Legendary Mini Warriors is a Mugen Style Dragon Ball Z, super game for Android and this game is very similar to Legendary Z Warriors that is also a DBZ Game with same graphics, gameplay and almost same amount of Character. But the legendary Mini Warriors APK is a much better game for the reason it has New Dragon Ball super characters and their new attacks. So we can assume it that it is an upgrade Version of legendary Z Warriors APK. Now let’s know all about it, just keep reading further.

Legendary Mini Warriors: DBZ Mugen Apk

Legendary Mini Warriors APK Download

This game specially developed for Dragon Ball Series and it is a non official Dragon ball Z game with very immense fighting Gameplay, almost all features are provided during the gameplay to experience the best Battles. The size of this game is very low and it can be run on any Android devices. It needs no data connection and the game runs without lag.

Legendary Mini Warriors Game Features

  • Characters – it contains 33 total characters, and 12 Warriors are already unlocked with their all powers. Dragon Ball super and heroes Characters such as Bargamo, Mira, Vegeta GT super Saiyan, Baby Vegeta and few more Warriors are already unlocked so you can play with them all at the beginning.
  • Attacks – All characters can perform 2 special attacks, the first attack exhausts half of ki and the last ultimate attack exhausts all of ki power. You can charge your ki again by pressing the ki charging button. Gameplay controls are very easy, you don’t need to make hard key Combinations. Just tap and fire all moves.
  • Survival – Fight the endless battle till the last breath of your fighter and collect many coins easily. Although the characters are only 33 but the fight goes on and on with repetitive incoming of the same characters.
  • Versus – 1 on 1 battle mode, in. Which you can choose your opponent too Along with the fighter.
  • Tournament – There are approximately 12 characters within the tournament and you are gonna fight with the top 4 to win the tournament. It is also one of the easiest way to collect the coins faster.
  • Training – Learn all skills and combos easily at training mod.


Legendary Mini Warriors Gameplay
Dbz Mugen Apk

This game provides all those features that a dragon Ball Z game must have, although it is a non official but there is nothing like incomplete in this game. You can do the following things, during a battle

  • Transformation – a necessary gameplay feature
  • Instant transmission with combo
  • ki charging
  • Special attacks
  • Ultimate attacks
  • Hard punches
  • Counter attacks
  • Guard
  • Guard Breaker
  • Firings
  • Power Up ( if there’s no transformation )
  • Shot exchange ( when two special attacks clashes )

So these all the tactics you can use during the gameplay and may be I am forgetting few more features of mention but these are all main features which I remember. Download Link is Given below, install and enjoy.

NameLegendary Mini Warriors
File TypeAPK

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