Gran Turismo 4 PPSSPP ISO Highly Compressed Android

Gran Turismo 4 PPSSPP ISO Highly Compressed Android

Hello friends, are you looking for gran Turismo 4 PPSSPP? If yes then today you will get a way to play this amazing PS2 ISO gran Turismo game on your android phone. To successfully download and install the game on your mobile, keep reading the post to the end.

About Gran Turismo 4

Gran Turismo 4 is a video game in the Gran Turismo series released in 2004 for the PlayStation 2 officially, the fourth game in the main series and the sixth overall. This game was developed by Polyphony Digital and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, and was published on 2004 in Hong Kong and Japan Country, 2005 in North America, and March 9, 2005 in Europe.

Gameplay of Gran Turismo 4 PSP

Players earn points by winning races in the “A-Spec” first-person driving mode, which is the normal racing experience in Grand Theft Auto. There is a maximum of 200 A-Spec points for each race event. In general, winning using a car with fewer advantages compared to the artificial intelligence opponents is worth more points.

When points have already been won, additional points can only be earned by re-winning a previously-won event with a vehicle that possesses less of an advantage over the A.I. Furthermore, the 34 Missions are available, which will award you with 250 points each. Even though it is like this, A-Spec points are not money.

Driving Missions

The game includes the Driving Missions, which are designed to feel and play just like the licence tests, but can be finished successfully and result in a 250 A-Spec point reward, as well as 1,000 credits. Every mission has a certain car, set of opponents, and a particular track or section of track as its premise. Each set of missions consists of three missions with different rules. The Pass ( overtaking within a certain distance ) is one set of missions. There are two other sets of missions: the 3 Lap Battle (pass 5 opponents over the course of 3 laps) and Slipstream Battle (overtake identical opponents by drafting). When players complete all of the missions, they’ll earn a prize car. The prize cars include the DMC DeLorean, Jay Leno Tank Car, Pagani Zonda Race Car, Toyota 7, and the Nissan R89C.

New B-PEC Game Mode

A new B-Spec mode has players assume the role of a racing crew chief, deciding when and how aggressively to drive while also telling the driver when and how to pass, as well as directing him or her to make pit stops (by monitoring tyre wear and fuel level). Endurance races can be completed in less time than would take in A-Spec mode, as the time can be increased up to 3x. Regardless of the fact that the 3x feature must be turned on after every pit stop, it returns to normal time every time it is used. This is believed to be a typo in the game manual; however, the player may speed up B-Spec mode by up to 5x.

The points necessary to compete in B-Spec mode are awarded each time a driver completes a race in B-Spec mode. The increase in vehicle, course, and battle skill adds to the overall skill level of the AI driver. In higher levels of races, players may turn on B-Spec mode to give them an advantage over the competition, but this setting cannot be used on slippery, dirty, or snowy courses.

New Photo Mode

Players will be able to take photos of their cars on the track or elsewhere with the addition of a new Photo Mode, which gives them the ability to control a virtual camera and take photographs of various locations, including the Grand Canyon. Players are given the option to select either a compression rate of Normal, Fine, or SuperFine, and they are able to choose whether or not to save or print their screenshots to a supported USB device.

How to Download Gran Turismo 4 PPSSPP

  • Firstly Download a PPSSPP emulator or PSP gold emulator apk from the link below
  • Then downlaod the zip file iso
  • Extract the iso of Gran Turismo 4 PSP
  • Then open the PPSSPP-psp emulator apk on your android
  • Locate the iso file and click on it
  • And begin playing the game.
FILE NAME:Gran Turismo
File type:ISO


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