Hi Friends Today I will Introduce another Mugen game for Android with astonishing amazing Gameplay. This Anime Mugen apk is fundamentally the same as Bleach versus Naruto apk, the interactivity is nearly the equivalent however it contains some new assaults and some more new characters. This game has two forms, first is Lite form and Second is Full form, light form anyway is 800 MB in estimate yet at the same time have the option to run at any Android mobile and full is more than 1.5GB henceforth it needs atleast 3GB space to be effectively installed. On the off chance that you have a top notch Android phone, at that point you can download the full form of Jump Ultimate stars Reborn Mugen APK in any case light form likewise contains all primary Naruto and Dragon Ball Z Characters.

Jump Ultimate Stars APK Game Modes

Jump ultimate stars Mugen apk download
Team Battle

Team play contains two Sub-modes in it, initial one is Team Arcade and second is Team CPU. Team battle arcade – in which you can pick up to 3 characters and there are sure number of stages to win. Single versus CPU – In which there is just one phase and you can pick your adversary too alongside 3 Favorite warrior characters.

Single Play mode

As same as Team play, single Play additionally contains two Sub-modes, Single arcade and Single versus CPU. Arcade contains around 10 phases to win and CPU has just stage and you can choose your adversary as well.

Option mode

there you can control the opponent difficulty level, change the button stick style, turn on and off the audio cues, increment or abatement life bar levels, increment or decline Round time, Set the screen type.


Learn and gain proficiency on all the combo and assault key blends. Figure out how to safeguard, counter assault, evade, Guard and significantly more battling Techniques.


in the credits segment you can discover the name of engineers who have made this astounding anime Mugen apk for Android.

New Mugen Characters

  • Goku base – this Mugen apk has new model of Goku base in which he Transforms into Super Saiyan 3 while playing out a definitive assault. He Transforms into Super Saiyan during exceptional assault. Super Saiyan 3 Goku performs Dragon clench hand assault upon the adversary which harms practically half line of his wellbeing.
  • Frieza – Freiza is another Dragon Ball Character in this game, you can’t discover Freiza in Bleach versus Naruto and some other rendition of this game. Frieza performs demise shaft assault as his unique and he Transforms into extreme frieza while playing out a definitive assault.
  • From different Animes, you can see Naruto Final Form, Saitama the One punch Man, Monkey D luffy with fourth apparatus. They all uses their unique anime assaults and have standard Transformations.
  • Zamasu and Black Goku – dark Goku utilizes Rose Kamehameha ha and Hand Blade assault as his Super and Ultimate. Combined Zamasu utilizes his genuine anime authentic moves.
Jump Stars apk Gameplay

Gameplay Features

  • Special Attacks
  • Ultimate attacks
  • Dodge
  • Guard
  • Guard breaker
  • Combos
  • Transformation during attacks
  • Key combinations

So these all are the Features which you will see and can use in this Jump Ultimate stars Mugen apk. There are many Mugen apk games on android but this one is the best of all.

Download Jump Ultimate Stars apk Lite version ( 800MB )

Download Jump Stars Full version apk ( 1.6GB )


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