NameMasterChef: Cook & Match Mod APK
DeveloperQiiwi Games AB
Size105 Mb
MOD InfoUnlimited Resources
Requires Android5.1+

MasterChef: Cook & Match Mod APK (Unlimited Everything) All Unlocked Resources v1.3.0 latest version.

The location of the famed cooking competition has changed. Use your cell phones, laptops, and tablets! Submit an application to become the next MasterChef, then do well in the qualifying round and the tests that follow. The judges, who often have extensive backgrounds in the culinary arts, and the contestants, who come from all walks of life, are never the same from one visit to the next. As you compete against the other 19 budding cooks, you’ll meet new people each season who share your ambition to see your ideas come to life. Since the show features such a varied and interesting cast, the plot and tone of each episode are bound to be fresh and exciting. You need to impress the judges in every way possible if you want to get their approval. Because life isn’t always predictable, sometimes you have to face death. Hard work and creative problem solving, though, can help you prevail. Experiment with new flavours by cooking up dishes from this season’s MasterChef contestants. Play one of the numerous original minigames and then head to the MasterChef kitchen to collect the ingredients you need. Be sure to put forth the effort to cook the most exciting meals possible. You’ll need to impress the judges with your gourmet cooking skills and solve challenging Match-3 puzzles to advance through the levels. Strive to become the best chef in the world, and the stars will align in your favour.

MasterChef: Cook & Match Mod APK

MasterChef: Cook & Match APK Description

MasterChef: Cook & Match Mod APK unlimited everything

In addition to providing hours of entertainment, MasterChef: Cook & Match will teach you valuable skills in the kitchen. Prepare your first dish, paying close attention to the recipe’s directions. Other users will be able to rate your completed culinary masterpiece based on the information you provide in the field indicating its readiness. Compete in a variety of cooking challenges, rate the meals prepared by other players, and raise the bar until you are the best chef in the world. The next three steps in the cooking process must be completed in order.


MasterChef: Cook Match Its unique gameplay as a popular puzzle game has earned him a significant fan base all over the world. Unlike other puzzle games, MasterChef: Cook Match 1.3.0’s beginner tutorial is short and sweet, allowing you to jump straight into the action and experience all the fun that comes with the genre’s staple puzzle genre. In addition, moddroid has developed a platform tailored specifically to fans of puzzle games, opening up opportunities for networking and collaboration with puzzle game enthusiasts from all over the world. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for moddroid today to start playing puzzle games with friends from all over the world.

Game Features

MasterChef: Cook & Match Mod APK unlimited resources

If you’ve ever seen the Master Chef television show, you’ve already seen this game. If you don’t already have MasterChef: Cook & Match, you’re missing out.

Take part in the performance!

MasterChef: Cook & Match

Here’s a virtual kitchen where gamers can test their culinary skills against one another while competing to create the most appetising spread of food. The app features a wide variety of game genres, some of which involve time trial competitions.

Somewhere, a starter set of pre-prepared dishes is distributed, and all of them must fit on a single large tray. Somewhere, you’ll have to rack up a particular number of dish purchases from the supermarket while adhering to strict aesthetic guidelines.

To cook tasty dishes

Get your cooking career off the ground with a no-frills cook who will blow away the competition. For every dish, you can find the ingredients you need, plus some fun extras. In MasterChef: Cook & Match, you get access to new and improved dishes as you progress through the game. For the finishing touches on your enticing decor, use flair and special effects. Your single move will be scrutinised by a fair jury.

You’ll need to get your hands dirty by hand-mixing ingredients, adding oil, stirring, frying, and so on for each item you make. Make everything into fun little games, and you’ll keep them engaged. The game’s recipes are organised from easiest to most complex, so it’s best to start with the basics and work your way up.

Three-in-a-row game

In order to advance in the story and gain access to additional meals, you must accomplish match-3 levels. The puzzles’ mechanisms are intuitive and easy to pick up for anyone who has played a game like this before. To succeed, rearrange the furniture so that three similar minimums appear in a row. Create one-of-a-kind permutations to unlock fantastic perks in the form of boosters that will aid you in times of need.

Graphics and audio

The visual component of MasterChef: Cook & Match will wow you thanks to the developers’ skillful simplification of real-world food photos and their subsequent transfer to the game. This may not be the pinnacle of realism, but it deserves recognition nonetheless. The soundtrack is also unique, with some soothing jazz tunes.


Join the cast of one of the best cooking shows on TV and put your culinary skills to the test in daily challenges, competitions, and the ultimate taste test as you evaluate the dishes prepared by your fellow contestants. Make true works of art, as presentation is just as important as taste in this context. Prove your mastery of the kitchen and earn bragging rights with high scores and exclusive prizes. In order to succeed, you must focus on every aspect of your project and then unveil it to the judges.

Keep in mind that the community in MasterChef: Cook & Match will be judging your creations, so feel free to add photos and embellish them with stickers to make your profile stand out. In addition, as you gain experience, you’ll be able to purchase new tools and upgrade your existing ones, perhaps making you the world’s greatest chef.

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