors, harvesters, and machinery are among the 102 labels included in this release.

More complicated dynamics and realism: The game incorporates features such as plant emergence in agriculture fields. Vehicle breakdowns with high wear rates are part of the lime that helps to maintain healthy soil quality and construct new fields.

Combination of machines into one: This option has previously been established in previous sections—two machines work together. You may now combine machines from different brands to create structures that can plough, seed, grow, and fertilise all at the same time, all by just modifying the machine’s components to your current needs.

Farming simulator 19 download for android Graphics

Farming simulator android gameplay
Farming Simulator 19 APK Gameplay

farming simulator 19 download for android’s New game engine: better graphics and animations; completely new physics – vehicle handling is more practical, but more difficult (although AI personnel are unchanged and may create very uncommon problems).

With a new graphics engine, new events and crops, and the franchise’s largest vehicle selection to date. The benefit of Farming Simulator 19 apk and Obb is unrivalled! You will own machines that have been re-created by all of the industry’s leading companies, including John Deere, the world’s largest farm machinery manufacturer. This is the first time! Case IH, New Holland, Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, and Krone are all included. Deutz-Fahr and a few other vehicles are still on the road.

New Farms and Crops

Farming Simulator 19 Mobile apk will feature a variety of new farms and crops, including cotton and oats. For the growth and extension of your plant in modern American and European climates! Consider pigs and goats. Add sheep and chickens to your animals, or learn to ride a horse for the first time to get a new perspective on the vast land that surrounds your farm.

The game has a more comedic tone to it, with almost ridiculously impossible motion mechanics. The simulator hand or goat simulator is not a “simulator.” It’s exactly how this machine appears. The game is impressive graphically, allows the player to grow crops, buy machines, pets and much more.

Fs 19 Mobile Gameplay

Hundreds of farming vehicles were cloned and built, including, for the first time, John Deere, the world’s largest farming machinery manufacturer. For the first time, look after the pigs, goats, dogs, poultry, and horses! Develop your farm with up to 16 players online, and add group updates to your farming backdrop on consoles and PCs.

For car movement, the game offers a reset button. Its purpose is to repair broken or stranded vehicles, although new players may be tempted to utilise it as a shopping mode. This relay, however, is somewhat pricey. The automobile is the only thing that is teleported. Seeds, harvest, and even fuel are all lost in the car. As a result, players should avoid selecting this option unless absolutely essential.

When it comes to growing crops, players will quickly discover that weeds are a major issue. If these weeds are allowed to fester before harvest, they will diminish crop output by around 20%. A lower return equates to a lower income. There is less advantage.

So, while they are still in the early phases of development, now is the ideal time to address this problem. Weeds will be eradicated prematurely by ploughing or cultivating the field if it has not yet been sown. However, using a weeder or sprayer while crops are already rising is the safest option.

Keep in mind that if the crops are already in the second phase of production, cars can shatter and damage them. It would be beneficial to place narrow tyres onto the truck in order to reduce farming damage.

Improved gameplay dynamics: In this portion of the game, you no longer have to plant half a hectare of land with tiny movements. Thousands of litres of crops are yielded by complex and multi-function devices.

Recycling, Collecting and Selling Byproduct In Farming Simulator 19 APK

When such tasks are carried out, such as cultivating crops and felling trees, the game may have access to a by-product.

Take, for example, straw. After harvesting grains such as wheat or oats, the player will notice that straw residues have appeared in the field. Consider it a form of secondary cultivation. In the loading car, players can collect straw and sell it to the animal husbandry for a profit.

Players will earn more than only foe as a result of their actions. These cows, which are mostly used for milk production? Their dung can be utilised as a fertiliser for plants or sold in big quantities to a biogas plant. Are the trees on the site being taken down? Make every effort to turn it all into wood chips or fuel. Although there are still many such examples, we recognise that many of the player’s relationships will be used or monetized in some way.

How to Play Farming Simulator 19 APK on Android

Tips and tactics for newbies in farming Simulator 19, including how to deal with weeds. When they buy land, they get extra benefits and seek them out.

When players are first exposed to the game, the first thing they want to do is take advantage of their limited property. As a result, new machinery is a requirement. The upfront prices of such vehicles are extremely costly, but leasing provides a more affordable option.

Base costs and decreased operating fees will be charged to gamers based on how often they use their facilities. Tractors, for example, which see heavy usage on a regular basis, are not good candidates for leasing. Considering leasing for underutilised assets might help alleviate some of the financial burden.

It’s important to understand that licenced automobiles can’t be changed. However, if the player is just starting out, this could be an issue. Unless the user is willing to buy the equipment quickly, leasing is only temporary in ideal circumstances.

How to Win

You must meet the requirements of your farm’s minimal operating costs. If your standards for earning and spending money are drastically reduced, you’ve gone too far. It’s possible to lose the farm, which would result in a defeat. In addition, you’ll be forced to restart the game from the very beginning. My friends, you may earn money in-game by doing the tasks you’re given. There are a variety of missions to choose from, ranging from the more common main stream missions to others. You’ll earn a lot of money if you complete all of these tasks. Then you won’t have to worry about anything for your beloved farm.


In the Farming Simulator series, players can choose between a third-person and a first-person perspective to explore an open world farm. Dynamic jobs, such as shifting grass or delivering freight, are carried out by the player over a period of time. If the player succeeds in completing the assignment, they will receive a charge and a bonus based on their speed.

first-time use of agricultural vehicles and equipment replicas from well-known companies, including John Deere, the world’s largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery. Taking care of animals and horses, such as pigs and goats, for the first time, baby! Create your farm with up to 16 other players online and personalise your gameplay with free community mods for consoles and computers.


Multiplayer is included in the Farming Simulator 19 Mobile APk. There is room for up to 16 people per team to battle in the browser. Create your own server, or join one of the many others that are already in existence. GIANTS provides the possibility to hire a unique server if your hardware or bandwidth isn’t sufficient.

In order to use Steam’s online mode, you must be connected to the internet at all times.
Split-screen mode isn’t available in this game.
Internet connection is the only method of connecting in this game. There are no LAN options available.


The ability to download at a fast rate full game is a must for almost everyone who does any kind of downloading. As it stands, most websites don’t even offer it at all. As a result, you can get a free download of Farming Simulator 19 apk + obb. No verification is required to download it at full speed. Meaning that you can download fs19 without having to provide any kind of proof of your identity. One of the most common issues that gamers encounter is verification. If you try to get around them, it’s practically impossible. As a result, buying the game from this site and not having to worry about anything is a wise decision.

Farming Simulator 19 APK Download Without Verification

So as you browse in the internet for farming simulator 19 apk Obb download for Android, then you may have noticed one thing. The thing is that most of the websites are requiring a human verification or device Verification or some sort of verification to download the game farming simulator apk. But as always here in Android 1 Game we provide direct download link for all the games, as a result, today you can download farming simulator 19 apk without Verification.

  • Click the download button below to get the Farming Simulator 19 apk file.
  • When you open the file, you’ll see a message that says “Your phone is programmed to prohibit installation of apps received from unknown sources for security reasons.”
  • Allow the Farming Simulator 19 apk mobile game mod apk to be installed.
  • It will just take a few minutes to set up.
  • On your phone, look for the Farming Simulator 19 icon.
  • When you start the game, it will download the obb and data files, and then the game will begin to play.


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