Naruto Slugfest X Mod Apk Download For Android/iOS

Naruto Slugfest X Mod Apk Download For Android/iOS

Hello Naruto fans, today here I am sharing Naruto Slugfest X mod apk with unlimited money and all characters Unlocked. This is a new Naruto 3D Textured game with immense fighting combos and special moves tactics. This Naruto game is available for both android and iOS iphone devices and can be installed on any android version above 5.0. so be happy. Now you can play this amazing 3D Naruto game for mobile.

Naruto Slugfest X Mod apk

Naruto Slugfest is a 3D role playing action adventure game developed especially for mobile users. This game is based on Naruto Shippuden anime series, it contains an story mod that follows the original story line of the anime. All the main heroes and villains are Available here and you can select anyone you want. Fight with your Favourite antagonist or protagonist of Naruto anime.

Naruto Slugfest X Mod apk
Naruto Slugfest X Mod apk unlimited Money


Ninja Battles on your Fingertip:- Naruto Slugfest X mod apk is the new 3D Naruto Action RPG approved by authorities with all new characters and unlimited coins/money. Play the Ninja Adventure with the characters emphatically to you.

Amazing Ninja Adventure:- This Game dependent on the exemplary anime of Naruto Shippuden. Pursue with Naruto to remember the noteworthy ninja experience. Experience each unique epic fight by playing and enjoying the game yourself.

Anime Comes to Life:- Anime Comes in your existence with all 3D 360-degree free view and moveable climate framework, show you an outwardly staggering universe of naruto allowed to inspect. Chunin Exam Hall, Ramen Ichiraku, Hokage Office… every one of the exemplary scenes to you are accessible and intuitive.

Characters Face And Voice:- The Faces and Voices are original for all characters like Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno. Every dialogue is taken from the original anime. Every main and Favorite fundamental characters are playable in the game. Start your Ninja connoisseurship in the perspective on hero! Compose your Ninja legends Name without anyone else.

The Most Ninja Fast Combat:- You will appreciate the touched off of Ninja fights on your fingers! Chidori, Rasengan, Sand Waterfall Imperial Funeral. The famous Ninja abilities and combos are largely totally replicated in the game. Your lord Shinobi and burst your Chakra effectively out to overcome foes!

Make your Ninja Team:- Summon is your #1 characters from the first anime NARUTO SHIPPUDEN. You can Create your own Ninja Team according to your choice. Update and Improve cooperation in examination and group battles.

Game modes

  • Daily Missions:- get daily New tasks and missions to complete and get rewarded.
  • Adventure:- this is story mod, go further defeating enemies and bosses.
  • PVP:- this is Online Multiplayer Mode. Here you can do head to head battle with real time players all over world. So it’s way more entertaining than you might imagine, try it out.


This game mainly has two major gameplay modes, first is auto mode and second one is manual. As the name already stats, if you don’t know how to fight and you are new to this game. Then simply go with auto mode to explore what characters can do. And once you learn all skills just start playing the manual in which you would be able to to all the special and ultimate moves. Transformations are possible during a fight, gameplay is three dimensional and you can move anywhere around. Each character can perform 4 super attacks and 5 types of combo moves.

Download Naruto Slugfest X mod APK

  • Download the Naruto Slugfest X mod apk from the button below
  • Install the apk
  • Allow unknown Sources if asked
  • All done, open and start playing
  • make sure to have data connection on
NameNaruto Slugfest X Mod Apk
Online/OfflineOnline (Multiplayer)
AnimeNaruto Shippuden


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