GTA San Andreas Apk+Data Obb File Highly Compressed For Android 2022

GTA San Andreas Apk+Data Obb File Highly Compressed For Android 2022

Hello Rockstar fans, here I am providing you direct link to Free Download GTA San Andreas Full apk+Obb data highly compressed for Android in just 200MB. The GTA San Andreas Apk is available at the Google PlayStore but you can’t free download it, so that’s why here we are giving you access to this paid game for free. In this post, I will provide you every possible versions of GTA SA. So you can download any version which seems more convenient and interesting to you. I am also providing GTA san Andreas mod apk In which you get unlimited health, Money, Free shoping and much more things.

GTA San Andreas Apk+Obb data Highly Compressed

About GTA San Andreas Apk

Gta san Andreas apk download 2022

GTA San Andreas is the greatest title at any point created by the Rockstar Games after the GTA 5. the game was first delivered in 2004 and since GTA San Andreas has been quite possibly the most popular around ever and the best part is, it’s accessible for android. All through this time GTA San Andreas has played up in a few honors for its amazing interactivity, characters, storyline, and tremendous open world with unlimited associations.

Gta San Andreas apk Download 2022 Game Features

Here i am providing all the versions of GTA San Andreas including original, mod apk, and various Highly Compressed versions so you will get to see many amazing Features there.

  • Open World – The fundamental reason behind the popularity of this game is its open world Gameplay. You can do absolutely anything you want. During a gameplay, if you are not on a mission, then there are a lot of things that you can do. You can grab anyone’s car, Truck, Bike and even the tanks of police. By picking an ambulance, Fire wicket and police car, you can start the missions of these where you will be playing the role of an ambulance driver, a fire fighter or a police. Players can even grab other’s money, guns and sometimes clothes too.
  • Missions – There are more than 200 missions within the game, you as a CJ acting in this game and your work is to complete the missions of your boss. The Boss are playing a significant role in this game, although they are not controlled by you but they are the one who making this game an entertainment, a fun.
  • 3D Graphics – The graphics are the very Back bone of a game. If the gameplay and story is all good but the gameplay lacks of perfection or just goodness then the game is not going to be addictive for the youngsters. Everything about this game is just amazing, the graphics are astounding 3D, storyline is very dramatic and the gameplay is just dope.
  • The offline version of GTA San Andreas Apk can now be downloaded from this website.
  • Improved visuals, new vehicles, and a more immersive gameplay experience are all included.
  • There is a wide range of weather conditions that can be encountered in the open world, as well as real-time day and night.
  • The gliding system has been updated, and you may now play the game with your Facebook friends.
  • Create your own stories and share them with the world in Los Santos.
  • It features stunning visuals, a big open world, and unlimited gameplay. Even in multiplayer mode, you can construct your own strategies.
  • Create a character that is larger, stronger, and faster than the typical street punk.
  • GTA San Andreas Mod Apk features include a virtual character, locations and vehicles, and the opportunity to earn money.
  • Explore the full map without having to wait for loading screens or pauses.
Gta San Andreas mod apk

Gameplay Features

  • Guns – You can have any kind of guns in this game. There are three gun shops to buy guns from. From normal police gun to Milatary bullets, everything is available there. Humans, Cars, Bikes and trucks can be destroy by the guns.
  • Police – Nothing is entertaining than being a wanted in this game. When there 6 stars police are behind you, then there is unlimited fun on escaping from the cops. During this time, you can collect various guns by killing the police force, can grab a tank from the military force. When having a rank, none can even touch you, just after one interaction of the tank with any car, the car is destroyed instantly.
Gta san Andreas apk 200MB

GTA San Andreas APK Obb File Download 200mb

GTA San Andreas Apk Obb Free Download, I Hope you’re satisfied with it. While many people may not know how to install Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 2.00 APK MOD, this does not mean that the process is complicated. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 2.00 MOD APK: If you are one of them, don’t worry, below we have shared step-by-step instructions on how to download and install it on Android. Step-by-step instructions to install nearly any current GTA San Andreas mega mod apk download are listed below.

So here is the direct link to download GTA San Andreas highly compressed apk+Obb file 200Mb, it’s a 7z/Zip file of data so you will need a Decompressor app such as 7zipper or Zarchiever. For it to install Successfully, your android must have atleast 400MB free Space.

GTA San Andreas Apk+Data 500MB

Now here is the link to download 500MB version of GTA San Andreas. The difference between the above one and this one is that the 200MB is a lite version apk that contains almost all Features but few features might not present in the game. And this one has more Features than that. In fact it is the original of GTA san Andreas for free to download for you. And to successfully install this version, your device must have at least 3GB free Space in your phone.

There are 4 parts of this game divided by 500 MB each, you need to download all the parts Successfully, and after Downloading all The parts, just extract any one part to have all the data Extracted out.

GTA San Andreas Mod APK Unlimited Everything

So here is what you were waiting for, the Mod apk of GTA San Andreas gives you access to the paid Features of the game for free.

Mod apk Features

  • Unlimited Money – GTA San Andreas Mod APK contains unlimited amount of money by which you can buy almost everything, any Guns, and weapons. As you may know that collecting the coins/money might be struggling for some players, so here mod apk comes out to be really useful. You don’t need to complete any Missions or neither you have to kill people to gather money from them. Just go to any shop and buy whatever you want.
  • Unlocked Guns – Even though there are Unlimited money, but to have dangerous guns, the requirements are that you must complete certain missions. But with this mod apk this requirement cease to exist in this game. Now all the guns are weapons are already Unlocked and you buy them.
  • All maps Unlocked – Just in the case of guns, the same goes for the maps too. But now you are using the GTA san Andreas mod apk so you get to see all maps and places unlocked already.
  • Cloud Game Saving – with the help of this technology, now you don’t need to rely on your device’s memory to save the game files, neither you have to worry about saving the game after every mission Complete. Cloud saving Feature will keep saving every second of game in your account and you can access the same progressed game in any other Android phone.

More Details

  • No ads – While the Original version of apk might contains some ads which maybe annoying for some players so that’s why in mod apk. We get to see a clean gaming experience without any ads.
  • Unlimited Health – While in the original game, you die after getting hitted by 6-7 guns. Now in this mod apk, you can have unlimited health with the help of cheats available already in this mod apk. You can easily activate and deactivate the cheats whenever you want.
  • Offline Gameplay – after Successfully setting up the Apk and Obb file you can without a problem play this game without internet connection. Means you can play it any time and anywhere offline.

Mod Apk+Obb data V2.00

To Successfully install this GTA San Andreas mod apk on your android. Your device must have at already 4GB free space available.

How to Download & Install

Ok, So no matter which version you have downloaded above, these instructions are going to be applied on all the forms. So follow it.


  • Firstly Download the GTA San Andreas apk
  • Now download the Obb file data
  • After that just Decompress the Obb data using Zarchiever app
  • Now you have the Obb file named com.rockstargames.gtasa, just move this File into Android/Obb folder.
  • Now all done, just install the apk and open it to start playing.
  • Make sure you are offline while opening the apk for the first time.

Overall Summary

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a fantastic mobile game, and you can get it from the Google Play Store. Even though it’s a paid app, that’s why we’ve given you a link to download the San Andreas MOD APK. Not only do you have the data, but you can get GTA San Andreas (for Android) apk + data free download for Android.

Please, let us know if you are facing any issues downloading the GTA San Andreas mod APK, especially if you have a file which is missing. Please keep checking back here for further Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 2.00 MOD APK updates.

Having any troubles regarding installation and if the download links are broken, just comment down below, we would be happy to help you out.

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