Labo Tank Mod APK 1.0.205 (Unlocked Everything)

Labo Tank Mod APK 1.0.205 (Unlocked Everything)
NameLabo Tank Mod APK
Compatible withAndroid 5.0+
Size99.3 MB
DeveloperLabo Lado Co., Ltd.

Construct military vehicles by downloading the Labo Tank Mod APK with all of its unlockable features. It gives you the opportunity to play in a sandbox virtually, which encourages you to let your creativity and imagination run wild.

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About Labo Tank Game

labo tank apk mod

Labo Lado Co., Ltd. presents Labo Tank APK, a sandbox game. It’s a tool for creating personalised military vehicles, such as tanks, by combining different components. At the beginning of the game, you’ll only have access to basic machinery, but as you play, you’ll unlock more and more powerful weapons.

The game has realistic minimalist visuals. The game’s primary demographic was young children, thus the creator made the interface straightforward and simple.

labo tank mod apk

Additionally, the game’s objectives and difficulties are geared toward developing analytical and problem-solving abilities. To succeed in each task, you’ll need to put some careful planning into the layout of your tanks.

Anyone young or old with a penchant for military automobiles and a desire for a fresh sandbox experience should check out this game. The Android version of Labo Tank APK allows you to immediately begin creating your ultimate tanks.

Labo Tank Game Special Features

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  • Several Distinct Brick Designs. In this game, you can choose from a number of different coloured brick designs. This variety enhances the tank customization feature by giving players more options for creating tanks with distinct looks.
  • Lots of Moving Pieces. The game’s classic wheels, stickers, and barrel pieces are all here. Propellers, missiles, and wings all add dynamism to the design. These components make tank engagements and races more exciting, which in turn increases the overall thrill of the gameplay.
  • A plethora of side games. Enjoy a wide selection of minigames in this entertaining game. You can choose from a wide variety of gameplay options, such as protecting a town from enemies. Because of this variety, game play is consistently stimulating.
  • Show off your Works. Compete against other players in races and battles with your custom-built tanks. It’s possible to get your hands on other players’ tanks and play with them, too.
  • Quick and Easy Visuals. While the game’s visuals may be rudimentary, the functionality and flexibility it provides are anything but. If you’re looking for a lighthearted take on the classic tank-building genre, look no further.
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Exciting Adventure in a Playground Sandbox

The developers intended for players to feel like they were playing in a digital sandbox while playing this game. With this mod, you have complete control over the look and feel of your tanks. You’ll have access to a wide variety of components and supplies, allowing you to personalise your military automobiles to your heart’s delight.

But that’s not all; you’ll have to use your creations to accomplish tasks and challenges. This strategic twist boosts not only problem-solving abilities but also imagination. Before charging into battle, be sure you’ve thoroughly considered every potential obstacle.

This will allow you to effortlessly go through the game, win rewards, and solve a wide variety of riddles. The fact that the game is constantly being updated by the creator means that there will always be new difficulties and missions to complete.

Extensive Training in Tank Driving and Racing

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As a bonus, you may also race and drive your tanks across different landscapes in this game. Compete with other players in head-to-head races and show off your driving talents by avoiding hazards and completing goals while controlling a tank.

By increasing the tension, this update improves the game’s sandbox nature. Always try to anticipate what your rivals will do and counter with a strategy that will give you the upper hand.

labo tank mod apk for android

The ability to do so may seem elementary, but it is actually a crucial aspect of driving and racing that needs quick reflexes, a keen mind, and a steady hand. If you make any mistakes during the race, such tripping over cliffs or crashing into barriers, you could end up with a very bad finish.

Personalize Your Rides to Fit Your Style

All sorts of modifications can be made to your tanks and other military vehicles in this game. You can customise its look in numerous ways, such by altering its colour, applying decals, or swapping out its trim.

In addition, you can enhance your tanks’ capabilities by installing new and better components. You’ll have greater leeway in crafting your ideal tank thanks to this addition.

Not only that, but you may also construct a wide variety of vehicles, including miniature tanks, military trucks, automobiles, and even more complex weapons. Let your creativity go wild and impress your fellow gamers with your original creations.

Easily Accessible Classical Examples

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There are more than 50 standard tank and military vehicle templates in this game to get you started. These templates can be useful if you’re stuck for ideas or want to see how well a certain layout will do in practise.

Classic American tanks and German tanks from World War Two are only two of the many vehicle templates available. Take these as examples and modify them to suit your needs.

When you’re done tuning your tank, it’s time to go the field and compete in a number of different games. You can play a variety of tank games where you’ll engage in exciting activities like battling monsters and defending a town.

The time spent playing these games is well spent. You can upgrade your tanks to infinite levels of superiority using the rewards and points you acquire. This means you need to give them your all or risk losing out on some useful assets.

2 Game Modes

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There is both a free mode and a template mode in this game. You get to choose the one that suits your playstyle and personal tastes the most. With the former, you have greater leeway in terms of how your tanks look. You’ll be able to get your hands on the tools, resources, and components you need to make adjustments.

In contrast, the template mode gives pre-existing templates (often locked), some of which may only be unlocked via in-app payments (3.99 USD). This is a simple and fast alternative for individuals who don’t have much time to experiment with other tank setups.

The Sherman Tank, the King Tiger Tank, the KV2 Tank, the Cromwell Tank, the Pershing Tank, the No. 4 Tank, the Panther Tank, the Mouse Tank, and the T-34 Tank are just a few of the tank models that may be downloaded as templates. These models are meant to give players a sense of the game’s historical military vehicles.

Key Features

  • Template and custom modes are available for design.
  • In its template mode, Panzerstar features over fifty historically accurate vehicles, such as the King Tiger Tank, T-34 Tank, KV2 Tank, Sherman Tank, Panther Tank, Maus Tank, Cromwell Tank, No. 4 Tank, and Pershing Tank.
  • Ten distinct brick designs make up the tank’s varied array of components.
  • Vintage features include tank treads, gun barrels, and loads of decals.
  • Incredible gameplay and a tonne of built-in minigames.
  • You can trade tanks with other players, as well as see and download tanks made by other users, on the internet.


Play a tank-building game with infinite modification choices and engaging gameplay by downloading the Labo Tank APK for Android. Features include one-of-a-kind starting points, movable pieces, minigames, and the option to show off your work to the community.

The MOD APK version of the game removes adverts, has unlimited money and points, and unlocks all of the game’s templates. For a more enjoyable gameplay experience, download Labo Tank MOD APK right now.

Download Labo Tank MOD APK Unlocked Everything – All Templates

The Labo Tank MOD APK for Android is packed with high-quality additions made to enhance your gaming experience. The advantages it offers are as follows:

  • All of the templates in Labo Tank have been unlocked with the MOD APK. The MOD version removes the need to make any in-app purchases to gain access to all of the templates. This will allow you to freely explore the potential of different tank configurations.
  • Totally Free Coins/Points! With the MOD version, you have access to an infinite supply of cash and experience points, allowing you to personalise your tanks anyway you see fit. You may buy all the components, supplies, and equipment required to construct the best tank possible without worrying about running out.
  • No Ads. There are no commercials in the Labo Tank MOD APK Full Version. This means there will be less pauses in playtime.


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