Hello Gamers, here I am bringing god of war Ghost of sparta PPSSPP highly compressed iso in 200mb size or as low as 100mb in size zip file for Android. You can easily play God of war Ghost of sparta game on android and iOS and PC too with help of using an official ppsspp gold Emulator or normal psp Emulator apk. In this android 1 game you get all Amazing PPSSPP and Android games with direct download links so keep visiting and stay tuned with the site to get updates Daily.

God Of War Ghost of Sparta PPSSPP Highly Compressed

About God of war Ghost of Sparta

God of War Ghost of Sparta is undoubtedly the most popular PPSPSP game of God of war ever released by Sony computer entertainment. The game was developed by ready at dawn for PLAYSTATION PORTABLE this is none other than our favourite PSP Emulator. Finally here we are reviewing an official ppsspp game that is not a mod game of god of war.

God Of War Ghost of Sparta PPSSPP Highly Compressed 200mb

If you have been visiting this site for so long then you might know that we always come with a mod of god of war like God of war 3 and god of war 4. But this is the first an official game of god was is being explained by us with highly compressed size. And actually this game is so much Amazing that it doesn’t needs any modifications, it is the best in its original form. Later this game was released on PlayStation 3 too also called as PS3 gaming console.


God Of War Ghost of Sparta PPSSPP Highly Compressed 100mb

It’s a three dimensional game in which you can move in all the directions and fight from enemies coming from all directions towards you. Kratos the main protagonist and god of war who is used be a mortal in his past but became immortal after becoming god of war. Kratos has multiple weapons to utilise against his enemies but in the beginning of the game. While playing the initial stages, the player will have only one weapon is that blade of chaos as obvious. Blade of chaos is kratos’s all time default Weapon that no one can take it away from him.


The story is about to save his brother Deimos from the God of death named thanatos. Thanatos is the final boss of the game. Kratos monther name is Callisto and she informs kratos that his brother is still alive but under the god of Death who is very powerful to defeat for the Deimos so he needs kratos helps to escape. After he succeeds to save his brother’s life, the game overs.

How to Download & Install God of Ghost of Sparta PPSSPP Android

Here I am providing you two versions of highly compressed, one is under 200mb and another is under 100mb. In case that the one is not working then you have the option or a second chance or another way to download it in highly compressed. Real below instructions to know how to Successfully install it.

  • Firstly download the zip/7z file of God of ghost of Sparta 200mb or 100mb
  • Then download a Extractor application from Google Play store names as 7zipper app or rar app ( download any one )
  • Then Extract the zip/7z file using the app.
  • After that install a PPSSPP gold apk or psp apk Emulator from the link below
  • Now open the Emulator, find the game and begin playing it.

As you all know that the original god of war ghost of Sparta game is more than 1GB in size and it’s very really hard to download and takes too much time. That’s why here highly compressed versions help us to get large files in short low sizes mb.

God of war ghost of Sparta 100mb

So here is what you were looking for in this page. Finally the highly compressed version of god of war ghost of Sparta is here to download in 100mb zip file. Just click the link below. This is a direct Google drive link, file is just 70mb.

God of war Ghost of Sparta 200mb highly compressed file PSP

In case that for some reasons the above 100mb file is not working or if you face any bugs then here is the alternative ghost of Sparta 200mb god of war game with Direct Mediafire link.

If you are facing any problem with the links and installing the files, then ask me for guidance, I would like to help you out with your problem. Thanks for visiting the android 1 game website and keep visiting it for more games. See you next time in next post with different Amazing games, keep enjoying.


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