God Hand APK+OBB Download for Android Free

God Hand APK+OBB Download for Android Free

Now download God Hand APK + Obb file for Android, full god Hand mobile game download apk latest version, God Hand mod apk game new version.

Fight your way around a western-themed metropolis in a high-quality fighting game. God hand apk + obb is a game that allows you to experience a massively explosive action experience game where you bash on the button and beat up an opponent in front of you. Entering a place with a great deal of fighting strength alters the atmosphere as well.

God Hand Android gameplay

Draw on the immense strength and power granted to you by the God Hand. That’s how you wreak havoc on your enemies in God Hand Android’s dynamic manoeuvres. The special move metre grows steadily as you fight your way through the game. It’s only when it’s full that you can unleash the most powerful moves.

There is a 3D environment in this particular World of God Hand Apk. So you can see over the house and land over the places that are open to entering and fighting in. If you confront a powerful character, nearby objects like chairs and tables can be utilised as battle experiences. After that, the sky takes on a purple hue to create a menacing mood.

About God Hand Apk

God Hand APK+OBB

Developed by Clover Studio and Capcom, God Hand is a PlayStation 2 action beat ’em up. Filmmaker Shinji Mikami helmed the camera in this thriller-thriller. It was released in the United States for PAL regions in 2007 and globally in 2006. Released on October 4, 2011, on. PlayStation Network as a downloadable game for the PlayStation 2 Classics library. It was Mikami’s goal to create a game that appealed to both diehard gamers and those who appreciate a good laugh. When it was first released in Japan, it garnered a mediocre reception from the critics, and it sold poorly. After the publication of this game, Clover Studio went out of business. However. Cult classic status and appreciation for the game were quickly achieved.

Style and dominance are the only things that matter in this game. They are, nonetheless, far stronger than the competition. God Hand apk download also includes a number of hard boss fights, which you can take on using the ultimate might of God Hand. In my opinion, this is a fantastic game. That’s why, in my opinion, this is one of the best games out there.

Put your God reel on and use it to annihilate your opponent with an amazing and destructive move. This is the move wheel, which allows you to choose from a variety of punches and kicks. A variety of cards can be used to unlock new moves in God Hand Apk. Playing this game on a mobile device is likewise an amazing experience. We used to play this game on a console, but now it’s available on smartphones and tablets.


In the backstory of the game, Angra’s demonic army devastated the world when a fallen angel became the Demon King Angra. Angra, on the other hand, was defeated and exiled once more by a man who had the power of god in his hands. People began to refer to him as “God Hand” after his heroic actions saved their lives. Those with the “god hand” are supposed to be “capable of becoming either god or demon,” according to legend.

If they have it, that is. A swarm of demons has their sights set on Gene, a 23-year-old fighter with a powerful god hand game apk download android. Outspoken and masculine, but with a strong sense of fairness and justice. Olivia, a 19-year-old member of the tribe that once guarded the god’s hand apk download android, joins Gene on this journey. Olivia One of the God Hands that she had escaped with after losing her entire family was grafted on to Gene after he saved her from bandits.

Attacks in God Hand Android

God Hand APK

This is the menu where you can select from a variety of Mighty moves. As a result, you can take out characters one by one in God hand Mobile apk. God Reel’s metre progresses and grows throughout time. Furthermore, you have the freedom to fire any attack from the Roulette. To be honest, these are some extremely high-impact explosive moves that can easily take down any character.

In a Western-Theme Setting

God Hand Gameplay

Things like cowboy bars, desert-filled places, big mountains, and small wooden houses with baddies lurking inside are all part of the game’s setting in my opinion; fighting under the sun in the desert sand while surrounded by large mountains and wooden houses with baddies lurking within.

Controls of God Hand Mobile

God Hand mobile

In God Hand for Android, the fighting controls are very impressive. Such that you get a clear picture of what’s going on on the screen. During fight, you can choose from one of four different dodge movesets. As a result, you’ll be able to avoid a variety of deft manoeuvres. On a phone, the controls are considerably more intuitive and responsive. As a result, the controls are now displayed on the screen rather than on a controller.

The God hand is the most powerful element here in the God hand mobile file. The curse and might of God’s hand have given this individual his or her abilities. It’s putting together a formidable arsenal of moves to unleash a massive amount of power. Then again, there’s a second person that has this wonderful hand as well. As a result, the primary goal here is to capture or otherwise subdue him.


If you’re surrounded by a barrage of attacks, how would you respond? Then, you can use any of the four dodging features to avoid them. That’s why, if you’re under attack, you should use an Android app from God. Additionally, you can avoid it entirely by tapping the corresponding button on your device in order to conduct a dodge motion.

God hand Game Difficulty Level

In fight, players can keep an eye on a “Difficulty Level” gauge that changes based on how much damage is being dealt or received by them. When a player gets sucked into an onslaught of punches and combos, their level will drop. Levels rise for players that inflict tremendous damage on their opponents while leaving their opponents defenceless. The bar’s fourth level, dubbed “Die,” is placed at the bar’s highest point and is the most difficult to access. If an enemy isn’t in the player’s direct line of sight or he is attacking them directly, they won’t attack until levels 1 and 2. A battle will go on regardless of whether or not you’re filming it. At level Die, a fully-maxed out player character can be slain in a matter of blows.

Which increases the enemy’s ability to attack. There are therefore additional points to be earned by completing a stage with more difficult foes. As you progress through the game, new scrolls with new skills are unlocked. Roulette methods and movements can also be purchased and sold at the shop, which can be seen on the map screen.

How to Download God Hand APK+Obb File for Android Mobile

This game delivers an incredible sense of combat. Furthermore, there are a lot of open regions surrounding here, which at first glance appear to be cowboy zones. The storey gets a major revamp by incorporating evil abilities and the god hand, to be honest. In fact, the game runs flawlessly on your mobile devices without the need for any sort of debugging.

  • This game is now being distributed in an encrypted apk file. Consequently, the file can be downloaded by clicking the mediafire download link provided in the download button, which is located at the bottom of the page.
  • After that, you’ll need to download and install the God Hand Android mobile apk file bundle. The game can be installed on your device in this manner in general.
  • It’s going to take a while for the package files to be assembled into an apk. After then, the game’s logo will appear on your phone’s screen.
  • To be honest, pressing the symbol now launches the game. On your phone, you may download the God Hand Mobile apk and then use it to play the game
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