Hello Friends, today I am going to show you a way by which you can play God of war 2 on android by downloading the latest god of war 2 apk+OBB data file for Android. GOW 2 is a high end 3D graphics game so for it to play on android, you will need a high end and powerful android device. Here I am providing the highly compressed apk+OBB version and the size is just 300MB so you can download it easily using any browser. If you are facing any trouble, then feel free to comment down below.

God of war 2 apk+obb

God of war 2 APK Description

God of war 2 is an action fighting game Officially released for PS2 ( PlayStation 2 ) and can be played on Android via Damon PS2 Emulator. You can use Damon PS2 offline in your android and play any PS2 games that you want, just download the iso rom of the game and play it whole day. However here I am providing apk+Obb data but it would be a lot better if you play the officially released god of 2 on your android. Click here to download that. In this site you can more god of war games for Android, so just click on the link and navigate to the posts to see all the God of war games available for Android.

Game Requirements

The game’s requirements have now been laid forth. For those of you who have played God of War 2 on PlayStation, you already know this. The god of war 2 apk install will allow you to play the game on your Android phone or tablet. The god of war 2 mod download link has been provided.

Many users have low-end computers that may not be able to run the game properly. This game requires at least 6 GB of RAM to work well. Having a variation of less than 6 GB will cause you to have lag and frame drop issues, making you feel frustrated. The God of War 2 apk should only be downloaded by those with devices capable of running the game. If you don’t fix the lag, you could end up with a sluggish gadget. Below you’ll find a link to an essential programme needed to play the game.

God of war 2 Download for Android (Highly Compressed)

The highly compressed version of the god of war 2 download for Android game can be downloaded from this page. When it comes to downloading the game, you’ll just need about 200-300 MB of space on your smartphone.

We’ve answered all of your questions about the free Android apk download for God of War 2. Only if it is compatible with your system can you easily download and play the game. You should wait to download the game once your device is confirmed to be compatible before doing so. To launch the game on your Android devices, you must first download it. Below is a breakdown of the steps.


The graphics in God of War 2 are of a high quality, and you’ll be able to play the game in a variety of ways. Due to its unique cast of characters and engaging plot, this game has garnered a large following of players.


In this action-adventure-based game, you’ll travel to a variety of fabled locations and face off against some of the most fearsome bosses you’ll ever face. Overall, the game is great, fascinating, and hilarious, so be sure to download God of war 2 android.

In order to give you an idea of how enjoyable God of War 2 apk game is to play and how well it works, I’ve included a few gameplay photos. A look at the game’s visual style shows that it is similar to its predecessor, god of war 1, however the graphics are noticeably better than in god of war 3.

The User Interface

In addition, the user interface has been much enhanced. Kratos’ motions and attacks have also altered. Magic has been available from the beginning of the game as well. All of the attacks we used to use in the last instalment are still available to us.

How to Download God of War 2 Apk+Obb for Android

  • Download the Apk File by clicking on the link below
  • Now install it and make sure unknown Sources is on, otherwise your android will not let you install the apk.
  • To enable installation from unknown Sources, just open your settings and search for unknown source and enable it.
  • Now after installing, open the apk and have a high speed data connection.
  • I suggest to have a wifi connection because the obb file of 300MB will begin download automatically once you open the apk.
  • Or you can also download obb file separately from the link below.
  • After Downloading the Obb file Successfully, you can now play the game and enjoy.


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