GTA 3 Apk+OBB Download 600MB Highly Compressed

GTA 3 Apk+OBB Download 600MB Highly Compressed

Hello Friends, today here I am going to give you direct download link to download GTA 3 Apk+Obb highly compressed file for Android. GTA 3 is available at Google Play store but it’s paid there, so here I am providing you free to download GTA 3 the same original game with full Features.

Gta 3 Apk
Gta 3 Android download

About GTA 3 Apk

Gta 3 gameplay

GTA 3 apk also called as Grand Theft Auto 3 is a 3D means three Dimensional open world game for Android build and created by DMA Design and Released by Rockstar Games. Grand Theft Auto 3 is the first 3D real three Dimensional world game created by the the company in the GTA Series. From then, all the next versions of GTA games depends on the Idea of GTA 3 Graphics. All other older versions of GTA were not 3D and as addictive to play as GTA 3 is. This is the time when the new era of Gaming were started.

Is GTA 3 Android Available at Play Store?

Yes, GTA 3 is available at the Google Play store but it’s a paid there. You need to pay a few bucks to get the game downloaded from the Google Play store. And here in this site, you get GTA III apk+Obb Free Download. Yes guys, it’s absolutely free here.

GTA 3 Android Gameplay

GTA 3 Android is an RPG Game, means to say a role playing game in which you as a main character play a role of a Badass character. Your character name is Claude, the one thing that I would like to tell you about Claude is that he doesn’t speaks, he just does his work perfectly. Ofcourse you are claude and you will do the missions perfectly. There will by Many bosses who will order you to accomplish some illigal targets like killing a gang of people and Robbing a bank.

All the missions are very entertaining to complete and apart from this, if you are not doing any missions. There is still various things that you can do, like killing and fighting street people for fun. And getting the guns of Leone gang, provoking the cops by blasting cars and much more thing.


There are three maps in the game. During initial missions, only the first will be unlocked for you. And to unlock the rest of the world, you need to complete all the missions given by the first world boss. The second map is the most entertaining part of this game, that place is so huge to wander around and have fun. You can get the high speed cars and bikes there, the level of cops will also be increased to CBI.

So basically there are 6 levels of cops, measured as stars. If you see two stars it means two police are behind you, if you see 4 stars that means along with the police, the upper department of goverment police force is also trying to get you. And if there are 5 stars that means now the CBI is behind you, and at the last 6 stars will cause you to face the tanks of Milatary Forces.

You’ve arrived in Liberty City, where the fun never ends

Hiring a strong voice-over cast reveals a lot about the development process going on behind the scenes. The difference in quality is readily obvious if players pay attention to the dialogue and how the character interacts with the rest of the universe. They also pique their interest and stimulate their senses because of the fantastic music. If the plot is structured in the manner of a comic book, the game will also pay close attention to the material. A new generation of gamers could declare that Grand Theft Auto III has redefined the open-world game genre.

This game’s content is largely consistent with those of its predecessors. You’ll take on the role of a street gangster and discover what it’s like to live in this lawless metropolis. How to live a respectable life will be left up to the reader’s imagination. Criminals and cops are all over the place in this bustling city. What is it like to live here? If you do anything unlawful, even if it’s the most insignificant, dangerous criminals will kill you if their interests are threatened, and the cops will do the same. It is best to live skillfully here, pay attention to the distinctive spots on the map to observe the duties assigned there. Complete them, and you’ll get massive social status boosts. It’s important to keep in mind that the laws of this city are not enforced, so you can do whatever you want, from fighting to robbing to murdering people. The only thing that matters is that you don’t get caught by the authorities or have known criminals kill you.

Massive crime in an open world gaming

The publisher referred to this game as a “huge criminal epic” that might impact the gaming industry forever. Also, the game’s tenth anniversary celebration has made it more appealing than ever before. Nothing has been omitted to keep the game’s realism to a minimum or to provide players with a more complete experience on their mobile devices. The underworld of Liberty City, which drew a lot of attention on PC, has now been ported to mobile devices. It’s possible for players to participate in missions and demolish the city just from their pocket or purse.

Grand Theft Auto III’s wide and diverse environment is completely realised. Even when compared to what was seen, there are distinguishing characteristics. The criminal underworld is a dark, interesting, and ruthless place. Tolerance is not an option, and you will be forced to fight or perish. Realistic weapons, equipment, and even the areas where they are used will be used. The player is on his or her own, and must learn everything on his or her own. All areas of life are represented by a colourful ensemble of individuals who will provide you with the most thorough picture of a virtual society where evil is revered.

GTA 3 Cheat codes

Ok so now let’s get at the shortcuts of this game, if the missions seems to be harder. And you got tired by completing the missions then there is a alternative and more entertaining way to complete missions. What If I say that instead of normal guns you can use Milatary guns while doing a mission, amazing, isn’t it? So yes you can do so. Here are the cheat codes of GTA 3 and it will work on android.

  • gunsgunsguns – by typing it, you will get all the weapons at once. Just keep typing to increase the amount of guns you have.
  • gesundheit – get full health in an instant
  • cornerslikemad – Better Car driving
  • ilikedressingup – Change clothes without going home
  • skincancerforme – Sun free wheather
  • timeflieswhenyou – Speed up the speed of time
  • ilikescotland – Rainy season
  • nastylimbscheat – Crank Up Gore
  • bangbangbang – Destroy each single car around you
  • chittycittybb – everything will start flying
  • morepoliceplease – High Criminal level
  • nobodylikesme – people will start attacking you
  • anicesetofwheels – cars will go invisible
  • nopoliceplease – No police behind you
  • ifiwerearichman – Get rich just keep typing it multiple times.
  • weaponsforall – all pedestrian will get guns
  • giveusatank – get the tank
  • boooooring – Speed up Gameplay
  • madweather – Super-speedy Game Clock
  • tortoise – get an extra armored health bar
  • itsallgoingmaaad – all people will start fighting with each other

Thanks to ign_cheats that they shared this valuable information to help gamers Complete the missions more easily.

How to Use GTA 3 Cheat codes on Android

  • Simply Free Download Cheatcode keyboard from the link below
  • Open it and make it a default keyboard
  • Now open your GTA 3 game
  • Tap the volume button to trigger the Cheatcode keyboard
  • Now type any code you want to apply and it’s done.

How to Download GTA 3 apk+Obb data file for Android

So carefully follow the below instructions to successfully install gta 3 on android.

  • So Firstly Download the Apk file of 12MB
  • Now Download the Obb zip file highly compressed 600MB
  • After that use Zarchiever to Extract out the obb file com.rockstar.gta3
  • Now Move the Obb file in Sdcard/Android/Obb folder.
  • In case you don’t use an Sdcard then simply move obb file to Storage/Android/Obb folder
  • Now Install the GTA 3 apk and open it
  • Make sure your data connection is off while you opening gta 3 apk for the first time.
  • So now you can play gta 3 apk+Obb data file on Android.

Note:- this is a direct download link to download GTA 3 apk, if it’s not working on your current browser then change browser or copy the link by long pressing on the button and open it on a different tab.


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