Are you confused with the new version of Android 11 and can’t navigate properly to do the factory reset on the settings. Here is our easy guide on how to do it. So before you proceed to reset your android phone, please read the following.

Have a Backup Of Your Files

First, things must be out in the open: the disclosure must be made first. A factory reset performed on an Android device will remove all of your data and revert the device’s software to its original state. In this case, all of your apps and data will be deleted. To make sure you save all of your important files and data, make sure to save them before starting this process. For instructions on backing up your Android phone, please see the section below.

How to Backup your Android Phone Data?

It is possible that you might want to back up all your files on your computer instead of using cloud storage like Google Drive. Luckily, the process is basically the same for both Mac and PC users. It is necessary for Mac users to download and instal the Android File Transfer app, but it is not required. You can backup your Android device to a computer by doing the following:

  • Use your USB cable to connect your phone to your computer.
  • On PC, open the phone’s storage by navigating to ‘My Computer
  • To access Android File Transfer on a Mac, open Android File Transfer.
  • Use the Files You Want to Back Up folder on your computer to drag and drop the files you want to save.
  • While the Android File Transfer app is indeed somewhat clunky and doesn’t always work, the benefits to using it definitely outweigh these drawbacks. You can also manually copying your files to PC.

Factory Reset the Android Phone by Settings

The Settings app is the best way to go if you want to factory reset Android. Okay, so here’s how.

  1. Just Informjng all of the users that the device must be plugged in and have sufficient battery power for the reset process to work.
  2. Access the Settings app to reveal more options.
  3. Scroll Down and Choose the System option. (If you can’t find the System option in your settings, the Simple Solution is to just have a quick search for “Reset” on the search bar of settings) by this you can directly jump to the main destination from where you reset your android 11.
  4. Then open more options by tapping the ‘Advanced’ option.
  5. Access the Reset options from here.
  6. Wipe all of the data clean (factory reset).
  7. Erase all data by tapping the Erase All Data button.
  8. If you are asked to enter your PIN, do so.
  9. To delete all data, select the Erase all data option and then let the phone do its thing.
  10. Enter The Password if needed.

How to Reset Android Phone Without Password/Pin

In case you have forgotten your pin/Pattern or password then you can use this method to reset your android phone for resetting the password also.

  • Press the Volume Up and Power button and hold it.
  • Startup Screen will occur when you release the Power button and hold the Volume Up button for 3 seconds.
  • Your phone will enter recovery mode.
  • There you can find the option of Factory data Reset.
  • To perform a factory reset, use the Volume buttons or touch to navigate through the options.
  • Simply by clicking on the factory reset, the reset process would begin without the need of the password.


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