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God of war 2 PPSSPP

About God of War 2 PSP

GOW 2 PSP is a fighting activity, adventure and action game that was delivered by Santa Monica studio and released by Sony Computer Entertainment. The story is taken from Ancient Greece. Assume responsibility for Kratos and deliver retribution on his foes.

Kratos fundamental justification Vengeance is on the grounds that Zeus double-crossed and murdered him. Notwithstanding, he was restored by a Titan who assisted him with trip of the hidden world.

God of war 2 PSP iso gameplay

He looks for Zeus to get back at him. During the experience, you will participate in a few epic fights with armed forces, supervisors and divine beings. GOW 2 PPSSPP ISO won’t ever disillusion.

Game Features

  • High Graphics – This is a 3D graphics game of God of war. It is made of far better models of any other PSP god of war games like Ghost of Sparta and olympus. The graphics are unbelievable as if we think it as an android game.
  • Gameplay – Three Dimensional gameplay with high end looking models, opponents looks are made up off such amazing Textures. You as a kratos fight with your weapon and defeat all the enemies, it’s like an adventure. You going further and further and defeating all the adversaries untill you reach the end.
  • In this game, You would fight divine beings, evil spirits, officers, and other legendary animals. It will in general be fun, ghastliness and somewhat emotional of a game.
  • Kratos, the main protagonist uses a pair of blades as his weapon and you can call it a sword. This is a not a normal sword, it’s filled with the godly power of Kratos the spartan warrior. And the blade can tear apart any opponent of kratos in few swipes. The blade was given by Athena ( a God ) to kratos that’s why it’s called Athena’s blade.
  • As a game reward, you can open amazing game weapons that will give you an advantage against Kratos’ foes.
  • As you for further by completing more and more stages and wining many fights. Kratos even more dangerous and useful weapons during his adventure. Kratos will acquire Barbarian hammer, a powerful hitter, the spear of destiny and lastly the blade of Olympus.
  • With all that weapons, kratos gets multiple combat fighting options to kill his enemies right there with using one of his powerful moves. And the game becomes more entertaining as the bosses becomes more powerful as you progress.

Story Mode of GOW 2 PSP

The storey mode in God of War 2 is particularly well-known. As you may be aware, if the PlayStation 2 emulator is installed on your mobile phone. Following that, 90% of PlayStation 2 games are stuck in the mobile phone. Many Android phones can run PS2 emulators, which is useful if you want to play World War 2 on your phone. Next, I have some wonderful news for you. With the help of the PPSSPP emulator, you can now play God of War 2 on your Android phone without any problems.


God of War 2 has stunning visuals and multiple game modes to suit different preferences. Because it features fresh concepts and a compelling story, this game has become rather popular.

Be advised that if you want to download the God of War 2 PPSSPP emulator, you will have to pay for it. Next, you need to find out if your Android phone meets the game’s system requirements so that it can operate smoothly. It has been confirmed that PPSSPP emulators can run this game. Unfortunately, a standard PPSSPP emulator will not support this game. To do this, you need a PPSSPP emulator, which you can acquire by visiting our site. In this review, we’ll be checking out God of War 2 for the PlayStation Vita. For an Android device, what essentials are required at a minimum?

Game Requirements

So guys this is not a regular ghost of war game that you usually play on a PPSSPP Emulator, so make sure to ready whetever i am going to inform here.

You Android must meet some minimum requirements to run this game at smooth speed, faster gameplay, no lags and HD graphics.

  • Snapdragon 845
  • 4000 mah battery
  • 4 GB ram
  • 3GB Storage space
  • Octa core 2ghz

I play God of war 2 on my realme X7 pro very smoothly and efficiently without getting into any kind of troubles regarding the graphics and gameplay speed.

How to Download God of War 2 PPSSPP 200mb for Android MediaFire link

So guys, here I want to make you clear with the fact that you can’t play God of War 2 iSO on PPSSPP. Yes, you can play GOW 2 on Android with PS2 Emulator but not with PSP. Here below, I am providing you complete instructions of how to install this game on Android with PS2 ( play station 2 ). And yes, everywhere on the internet, you will find only PS2 ISO of God of war 2 because there is no such game released for PSP Emulator apk. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t play GOW 2 on Android without any lag.

Your Android device must meet some requirements to play this game smoothly. If you are looking for 200MB zip/7z highly compressed file of it, So currently it’s not available and the highly compressed size which I am providing is 2.97GB, and Original game size is 5GB. So it will be really easy to download the game since it’s half size of the original.

  • Firstly Download PS2/PPSSPP Emulator apk for Android.
  • Then Download the ISO Highly Compressed Zip file
  • Extract it via any Decompressor
  • After Extraction, you have the ISO
  • Open PS2/PSP Emulator and select the ISO and start play.

So I hope you have understood how can you install and play God of war 2 Android PPSSPP highly compressed efficiently. If you are facing any issues regarding downloads links then feel free to ask me. This is a direct download MediaFire link.

DeveloperSanta Monica Studio
PublisherSony Computer Entertainment
Game GenreAction-adventure
Last updated Oct 15, 2022
Emulator RequiredSpacial PPSSPP
Android Version4.0.1
Offline/ OnlineOffline
Game VersionV1

How to Download God of War 2 for PC

When it comes to operating systems, BlueStacks is a well-known name. Any Android app I’ve tested so far has worked flawlessly. The god of war 2 ps2 PC can be downloaded and installed by following these instructions.

  • For those who haven’t done so previously, go to Google and get the free Bluestacks app.
  • After downloading the programme, you can immediately begin using it.. Bluestacks is ready for use as soon as it has been installed successfully.
  • It may take a few seconds for first-time users of Bluestacks to load. Bluestacks Home screen should appear immediately when the app is launched.
  • Using Bluestacks on a PC or a Mac, you may access the Google Play Store. Double-clicking the Playstore icon will launch the app.
  • Nowadays, finding and downloading a computer application merely requires a few mouse clicks. On your PC, you will need god of war 2 installed.
  • To get a god of war 2 ppsspp PC, you’ll need the most latest version of Bluestacks. Bluestacks must be installed in order to use the app.
  • As far as we’re concerned, this software is the ideal online solution to your current problems.


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