GTA Vice City APK +Obb Download 70MB for Android 200MB File 2022

GTA Vice City APK +Obb Download 70MB for Android 200MB File 2022

Now Get GTA Vice City Obb File Download 200mb for Android mobile with apk highly compressed.

Hello Everyone, Grand Theft Auto or Rockstar is one of the most popular and frequently played game in the world around the globe. The majority of individuals choose to play GTA when it comes to video games. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the original edition of this action-adventure game, was released in 2002 by Rockstar Games. It was first only available for Playstation, but as it grew in popularity, it was created and released on other systems as well.

Gta vice city Stories android

Rockstar Games adapted GTA Vice City to mobile gaming devices to honor the game’s tenth anniversary. It’s one of five GTA games among GTA 3 APK, Chinatown Wars, San Andreas and Liberty stories available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Up to now, approximately more than 17.5 million copies of GTA Vice City have been sold so far making it one of the most popular open world video game of the world. If you haven’t started playing this game yet, you should do so right now. Vice City is an action-adventure third-person shooter video game that will appeal to fans of action and open world games.

Here in this article we are going to talk about how we can download gta vice city apk for free with gta VC apk Obb full data files on Android.

GTA Vice City APK 2022 Description

Gta VC apk

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City also called as gta vice city apk 2022 is a Rockstar North’s action-adventure game released in 2002. Following Grand Theft Auto III from 2001, it is the fourth main entry in the Grand Theft Auto series. The single-player plot is set in 1986 in the fictitious Vice City, which is based on Miami, and chronicles mobster Tommy Vercetti’s ascent to power following his release from jail and being caught up in an ambushed drug trade. He eventually develops an empire by grabbing control from other criminal organisations in the city while searching for those who are guilty.


The game is set in the early 1980s. The protagonist of the game, who will be played by the players, is the bandit Tommy Versetti, who has lately been released from prison. Tommy managed to launch an illicit major business by taking a large sum of money when he arrived in GTA Vice City. However, something went awry. Tommy should return everything to its proper placements as soon as possible, paying off debts to mafia groups, because he doesn’t have time to hide and doesn’t want to jeopardise his relatives and friends.

Before you download APK GTA Vice Metropolis for Android, you will enter the world of the huge city, where you will find dozens of risky and exciting missions. Authorities clashing, battles, robberies, killings, property confiscation, and much more. Because mistakes are not tolerated in the criminal realm, your mantra when fulfilling assignments will be “kill or be killed.” A huge arsenal of weaponry will be at your disposal, including brass knuckles, a club, a dagger, a rifle, a shotgun, an ultrasound gun, an automatic weapon, and even a grenade launcher.

Features of GTA VC APK OBB

  • The graphics, character models, and lighting effects in GTA Vice City are fantastic.
  • Vice City full game APK + Obb is accessible in a variety of languages, so no matter where you are, you can play it.
  • You can also tweak the game’s visuals and other parameters to ensure that it runs properly on your device.
  • To keep the players interested in the game, there are a variety of missions and activities to complete.
  • The most recent version of GTA Vice City APK includes a new and updated map with new regions and vehicles.
  • The Grand Theft Auto Android MOD also includes custom fire and targeting options.
  • This game also works with the MoGa Wireless Game Controller and a variety of other USB game pads.
Gta vice city android gameplay

As previously stated, this is one of the most popular games available, which makes it more difficult. Vice City is currently accessible on all major platforms, including the PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One, OS X, iOS, and Android. The main goal of this game is to complete all of the given missions with predetermined objectives in order to complete the plot.

Aside from missions, you can explore the city and use the various items available in the game. This game also has a wide variety of weaponry, making it quite violent. As technology advances, an increasing number of individuals are turning to mobile phones as their primary device. There is a drop in use of Original video gaming consoles and PC Computers for playing games most of the countries. We’ve also provided GTA San Andreas Apk + Obb Data files.

As a result, a large number of individuals have been looking for GTA Vice City for mobile download. You can get it from your app store, however there is one more item that people are looking for: Grand Theft Auto Vice City MOD APK. Because Android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world, millions of people are looking for it. If you’re one of those gaming enthusiasts, then you’ve arrived at the right place. We will give GTA Vice City MOD APK unlimited health in this post, which you can also download from this link. On this page, you’ll also discover links to download GTA Vice City Normal APK + data file. So, let’s get this party started.

Soundtracks, Audio Effects and Radio

The game has 8,000 recorded lines of conversation, which is four times more than Grand Theft Auto III. There are almost 90 minutes of cutscenes and nine hours of music in total, including over 113 songs and ads. The crew was excited to take on the task of producing the game’s soundtrack, especially in comparison to Grand Theft Auto III’s music, which was “obviously sarcastic and its own thing,” according to Sam Houser. The team sought to highlight the game’s setting by collecting a variety of music from the 1980s when creating the radio stations, so they did a lot of research. Epic Records released the radio stations on seven albums alongside the game in October 2002, dubbed Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Official Soundtrack Box Set.

In comparison to Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City Stories has around “three times as much” talk radio. The small number of station listeners who actually call in is “crazy,” according to producer and talk show host Lazlow Jones; in Vice City, the team “bumped it up a level,” emphasising the extreme. The chat stations, according to Dan Houser, add dimension to the gaming world.

Overall Features of Grand Theft Auto Vice City APK

Gta vice city apk Obb

GTA Vice City Vice City Stories APK is a third-person action-adventure game. To continue through the game, the player takes control of criminal Tommy Vercetti and completes missions (linear situations with specific goals). Because some missions require the player to wait for more instructions or events, it is possible to have multiple active missions going at the same time. Aside from tasks, the player is able to explore the game’s open environment and complete optional side missions.

This game combines several genres, including shooting, adventure, action, and role-playing. The first thing that most people who play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City do is… steal a car on the road. Your character will gradually progress, evicting the car owner and establishing himself as a “legal” owner. Feeling as if everything in this city is yours. You have complete freedom to do whatever you desire and obtain everything you require. However, don’t try this in real life!

To navigate the game’s world, the player can run, jump, or drive vehicles. To combat adversaries, the player uses melee strikes, guns, and explosives. The Colt Python, an M60 machine gun, and a Minigun are among the weaponry on display. While aiming with the sniper rifle and rocket launcher, the game’s three-dimensional landscape allows for a first-person view. Furthermore, the game’s gameplay allows the player to engage in drive-by shootings by driving sideways. The game offers a wide range of weapon options, which can be purchased from local firearms shops, found on the ground, collected from dead foes, or discovered across the city.

Game Requirements

If your Android phone has a 2GB RAM and a Snapdragon 600+ processor. Then your phone will not hang while playing GTA Vice City apk on Android. To play this game without any problems or lags, only these two parameters are required. And ofcourse the required space should be there in your Storage, like 3Gb free space.

GTA Vice City APK 70MB

Grand Theft Auto Vice City apk is also available in 70Mb on many websites on the web but due to several factors, it’s not appropriate to download and run this on a highly compressed size. The first reason is that you have to look and match the GPU of your android device and the apk of GTA VC that you are downloding only then can this game run on your device at that size. So it’s more likely to happen that you will keep downloding wrong files again and again and it will be a waste of time and data. Here on we are providing the free full version GTA Vice City apk Obb which can be installed on all android devices.

How to Get GTA Vice City Obb File Download 200mb Android

  • First, remove any prior versions of GTA Vice City from your Android device.
  • Now you can get GTA Vice City Apk mod unlimited money or original apk according to your needs.
  • Locate the Vice City APK file in the downloads folder and double-click it.
  • Now press the instal button and wait for the procedure to complete.
  • Your game will be installed after it’s finished, but don’t open it yet.
  • Return to the downloads folder and look for the GTA Vice City MOD OBB 200mb file.
  • You must extract the contents of the zip file into the /sdcard(Storage)/Android/obb/ folder. (You can extract it with any file manager, such as ES File Explorer.)
  • Make sure there is a folder named com.rockstargames.gtavc before starting the game.
  • If that folder is present at that location, the OBB zip file has been successfully extracted. Return to your home screen and begin playing the most recent GTA Vice City hacked APK.

We have also shared GTA Vice City for Android in 70MB, if you want the highly compressed versions is this game. Thanks for visiting our website, we value your precious time that’s why we provide direct download links always.


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